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Vote Kicking in LFD


Ideal world: all people in the party respond to each other, thus coming to a pace that is acceptable to all.  Tank pulls faster than he or she was before, so the guilty puller stops pulling sheeyit when that’s the tank’s job.  Everybody learns their roles, gets to 90 and performs admirably in raids, instances and whatnot.

Real world: Tank pulls faster than he or she was before, but the guilty puller keeps on pulling sheeyit when that’s the tank’s job because he or she wants to go faster still and there is no consequence for not working at the pace others would prefer.  Tank quits tanking since DPS is going to tank anyway, healer develops psychological issues, DPS lols and says “I can [insert role here] better than you.”  Everybody ever QQs over LFD wait times and the jerks who ruin the community.

Or they just pull crap and dump the party.

Some of this stems from the LFD votekick, which is the only immediate and effective reprisal for idiocy.  Its mysterious inner workings seem to be something like this: if there’s a group where someone is disrupting the party equilibrium and/or getting everybody killed, I cannot kick him if the system deems me to be too votekick happy and/or if he’s already been kicked ninety million times and/or anybody is in combat which we probably are because the person pulls crap ahead of the party (which is probably why I wanted to kick him in the first place), and/or while there’s a loot roll going on for even the merest green which is made worse when said person is AFK and, you know, not rolling.

There may even be secret rules like, “You can’t kick Trollolololman on his aunt’s birthday” for all we know.  Also, if it takes like ten minutes to complete the dungeon but you can’t kick Jerkface for another fifteen minutes, you’ve just experienced the very definition of futility – that is, votekick has absolutey no useful result whatsofreakingever.

This is stupid.  It’s time for a new setup where we let people kick people – in essence, let people police themselves.

More Words Version Behind the Cut

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The Brain, It Is Boggled

Q: Hunters are really excited about the new pets being introduced in 5.1. Requests have been coming in from both forums & social media asking if we can expand the number of stable slots so they can collect them, rather than agonize over which pet they want to release to free up a slot. Suggestions include adding more stable slots, or adding a hunter pet tab similar to the way mounts/battle pets are listed. Are there any plans for updating Hunter pet storage?

A: Not at this time. We understand the concern and are exploring options to better optimize the system, but the hunter essence wasn’t designed to be “catch them all.”

So I had heard about this through guild chat, but this is the first time I’ve actually read the question and answer.  My initial response?  Headdesk.  Headdesk.  Headdesk.  Headdesk.  That whole saying where “assuming makes an ass out of u and mi” seems relevant here.  I mean, what do they think we hunters do!?


Oh. So that’s what Blizzard thinks we do.
Pet Battle paranoia, perhaps?

According to Petopia, there are currently ninety million around 528 pets with different looks a huntard could theoretically tame.  Each “family” of pets has its own useful skill, some of which overlap.  They are adding at least 100 more pets in Patch 5.1.  Now, not all of these possess unique skins and there are no new families as far as I know, but the number does include looks that have never been tamable before.

Each hunter has a grand total of 25 slots for pets if you include the ones on our character.  It is not about trying to “catch them all” because doing so is not and has not been remotely possible.  Maybe it was back in Vanilla days, but I played a rogue for a week when WoW first came out and Google can’t help me find the answer to that now.

At level 90, I have seen and tamed things all over the world, and I’ve abandoned my fair share of pets along the way.  I, at least, and probably the majority of hunters, are not now nor have ever been looking to “catch them all.”  I just wanted to tame the ones I liked.  When we ask for more stable space, we’re looking to have space for our favorites while being able to have a few pets to change in and out for variety’s sake.  It’d be the icing on the cake if we had space to tame some of the new-to-the-patch things that did not exist or were untamable before.

Sure, there’s probably somebody else out there who tames solely for bragging rights.  That’s not wrong, even if it may not be the way Blizzard wants hunters to see their pets.  Why do we keep exotic animals as pets in the real world, despite the bevy of laws (at least here in the United States) against many of them?  It may be the thrill, but it’s almost certainly got something to do with our pride too.  Why should pet keeping in Warcraft be so much more forcedly noble?  If someone wants to tame All the Things for vanity’s sake the sense of accomplishment alone, let them.  He or she can’t run around Azeroth with them all out at once, and I, for one, am not going to their Armory profile just to find out what’s in their stable.  The theoretical hunter who doesn’t care about his or her pets and is just collecting them for the sake of collecting won’t be made to care about them by the stable slot limit.

By level 90, a hunter has most likely filled up all of his or her available pet slots.  Thermalix has one open slot, but that’s because I sat down and forced myself to abandon four or five of the ones I had before.  Even the pets I abandoned in the end were not like Mechalis’ undead minion or Centina’s water elemental.  They had value to me, making it hard to get rid of them.

Maybe some of those pets we keep are color changers, which Blizzard in its infinite wisdom has made unobtainable post MoP.  Perhaps they are rares, with hours and effort invested in their capture.  They could be connected to emotional memories, be used for RP purposes but not for raiding, or even – as mentioned – be kept solely for the sake of the status the pet confers upon its owner.  Each reason is valid, but each pet we keep takes up a slot in a very limited space while Blizzard keeps giving us lots of new options.

The hunter “essence” right now is something like this: in order for the LOLCat to haz cheezburger, the LOLCat must first give up cheezburger.  By giving our old pets value – one of the things Blizzard seems to want us to do here – we are prevented from taming new ones.

Niremere’s Journey to 85, 353 ilevel and Theramore, As Illustrated in 5 Gifs

Stage 1:
Prinnie realizes you won’t be able to get the Theramore tabard in the future.



Stage 2:
Prinnie levels Niremere faster than she has ever leveled any character before, and reaches 85.
(Side effect: temporary to permanent loss of sanity and diminished logical function.)


The level cap’s gonna change.

Stage 3:
Now exhausted but obsessing over gear score and her typically poor rolls, Prinnie
crashes and burns when faced with one too many fellow paladinks with bad looting habits.

(Seriously, tank, you needed on a one hand AGI axe when there was a rogue in the party?)
(Also, needing gold is not a good reason to roll need.  /kill /murder /maim)

This is the End for Me

This is the End for Me
There’s nothin’ left.

Stage 4:
Surprise!  Guildmates help Prinnie out.
The plan: run heroics for JP and plate drops, since Prinnie is the only plate wearer.

Unfortunately, this is me they’re helping.



Stage 5:
(Or at least, I really hope it is.)


I am DETERMINED, I tell you.

Today is Not a Day for Thinking

When Thermalix and Mechalis submit their “Petition to Address the Dire Lack of Rocket Camels” to Blizzard, they also plan on sneaking in a document or two supporting the addition of some new emotes.  Here’s what they’ve come up with so far, demonstrated (sorta) by Thermalix and Caliverne:


/arrr or /yarr

We got the hat.  We got the pants and the shirt.  We got parrots galore!  It’s about darn time we had a pirate emote.  There could also be /ninja.  You could use either one when you are about to steal need loot for transmog purposes.  Yeah, I need those shoulders.  THEY MATCH.


/omg or /wtf

Especially handy for those who use the Dungeon Finder or LFR regularly.  We’ve all been in those groups where that “Thing You Don’t Do” becomes the “Thing That Idiot Just Did.”  There is clearly a need for an emote to express the frustration and shock one feels at the moment when you realize you have a mage tank!



For use when you are the one who has done the “Thing That Idiot Just Did.”  (See: Thermalix, Smart Move #3201: Run up to Helix Gearbreaker in Deadmines Heroic to start a conversation about his fears.)



While many are fond of the air guitar, Mechalis also suggests we add the air drumset and the air accordion just to keep things varied.  Remember to always play an /encore after your audience /claps!  Show them you appreciate them.  They are armed.



Who hasn’t seen someone do this?  There needs to be an appropriate tantrum animation before you pull the mobs and dump the party.  Then, since everyone else has been appropriately warned, they have time for a quick /omg or /wtf before they die!

p.s., please add /meow too, kthxbye