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AT LASTI will now unceremoniously ditch them and refuse to answer their calls.

I will now unceremoniously ditch them and refuse to answer their calls.

Even better, Cal is back!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!Cal is back, and he's a Marine now!  Conga rats, Cal!

Cal is back, and he’s a Marine now! Conga rats, Cal!

I haz teh happeh!

“Spell Factor” Set

"Spell Factor" Set

“Spell Factor” Set

“Spell Factor” Set

Class: Priest (with shoulders), Mage, Warlock (without)

The Argent Skullcap | Vengeful Gladiator’s Satin Mantle | Cape not shown | Spellweave Robe
Spellweave Gloves | Thuzadin Sash | Legs not shown | Wrists not shown | Sorcerer’s Slippers

Blood Weeper
Hellfire Tome

Status: Finished

Thoughts: OH MY GOD THREE BLOOD ELVES SHOWED UP IN THE SAME DRESS. Not one blood elf.  Nope.  THREE.  Do you know how embarrassing it is for a Forsaken to wear the same thing as a blood elf?  AND they stood near her!  Poor Ailabeth, her dignity is ruined forever.  Alas!

Okay, so putting the uniqueness/loss of dignity problem aside, I actually really like this outfit.  I spent way too long planning it and way too long acquiring it (see: leveling to 80 in the first place to wear it, also see: entire questline needed to get that dang hat).  Considering the effort that I dumped into the sholders alone, I have not spent enough time wearing it yet!  I will have to wear it forever.  I’ve got to find a new weapon transmog for this set, though, as Ailabeth now uses a staff instead of the dagger/book combo she acquired for the WoW Factor competition.  I changed Ailabeth’s face to the bondage straps to reference the blindfolded female faces on the shoulders, which I totally went and PVP’d for because somehow, they were the only ones that would do.  Cal and I collected the materials for the Spellweave Robe and Gloves and then turned them over to Tab so she could put them together, as Centina is not yet skilled enough to sew such fine things.  I also totally forced Cal and Tab to run Stratholme with me a lot until the Thuzadin Sash dropped because Ailabeth had no AoE skill at the time.  Thanks guys, for saving Ailabeth from the lots of little ravenous zombies she kept faceplanting into.  They were like leggy, rotting pirahnas, I swear!  It’s also not Beth’s fault she ran into those cultists.  They were hanging on a dark street corner, lying in wait!

Oh, and the shoulders ooze this faint blue smoke/shadow/something.  So even though I have to leave Shadowform to see what I’m wearing, I still have a little bit of the Shadow with me.

It would’ve been a lot faster if I hadn’t deleted her in the first place

Despite hitting 85, Beth’s been keeping herself busy these days!  There’s the wanton killing of others:

I warned them twice!

I warned them twice! I told ’em flat out to zone.
Also, I wasn’t dead and was clearly suffering from a bad case of 1.) aggro and 2.) OH GOD OW DAMAGE, so what did they THINK was going on?

Do you know how hard it is to type “ZONE” while running and buttonmashing Power Word: Shield because the damage you’re taking has totally overwhelmed it, but you can’t actually cast it on yourself again until Weakened Soul wears?  While en route for the zone entrance, I made a dash for the Stonecore teleporter, but it wouldn’t let me use it because I was in combat.  I beg to differ, and the distinction here is critical – I wasn’t in combat.  I was fleeing a massacre.

My past in Ragnarok Online and Final Fantasy XI taught me that once you start running, You Do Not Stop until you’ve gotten out of the area/map/zone, no matter what.  (You Do Not Stop even if you think the monster has stopped chasing you.  You Do Not Stop even if you are running from killer bunnies or baby dinosaurs or gobbies or whatever.  etc.)  These past years of rigorous training meant I actually made it to the dungeon door, so to speak, although just barely – I had to go into Dispersion form just to get my ass past the last five feet and out.  Unfortunately, I underestimated the time it would take for the pugs to complain, so I came back in too soon and wiped with the rest of them.  Dammit!  Just for the record, guys, scroll up and you’ll see that I warned you twice while running for my life, and I totally meant what I said!  You didn’t listen!  One of ’em actually asked me why I did it.  Isn’t it obvious?  You were already dead, but I wasn’t, and I wanted to live!  The other reason would be: I may be Shadow, but I can still res you.  Oh, wait, never mind.

Then there’s the farming:

Farming is Hard on the Psyche

Farming is Hard on the Psyche

Also, can’t forget about the women and the children (and the elderly of Azeroth, I presume), none were spared the master’s wrath and your death will be the same and blah blah blah blah and whatever.  I hope that some day, when I am level 90, we can come back and off him before he gets a chance to spout that line about despair at all.  There were times when he didn’t even finish saying it once before he started saying it again!

Afterwards, Ailabeth’s typical rotting-Forsaken-sulfurous-Shadow odor manifested itself in ebon rose petals, thanks to Miss A.

Spoke Too Soon

Spoke Too Soon
Ebon Rose Petals … perfect for loved ones who are into Shadow.

And of course, Tab and I have been queueing for a LOT of stuff.

I Demand an Instaqueue

I Demand an Instaqueue
Gawd, what’s up with that wait time?

Caliverne gave Ailabeth cakes for managing to make it to 85.  Yay, cake!


Ailabeth is my 2 1/2 85.

Conclusion: 85 yay!  I have Leap of Faith now, which I intend to use and abuse as often as the cooldown permits.  Be wary, Auction House window shoppers. Be wary, those who walk the streets of Orgrimmar.  Be wary, all who are in my party.  YOINK!

The Tyranny of Choice, “Holy Crap!” Edition /punny


Seriously, I think I’m allergic.

Ailabeth made it until level 82 before finally setting her alt spec.

While Ailabeth did heal in her past life, she hasn’t bothered to do so at all this time around.  Ailabeth likes Shadow, you see.  She didn’t know how awesome it was during her former reincarnation.  She gets to be dark and ominous, has purple floaty shadow orb things, can Levitate and can transform into Shadow itself.  Did I mention Levitate?  “Should’ve rolled a Warlock,” they said.  Yeah, well, Ailabeth doesn’t want to be a Warlock, because Warlocks can’t Levitate, and that’s a total dealbreaker for her.  Hence, Ailabeth got this darn far before she even pondered that healing Light crap.

She would’ve gone all the way to 85 without an alt spec, but Caliverne required some backup for a few heroic transmoggination runs.  After warning him that she had absolutely No Idea WTF she was doing, Ailabeth finally picked her alt spec (totally went with Holy at random, FTL!), picked some randomass talents (Noxxic?  What?  No time for that!), shoved a bunch of skills onto her toolbar (THIS ONE COULD BE USEFUL) and accepted the summons to Halls of Reflection.  OMG, I don’t know what button I hit, but Ailabeth’s glowing and this is uncomfortable and weird.

Summary: HOLY CRAP!  OMG!  If it were anybody but Caliverne, we’d so be deaaaad.  In fact, he was almost dead a couple of times when I panicked and just started hitting buttons but healed myself.  Oops!  There were so many freaking skills I pretty much couldn’t cope.  Shall I use this AoE heal, or that AoE heal, or that one?  What about this one?  Let’s talk Chakra.  No, let’s not, I just won’t click on that one.  Why am I glowing!?  I’M SO CONFUSED.  Plus, everything wanted to murder me more than usual ’cause I was totally overdoing it on the healing.  Considering that Caliverne did 99.9% of the killing, I’m not really sure whether I helped Caliverne, or Caliverne helped me!

I basically couldn’t handle Holy and had to respec the alt spec to Discipline.  That got rid of the glowing problem.  Although I now inadvertently make bubbles (discovering I did that was an illuminating moment! /punny), it seems to be going better.  There are less healing buttons.  I successfully kept both Caliverne AND Tab alive during our last run, which I consider something of a miracle even though they really didn’t need much help.  And they knew what they were doing, of course, so I didn’t have to go “DON’T STAND IN THE POISON” or anything.  This is good, because if I had to type AND heal, everybody would be so, so dead.  So dead.

Side note: when I say “respec,” I want to burst into song.  R   E   S   P   E   C   T!  Find out what it means to me!


The title is supposed to evoke Prinnie jumping around excitedly while talking too quickly to be understood.  Yes.  It’s also what I happen to type when OMGWTF stuff happens but OMGWTF is too coherent.

I have to thank Caliverne again, for going above and beyond again in helping Ailabeth acquire the Circle of Flame.  I think I’m ethically obligated not to cast Levitate on him now …

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
or is it … the CIRCLE OF INSANITY

The thing is, the Circle had actually dropped while Ailabeth was in the place on a legit Dungeon Finder run and legitimately needed the thing for the stats, but a Warlock needed on it for transmog and won.  (Of course he didn’t trade it – it’s rare and he’s a Warlock.  CURSES.)  It seemed that in every party thereafter, some clothie was wearing the damn Circle of Flame.  It was driving Ailabeth mad!  In turn, she harassed Caliverne into running her through Blackrock Depths A LOT.  (And mind you, the pressure upon him was immense!  Only Caliverne would do.  He keeps her alive, quite possibly by instantly killing everything she could possibly faceplant into.  Or almost everything, anyway … and for everything else, there’s Power Word: Shield.)

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
It was amazing how many pairs of gloves Flamelash dropped, even though he only had two hands. So we had to dance on his corpse when he finally gave up the Circle.

Yes, I made him /dance on Flamelash’s corpse.  After all, I had lost count of the runs we had done – gloves, gloves, gloves, caster trinket, gloves, gloves, polearm, gloves, gloves, caster trinket, caster trinket, caster trinket, gloves, polearm, gloves gloves gloves … you get the idea, if you have not suffered the very same farming experience yourself.

Next destination?  HOUSE OF TRANSMOG.

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
This was of course VERY EXCITING.

Circle of Flame

Circle of Flame
Now THIS is an awesome hat.

Thanks Cal.  You’re a trooper.  I’ve made a separate tag just for you!  It’s the least I can do.