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“Echo of the Elements: Fire” Set

"Echo of the Elements: Fire" Set

“Echo of the Elements: Fire” Set

Class: Shaman

H: Crown of Flame | S: Shoulders of the Groundbreaker | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Conqueror’s Worldbreaker Hauberk | Wa: Waistguard of Calibrated Caliphracts | L: Not shown
Time Twister’s Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Cleated Ice Boots

Fist Weapon: Demonblood Eviscerator
Shield: Tyrannical Gladiator’s Redoubt

Thoughts: This is Electrika’s new transmog set for her Elemental spec.  Have you ever used a guide to figure out what pieces you want for a set, only to find that THE PIECE OF YOUR DREAMS is no longer available and cannot be gotten for love nor money?  I use Icy Veins for transmog planning.  It’s not an infallible source, but it has my preferred format for these things – lots of pictures of items next to each other, on a class specific and slot-by-slot basis.  It told me that THESE AMAZING SHOULDERS THAT WENT PERFECTLY AND WERE SO PERFECT IT WAS AMAZING could be had from Doris Chiltonius in Orgrimm … hold on, isn’t that the blood elf chick who sells Tyrannical PvP gear on the wall in Pandaland?  Yes.  She is not in Orgrimmar and has not been for some time.  The shoulders are unobtainable.  ICY VEINS, WHY U DO DIS, MY HEART, IT IS BROKEN.

Yet I think being unable to get my ideal shoulders turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  The bright orange in the Shoulders of the Groundbreaker ties in with the Crown of Flame and the Demonblood Eviscerator, while the dull gray color ties that in with the metal accents on the robes.  Plus, these were cheaper in terms of effort – couple of heroics, and presto!  I got enough justice to buy old school gear!

You could consider this Attempt #2 at making “a cool fire set.”  (Attempt #1 is here.)  Is it better?  Worse?  I think it is an improvement.

WTB pretty water or ice themed crown.  (Ugly skullhat for $15?  No thanks.)

“Element Strider” Set

"Element Strider" Set

“Element Strider” Set

Class: Shaman (with gloves and staff), Hunter

H: Helm of the Nether Scion | S: Feludius’ Mantle | Cl: Mindshard Drape
Ch: Firestrider Chestguard | Wa: Belt of the Iron Servant | L: Groovey Legguards
Handwraps of the Raging Elements | Wr: Not shown | B: Cleated Ice Boots

Staff: The Undeath Carrier

Thoughts: Yep.  I’m wearing a treestump hat, I look ridiculous, and I LOVE IT.  I want the heroic version next.  Haters gonna hate.

Haters Gonna Hate I wanted to screencap him actually saying it in person, if you will, but he wouldn't say it again!

Haters Gonna Hate
I wanted to screencap him actually saying it in person, if you will, but he wouldn’t say it again!

This particular outfit is one that has undergone a large number of revisions as Electrika has leveled and other items became available.  Once upon a time, it was intended to be an outfit she could wear around the 70s and discard once she hit 85, and it involved an entirely different selection of weird hat (the Dream-Wing Helm), shoulders (Thick Scale Shoulderpads) and chest (that fel iron mail that blacksmiths can craft).  But then I didn’t dump the outfit like a hot potato.  Instead, I kept on adjusting it to involve cooler things.

The hat was the hardest thing to get, and not because Bastion of Twilight normal is a huge challenge at level 90 – it was more because nobody wanted to go, pretty much ever.  I managed to luck out with it and the shoulders on the ONE Bastion of Twilight run I was able to get myself in.  Cal has been trying to distract me from other things (as well as trying to prevent me from dragging him to the Bastion of Twilight), so when he heard of a group going there, he hooked me up.  I am very, very thankful that the gear dropped and I got it, because I will probably never find another group again.  This is sad, because I really want the blue heroic version too.

The staff is, quite frankly, a stand-in.  When I came up with the outfit originally (and when I started collecting crap for it), Ele was using a mace/shield combo.  I REALLY want to go back to that.  I just have to, you know, get a one-handed weapon.  So far, I’ve gotten a staff (currently using), a shield, and an offhand.  GO ME.

“Bluebird V2” Set, or “The Keeper’s Secret” Set

"Bluebird V2" Set, or "The Keeper's Secret" Set

“Bluebird V2” Set, or “The Keeper’s Secret” Set

“Bluebird V2” Set, or “The Keeper’s Secret” Set

Class: (Engineering required for Goggles) Huntard (with bow), Shaman

H: Mechanized Snow Goggles | S: Shoulderpads of the Secret Arts | Cl: Outrunner’s Cloak
Ch: Black Dragonscale Breastplate | Wa: Chillsteel Girdle | L: Frozen Forest Kilt
G: Blizzard Keeper’s Mitts |Wr: Not shown | B: Cleated Ice Boots

Bow: Crypt Fiend Slayer

Thoughts: Sooo once upon a long long time ago when I first started transmogging, I put a bunch of the Nexus-Strider set together and said I wanted the Crypt Fiend Slayer bow to go with it, although I had few intentions of actually finding it because I was small and dinky and EL OH EL WTF HALLS OF REFLECTION never been there.  I must have been around level 75 at the time, because I had just tamed Aotona with Cal’s help.

Well, Thermalix is now 90 and I’ve been in the Halls of Reflection a bit too often on various characters (all you have to do to make me cry nowadays is say “[item of choice here] … so delicious”), so it was really only a matter of time before I finally landed the bow.  Once I did, a little bell went off in the back of my mind that said “HEY NOW PUT THAT BLUE OUTFIT ON AGAIN,” but … me?  Wear that?  Meh.  Maybe the hat.

Apparently, my tastes have become more … refined since then.  Elitist?  Levelist, maybe?  Whatever.  It does reflect that I’ve become more confident in walking into old school dungeons solo, provided I can find the place.  Even though I suck as DPS by most numeric standards and must have help at all times in order to survive because of my condition (a case of the ever-present Derpititus), those standards no longer apply when the level difference is so great.  Being level 90 has only made me more lethal to Dark Irons, for example.  You wanna know what Barrage looks like when you face off against a room full of ’em, knowing they’ll never make it to you?  It is beautiful.  All of those numbers are me.  DPSer #4 feels, for a fleeting second, a moment of mangled glory.

Yes, it’s true.  I enjoy mowing down mobs that are a bazillion levels lower than me.

And at least when I go back to to the reality where I can’t shoot sheeyit down fast enough to save my life, I’ll look good when dead.