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Pain vs Potential

They Both Have a Plan One's more optimistic than the other.

They Both Have a Plan
One’s more optimistic than the other.

I am not a natural PvPer.  With the exception of mosquitoes who must and will die the moment they get within my reach, I generally operate somewhere between a “live and let live” type philosophy and a “leave me the hell alone” sort of lifestyle.  I don’t derive much enjoyment from the notion of beating an opponent, skilled or otherwise – I’d just rather not deal with said opponent in the first place.

My friend Goa has been attempting to get me more into PvP these days. Because I think that you should be open minded about things and I like to hang out with my buddies, I agreed to give it more of a shot.  He crafted a set of PvP armor and a good axe to get Mechalis started, but overcoming my personality and habits is still uphill work.  So far, he can get me into maybe three or four random battlegrounds, max.

Usually, one or more of the following will happen multiple times:

  1. I finally get to the site of action, only get my head smashed in by four or five different players at once before I get more than one skill off.
  2. I get rogued in the back, and have to stand there stunned while I get my head smashed in by four or five different players at once.
  3. I get rogued in the back, and the rogue proceeds to cheerily mince my kidneys before dispatching me with a solid stab to the spine.
  4. I get left alone at Blood Elf tower and I lose the joint to the Alliance.
  5. A priest will let me try to smack them down, then get bored with me and Fear me.  By the time I am un-Feared, said priest is gone, and so is my dignity.
  6. A boomchicken will laugh at me.  THEY MOONFIRE ME EVEN!
  7. I get left alone at the Farm and I lose the joint to the Alliance.
  8. I get really cheesed off by the way all my opponents insist on jumping around like monkeys on crack.  STAND STILL WHILE I WHACK AWAY AT YOU FOR GAWD’S SAKE, IT’S NOT LIKE I’M GOING TO GET ANYWHERE ANYWAY!
  9. I make the mistake of reading the bg chat.
  10. I make the mistake of responding in bg chat.
  11. I make the mistake of doing both in the same bg.
  12. I try to kill the healer, but nobody else is helping me and I’m terrible, so the healer just keeps on healing his/herself back to full.
  13. Speaking of healers: I get rogued in the back, and I survive the initial stun and ensuing damage to my vital organs, but while I am trying to murder said rogue in a blind rage, a healer comes up and heals the blasted cad back to full health.
  14. I click fruitlessly at the warlock candy or potion button, waiting for the rogue to stop rogueing me in the back already so I can at least pretend to do something here.  THEN I DIE.
ROGUED AGAIN Rogues, they're like an infestation OF DEATH.

Rogues, they’re like an infestation. OF DEATH.

I get that the element of combat (and hence regular personal death) is part and parcel of PvP.  I’m fine with dying, I really am.  It’s just that I suffer from a feeling of intense hopelessness when I’m dead two seconds after waiting twenty-eight seconds to resurrect, or when I die immediately after running all the way to where the fighting is.  I end up feeling frustrated that others can smash me to pieces so easily when I can barely put a damn dent in their armor.

A lot of it’s skill, which I lack. (I’m not gonna lie about that.)  But it definitely helps to be alive (and not stunned/feared) in order to use what skill you have!  Goa assures me that PvP is much more fun if you have the gear to survive it, but there are two major problems for me in this approach.  First, I had hoped the fancy PvP set he made would make a clear difference in living when compared to wearing full PvE stuff, but it seems that the best use of the crafted PvP set is upping gearscore to get into LFR.  Second, since it pretty much is like wearing tin foil when actually PvPing, that must mean you either have to gear up in tandem with everyone at the beginning of the expansion (which is what Goa did), or have such a burning love of PvP/proving your skills/being the best/SOMETHING that you’re willing to get your ass handed to you in the same settings day in, day out, until you finally can afford the fancy gear that will actually protect said ass.

Reflecting on my weak attempts so far, I can think of TWO times I had discernible fun.

  1. Violaryn somehow managed to get the flag from the Alliance base all the way back to the Horde one without getting horribly mangled.  I am pretty sure the Alliance was sleeping at the keyboard.
  2. I got my camera angle turned around taking a picture, and in trying to straighten it up, I fell off the boat in Strand of the Ancients.  I had to spend the entire bg swimming in to shore.

The first makes PvP sound promising – if I could do that more, that’d be great.  The second makes me think that if I find swimming to shore that much more enjoyable, I may never like PvP.

But I don’t want to give up just yet.  So HOW do you make PvP fun if you’re incompetent at it and very undergeared?  Here are my ideas:

  1. Go in wearing nothing, because underwear always makes things funnier, and it’s not like your gear does a darn tootin’ thing for you anyway
  2. Attempt to screenshot the most spectacular deaths ever, like being mind controlled off a cliff while on fire while wearing one of the “Love is in the Air” holiday dresses while riding a Swift Forest Strider or something
  3. Go in wielding something stupid, like a Dark Herring, and really believe that people notice it
  4. Magically convince Blizzard to make a bg set on the Isle of Giants, where you can use Primal Direhorns to literally squish other players or Primal Devilsaurs to eat those same Primal Direhorns, because everything is better with dinosaurs
  5. Magically convince Blizzard to separate groups by gearscore as well as level
  6. Go in so drunk, you can’t see a thing

I’m thinking 1 and 6 sound the most reasonable.

“Death Knight Remix” Set

"Death Knight Remix" Set

“Death Knight Remix” Set

Class: Death Knight

H: Not shown | S: Furious Gladiator’s Dreadplate Shoulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Acherus Knight’s Tunic | Wa: Deathforge Girdle | L: Doomplate Legguards
G: Coldbite Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Greaves of the Slaughter

2h axe: Stormedge

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Ok, I confess (again) – like just about everybody else ever, I like the starter DK getup.  I am, however, afflicted with creative pretensions, so I can’t just wear the whole set as is.

I went with these shoulders because they referenced the blue-eyed skull on the tunic, as well as the wrappings on the arms, which you can’t really see in these shots.  My hope is that the gloves help tie in the boots, which are (of course) from the other DK starter set.  They may have a bit too much obvious blue to them …

I debated going for Armageddon (also known as ERMAGERDDON), since you’d be hard pressed to find a larger weapon in the game, and DKs are obviously all about using ridiculously large two handers, right?  But then I thought the whole point of this set was to do something simple and easy for a piece I liked and already had, so why the hell would I actually put forth EFFORT?  Stormedge happened to be in my bank (is it bad I don’t remember when I got it?) and it kinda sorta matched, so there it is.

As a side note, I LOVE the little skull in Mech’s hair.  Goblins have the best hairdos, seriously.

The Derp Knight Has a Plan

Mech heard about this joint called the Isle of Thunder.  She made note of the fact that it depressed the bejeesus out of Thermalix and seemed too risky to Alexalis, and thought – hell, she’s a Death Knight!  As long as she doesn’t go Unholy, she won’t have a pet to keep track of.  She wears plate.  She’s got the ability to suck the life out of things, just like the Isle.  Hell, she’s a professional faceroller.  It’s simply what she DOES.  Isle of Thunder?  How about Isle of Thundammitmechishererunaway?

So she swore to hit 90 and go there, because this type of plan can’t fail to go well.


Mech Has a Plan

She began with Dungeon Finder, but concluded that some questing was, perhaps, inevitable.  You know, queues being what they are …

Mech Has a PlanI fail to see the issue here.

Mech Has a Plan
I fail to see the issue here.

Clearly she was simply attempting to free the guy … of his mortal burdens.  While questing, Mech decided to keep the LFD queue going, even if only for the lolz – since it popped about once every half hour to forty-five minutes.  She may have to learn how to actually tank.  WTB gear.  And knowledge.

Mech Has a PlanYou know you run LFD too much when ...

Mech Has a Plan
You know you run LFD too much when …

Running into people you know while LFD may be a sign that you LFD too much.

Mech Has a PlanFacepull does not equal faceroll

Mech Has a Plan
Facepull does not equal faceroll

Pandaland had a point to prove to Mech.  Namely, that facerolling thing you intend on doing?  EL OH EL TRY AGAIN.

Mech Has a PlanPractice makes perfect.

Mech Has a Plan
Practice makes perfect.

Mech, however, was not deterred.  After all, when you get Scourged, your brain isn’t quite the same, nor are your logical inhibitions, like that one where death = bad.

Mech Has a PlanAnd now for part two, gearing up.

Mech Has a Plan
And now for part two, gearing up.

Lastly …

WTB Direct FlightFlight paths, the airlines of Azeroth.

WTB Direct Flight
Flight paths, the airlines of Azeroth.


Flying baby pandas yay!  (Until the Forsaken DK kills them all because Forsaken DKs are generally cranky.)

Flying baby pandas yay!
(Until the Forsaken DK kills them all because Forsaken DKs are generally cranky.)

Putting aside Thermalix and Niremere for the moment (since they count as the mains for their respective factions), now that I think about it, I have four alts in Pandaland.  FOUR.  What am I doing!?  I need to pick one and level her to 90.  You know, “choosing,” that act of making a decision and following through on it?  Yeah, that thing.

Mechalis, the Level 88 Derp Death Knight

Pros: How do you fail at a Death Knight?  (AND you can totally control the ghost pandas in the Shado-pan Monastery!)  I like being the equivalent of a death knight rogue, kinda.  I prowl around the edges of a quest area, pretending I’m not wearing plate.  Then, when the target mob has made the foolish mistake of separating from the others, DEATH GRIP.  After totally killing whatever it is, I then meld back into the shadows, sort of.  It’s more like using a goblin’s natural height to hide behind her surroundings.

Cons: Because she dumped Inscription/herbing a long time ago and only recently picked up mining and blacksmithing, girlfriend can’t mine in Pandaland yet.  Questing past all those cursed Ghost Iron nodes is driving me NUTS.  Otherwise, I have a completely unproven, unfounded suspicion that in Pandaland, the more armor you wear, the harder crap hits you – because it can.  Therefore, I do not look forward to Townlong Steppes or the Dread Wastes.

Ailabeth, the Level 88 Shadow Priest

Pros: Her Shadow routine is something like this:  1.) Summon a mindsquid and have it terrorize anything small and helpless in the vicinity, like critters.  2.) Realize critters don’t give EXP.  3.) Identify a better victim.  4.) Cast Power Word: Shield.  5.) Nuke its brains out while laughing because it totally can’t do any darn thing about it.  Additionally, smirk at any nearby Sha and insult nearby Mogu just because.  6.) Repeat as desired.  How is that not awesome?

Cons: When mobs hit me, it ruins my Levitate.  I actually have to RECAST it!  /whatsupwiththat

Centina, the level 87 Arcane Mage

Pros: Portal hotness.  Actually, have I told you how much I love Crittermorphing all the butterflies in Valley of the Four Winds?  FLYING BABY PANDAS YAY!

Cons: I am a wimpy lazy pansy mage.  You’ll probably find Centina cowering in a hole somewhere, whimpering about how all the things hurt.  Unfortunately for me, standing in one spot and nuking the face off things only works when you’re in dungeons, and the DPS queue is, of course, slow.  (As a side note, I recently learned that I can’t actually say “Slow as molasses in January” anymore, because molasses in January actually moves at 35 MPH and WILL KILL YOU.  The more you know!)

Alexalis, the level 86 Windwakerwalker Monk

Pros: Super survivor, Pandaland style.  Independent and able to quest on her own without cowering in a hole somewhere, whimpering about how all the things hurt. Wields hugeass swords.  Touch of Death.  Rolling.  See that mob way over there?  Flying Serpent Kick TO THE FACE.

Cons:  Alexalis’ only profession is Skinning, mostly to supplement Bombelina’s leatherworking.  You see, once upon a time, I planned on Bombelina hitting 85 long before I even got around to making a monk.  But as it’s turned out, monk is fun and I am a really incompetent rogue, which makes rogue-ing less fun.  (Also, spending a the whole PUG pickpocketing or skinning things is not socially acceptable, which sucks.)  End result: Bombelina is still in the mid 70s and just hit the cusp of Cata leatherworking.  She’ll actually have to level to get further at some point.  Oops.  So basically, WTF DO I DO WITH ALL THIS EXOTIC LEATHER  ALEXALIS IS SENDING OMG NO BANK SPACE.

At this point, I’m leaning towards Ailabeth or Alexalis, because I enjoy playing those classes in a manner that actually approaches the approved rotation.  (My favorite part of mage-ing – running around in circles while casting Arcane Explosion – doesn’t do so well for the DPS.)  Ailabeth has an advantage in that she’s already 88 and hearthed at the Shrine in the Vale.  But swords, guys.  They tempt me.

“In Cold Blood” Set

"In Cold Blood" Set

“In Cold Blood” Set

“In Cold Blood” Set

Class: Death Knight

H: Not shown | S: Coldrock Pauldrons | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Chestplate of Titanic Fury | Wa: Veteran’s Plate Belt | L: Deadly Gladiator’s Dreadplate Legguards
G: Warlord’s Iron-Gauntlets |Wr: Not shown | B: Halgrind Greaves


Thoughts: In addition to goblin ears making DK helmets much less intimidating, I often have yet another problem with mogging where Mech is concerned.  She’s got weapon attachment disorder.  It makes it really hard to figure out what instrument of death I am mogging, and in turn where the hell I am going for that one darn piece of gear.  Being the practical sort, Mech never really forms a bond to any particular brain basher or stomach slicer.  She picks up whatever is an improvement for her current spec, and she actually switches between her two specs on a fairly regular basis (unlike, say, Ailabeth, who is SHADOW FOREVERRRR).  For Unholy, one two-handed anything works, for Frost, it’s two one-handed anythings.  So what is she wielding today?  Is it an axe?  Is it a mace?  Is it a sword?  What if Mech has one sword and one axe one day, but winds up with two swords the next?  What if she changes her mind and gets two axes after that?  But what if she goes Unholy and switches back to two-handers!?  WHAT AM I MOGGING!?  So I just skipped looking for weapons for this set and grabbed something from the AH, because my brain hurts.

Confession: Because I was friendly with the tank, I forced a party to run Temple of the Jade Serpent six or seven times in a row for a pair of boots I wound up not using because the gray was just a shade too dark.  DERP.


Gasp! WTF!

Mech had a unique issue for about a week while I was finishing this up.  She was constantly afflicted with that “poof” cloud you get when you are using Zen Flight or during that one second when someone casts Levitate on you.  The GM response to my ticket recommended doing a full UI reset, which involved moving my addons elsewhere so they wouldn’t be deleted, clearing out the wonderfully named WTF folder and doing one other thing which I have already forgotten.  Given the level of pain-in-the-assness of the possible solution compared to the level of pain-in-the-assness of the problem, I decided to let Mech be like that dirty, dusty kid from Peanuts.

Maybe No One Will NoticeIt's not THAT obnoxious.  Right?  Right?  Right.

Maybe No One Will Notice
It’s not THAT obnoxious. Right? Right? Right.

I tried other things, to be sure.  I changed her armurz, but the poofy cloud remained.  I asked someone to re-Levitate me hoping that would reset the effect somehow, but the poofy cloud remained.  I quested and took damage (because damage totally stops you from Levitating, right?), but the poofy cloud remained.  I went on an Ulduar 10-man raid and facerolled everywhere, but the poofy cloud remained.  Later, when I was questing in Kun-Lai and staring at the Sha of Anger, I had an idea.  There was one thing I had not done since the poofy cloud problem started – Mech hadn’t died.  Oh, she’d come close, sure, but with Death Strike and Death Siphon (and a little bit of luck with my Rune of the Fallen Crusader, no doubt), she stayed standing.

There's Only One Way to End ThisAnd that's in a blaze of useless glory that no one else will see.

There’s Only One Way to End This
And that’s in a blaze of useless glory that no one else will see.

Mech charged in, got one attack off and died almost instantly.  I’m not sure if it was actually the Sha – the angry monkeys might’ve gotten her first, since there were quite a few Hozen about and she ran like hell through them all.  Upon retrieving her broken and badly mauled corpse, she discovered that at last, the poofy cloud was gone!  So as it turns out, death IS the ultimate solution.  Well, for poofy cloud problems, anyway.

As a side note, I’m pretty sure the Sha of Anger would be less angry if he started hanging out in better places.  He chills with Hozen or by the Yak Wash nine times out of ten.  Much as I think the yaks are adorable, I’d probably get pissed off too after awhile.


So you have a huntard, but you decide to run End Time on your DK, because baby needs a new set of shoulders.  You know what happens?  This happens:

Run End Time on a DK - Fate is Cruel

Run End Time on a DK
Fate is Cruel

Upon hearing about this, Thermalix had to be revived with some explosive smelling salts.  Things haven’t been all bad for her, however:

Proof of Possibility

Proof of Possibility
This means that Rocket Camels are a logical next step.

“Gold Star Mocha” Set, or the “Derp Derp Derp” Set


Seriously, don’t know what came over me.

Wait a minute.  Wait just one dang minute!  I can’t go into Pandaland looking like this!

"Gold Star Mocha" Set

“Gold Star Mocha” Set

Okay, that’s better.

“Gold Star Mocha” Set

Class: Death Knight, Warrior, Paladink

H: Not shown | S: Gold Star Spaulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Chestplate of Unspoken Truths | Wa: Girdle of the Warrior Magi | L: Puresteel Legplates
G: Plate Claws of the Dragon | Wr: Not shown | B: Veteran’s Plate Greaves

1h Mace: Beazel’s Basher x2

Status: Finished
To Find: Nothing

Thoughts: Do you ever feel like you’ve totally lost your mind?  I don’t know quite what came over me with that first getup.  I rebelled against the dark colors typically associated with death knights, but I clearly went a little crazy.  I thought the Amani Death Mask was hilarious on the first day (also hilarious: scaring the crap out of Tab), but by the second day, I wanted to kill myself.  Being as /smrt as I am and also yearning for some color that wasn’t red or green or DEATH, I decided that only the legs from the “Sanctified Lightsworn Garb” set would do.  Being as lazy as I am, however, I sure as hell wasn’t going to run ICC for them.

No, I was gonna farm rep with the Ashen Verdict (by running ICC … the logic, I haz eet) from nil to Revered AND level Mech’s recently acquired blacksmithing skill from super dinky to near max – all for the Puresteel Legplates.  It was gonna be Mechalis and Agerul the warrior (a.k.a. Tab), killing lots of Scourge for fashion!  Gawd, ignorance is bliss.  It really is!

He's Stepping On My Face

He’s Stepping On My Face
Think you could kill him a little faster?
No pressure or anything.

Okay, new plan: since I suck, I’ll just stay dead right here and let Tab kill all the things.  This plan worked up until Marrowgar, who happens to be the very first boss in ICC.  At that point, since you can’t get around him, we had to conclude two things:

  • Given my luck, skill at the “death” part of Death Knight and general all around ineptitude, I was probably going to be dead almost immediately (and therefore of zero help), and
  • Although Tab rocks and is also willing to single-handedly chip any boss’s HP away very slowly, chances for success without at least one healer seem kiiiinda slim

Okay, new new plan: guilt the guild.  I failed pretty quickly at this endeavor, partially because it’s hard to guilt people you don’t know in person and also because yours truly lives on the Eastern seaboard while most folks in the guild reside on the West Coast, where it was still way too dang early for them to be online.

Um, triple new plan: troll LFG Channel in Org and pretend we’re all about the achieves!  This plan also tanked fast, as apparently nobody wants to run ICC at 10 a.m. EST on a Sunday.  I think we had three bites in total, none of whom could heal and only one of whom hung around for more than five minutes.

New, possibly last plan: Begin to accept reality, that is, it’s not happening.  /sob.  Just /sob.

By this point, however, some West Coast folks had finally signed on, and they asked why I was totally harassing one of our healers to go to ICC of all places.  As soon as I mentioned “blacksmithing,” “rep grind,” “Puresteel legplates” and admitted to total “desperation,” a Paladin piped up and said, “Hey, I can make those!”

… wat

Blessed relief!  Glorious soul, bless you, Paladin, bless you.  You have saved me from myself.  You are a wonderful person and I am extricating my corpse from ICC now.


You know, when this one player from Wrymrest Accord chose to pipe up in a baby Deadmines run I happened to be in a couple months back, I don’t think she knew what the hell she was getting herself into.  I’m not sure I knew either.  But somehow, this random encounter turned into a beautiful friendship!  Proof: Tab created a beeeeeyuutiful blood elf warlock by the name of Amiprettynow, and I made Hugbees the Orc Death Knight, Amiprettynow’s possessive and quite dominant girlfriend.  She’s only mostly dead.  You know what they say about true love, anyway – death can only delay it for a little while.

Hugbees may not be quite right in the head now (if she ever was in the first place), as evidenced by the horse PONEH she chose to steal for the Scourge.  (Also, oops, I misspelled her name, but how many will get the reference in the first place?)



Yeah, I chose the angryface.  But Amiprettynow loves her anyway, because she’s got amazing abs.

Now, Hugbees and her boy toy want to go to a transmog contest this Saturday on Deathwing, but they find it extremely embarrassing to show up untransmogged themselves.  Though they haven’t quite decided if they are seriously trying to compete or not, making an appearance without being properly “attired” seems like a super faux pas.  Gasp!  Never!

Hugbees isn’t attempting anything complex.  She’s already had to amend her plan, because there’s pretty much no way in hell she’s going to be able to get the belt she wants by Saturday.  Despite this, the gloves are still proving troublesome.  She spent a lot of time /sobbing in dungeon groups the other day because the tanks kept on skipping the boss that drops the darn gloves she wants.  Unfortunately, she’s leveled out of Blackrock Depths as far as Dungeon Finder is concerned.  Since Tab and I know no one on Deathwing, this means Hugbee’s only hopes are: 1.) Soloing everybody in the Grim Guzzler, 2.) getting money via questing and then getting way lucky on the AH, or 3.) giving up.  I’m thinking 2 may be the most realistic.  This is bad, because luck is not something I command on a regular basis.

Despite our best efforts, Amiprettynow may not be transmogged by the time the contest rolls around.  Hugbees may just tell him to strip down to his underwear.  He’s a blood elf, after all, he should have no problem with exhibitionism.  If he’s not going to be transmogged, he may as well go naked!

“Acherus Scourgelord” Set

He Won't Drop His Pants

He Won’t Drop His Pants
C’mon Exarch Maladaar!

Here’s the “I Randomly Switched My Spec to Frost and DK is Fun Again!  I Need New Armurz!” Set.  If you want a more sober sounding name (because we are talking death knights), I suppose “Acherus Scourgelord” ought to do.  Alternately, this could also be called the “I Just Know He’ll Bring an Extra Pair of Pants to the Dungeon SOMEDAY” Set, since Lurega and I smashed Exarch Maladaar’s face in over five six eleven times before we finally got the Doomplate Legguards off his dead body.  What?  It’s plate, that blood will wash right off.

"Acherus Scourgelord" Set

“Acherus Scourgelord” Set

“Acherus Scourgelord” Set

Class: Death Knight

Helmet not shown | Scourgelord Shoulderplates | Cape not shown | Scourgelord Battleplate
Trapper Punchers | Deathforge Girdle | Doomplate Legguards | Greaves of the Slaughter

Pilfered Ethereal Blade (x2, thanks transmog!)
(Rune of Razorice for additional SHINEH)

Status: Finished
To Find: Nothing

Thoughts: as;lfkjas;lfkja;slfkja;slfdkjas;lfdj TRANSMOGGING PLATE IS HARD /punny

No, seriously.  It is, if you:

  1. Rule out all platekini
  2. Don’t want to use a set because you’re “creative”
  3. Hate helmets because your hair is really cute (and your ears just ruin the frightening effect helmets are supposed to have, anyways)

Mech happens to have some additional rules that make the problem worse:

  1. She won’t wear red because she is green
  2. She won’t wear green because she is green
  3. Since she’s short enough as is, boots cannot look like hip waders or like pieces of foam wrapped around her legs
  4. Since her arms and hands are huge already, gloves can’t be bulky

With the way they distributed skulls and teeth on DK armor, certain plate tops go with certain plate belts go with certain plate pants.  It’s as though each piece wasn’t considered as a “separate” whole, rather, it’s just the location where the overall pattern or image landed.  So trying to mix it up gives you half a skull or some triangle things, and looks silly.  I eventually gave up on my artistic pretensions and just smashed together some sets.  DONE.

I call this “Acherus Scourgelord” because I originally started with the Acherus Death Knight’s beginning tunic.  I’m super cheap, sure, but it was more because I liked the detailing and the grayish-purple cast.  I then had to endure a phase where people were going “OMG YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE LIKE EVERY OTHER DK OUT THERE WHO USES THE WHOLE STARTER SET ARE YOU? LIKE, GAWD!”  No guys, seriously, I’m not!  This and my inability to find plate pants that matched exactly made me change my mind.  I eventually acquired the Scourgelord Battleplate in its stead.  I also admit to using the starter shoes for a minute, but I couldn’t get used to seeing my toes.  I’m currently using the other starter DK shoes, the Greaves of the Slaughter, but I don’t like those much either.  They’re fine from the front, but from the back, you can see they were meant to go with a blueish outfit.  BUT WHATEVER.  I HAVE PANTS NOW.  PANTS, YOU HEAR ME!?

They Deserve It

They Deserve It
No Pants = Desecration by Sandbox Tiger

If Exarch Maladaar had just given me the pants in the first place …