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Heal Me! Quickly!

By now, I have become dependent on the Vuhdo healing addon to a degree where I am almost paralyzed without it.  This has posed a challenge on a couple of occasions when LFR let me zone in while the group was in combat, because Vuhdo won’t load if you’re in combat.  It also won’t update the groups display properly if people leave or join during fighting.  It’ll wait, nice and polite, until you’re done with all that.  BUT PEOPLE ARE STANDING IN BAD, VUHDO!  I NEED YOU NOW!

Now With Extra Derp Sometimes, perceptions differ from reality.

Now With Extra Derp
Sometimes, perceptions differ from reality.

I still haven’t purchased a new mouse with Moar Buttonz.  I might, or I might not.  I generally try to pick out the eight or so most important spells and bind those to clicks, which keeps life simple and so far has worked out more or less OK.  I may not have finesse, but I generally get crap done.  Then again, who am I kidding here?  I’m not buying a new mouse when the old one clicks just fine.

This is my take on the different healing classes, based on the classes I remember healing on.  This is basically anything that’s not a Holy Priest or a Mistweaver monk.  While I technically ran Cata dungeons as Mistweaver, it was mostly to make the queue quicker and I can’t remember diddly squat about it now (other than camera angle problems).

Sometimes, You Just Die Cannonballs and people who want to live do not share the same goals.

Sometimes, You Just Die
Cannonballs and people who want to live do not share the same goals.

Bombelina Says:
As a Resto shaman, you get to wear mail, which means absolutely nothing because mobs will still mess you up.  You do have a chance to survive if you outheal the damage, of course, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on praying for the tank to pull it off you!  Oh, the tank is dead?  Never mind then.  Actually, you should just stop healing now.  Gawd, wipe it up already!

Shamans have lots of advantages, especially if you’re passive aggressive.  Our water-themed spells make it easy to pretend that you’re throwing buckets of water on idiots, or making a sad cloud rain on their heads.  If it’s Earth Shield, you can say you’re throwing dirt on ’em for good luck!  Oh, you wanted like, actual advantages?  Well, goblin totems are seriously the coolest thing since I invented the mechanized sandwich maker on wheels – what, you wanted non-goblin, general type of advantages?  You gotta be SPECIFIC about these things.

Okay, fine.  The BEST thing is being able to Reincarnate after you stand in something, and Mana Tide totem gives you precious, precious mana.  You can summon these elementals to help you out, which is neat.  And you can turn into … a man-thing?  What is that thing, anyway?  Well, you can turn into a Ghost Wolf too, and run fast indoors.  That’s some hot stuff right there.  And you can’t forget Bloodlust, or “Hero,” as the Alliance call it.  You can always tell what faction somebody plays on a regular basis by which one they ask for.

The disadvantage would be the fact that people keep on thinking you got a battle res for some reason, which is cracked.

Legalese Before we zone into the raid, please sign on the dotted line.

Before we zone into the raid, please sign on the dotted line.

Prinnie Says: BEST.  CAN BE GOBLIN.  A+.  Shamans are nice in general because Elemental is a DPS spec I don’t suck 100% at.  More importantly, resto shaman doesn’t have like, sixty million healing spells with extremely similar names that I must both distinguish between and use every last one of in order to be effective, which is a HUGE PLUS.  Sadly, I often feel like Riptide is kinda laughable and mostly pointless as a HoT, and unlike a disco priest, attempting to do a wee bit of DPS while resto takes forever and is not happening.  ALAS.  I guess you can’t have it all.

Old Ladies Raiding Guild Don't be fooled by the name, gentlemen, we're open to all!

Old Ladies Raiding Guild
Don’t be fooled by the name, gentlemen, we’re open to all!

Niremere Says:
Should you choose to follow the way of the Light, you will be practically invincible – or so they say.  Do keep in mind that Fate likes to mess with you too, just as much as anybody else.

As we gain Holy Power in our work, so too do our special healing abilities increase in strength.  You must know when to save these holy energies, and yet, you must also be aware that to keep them to yourself accomplishes nothing.  Sadly, mana is a finite resource … but fortunately, we are able to plead with the Divine Light to restore our weary souls.

Done correctly, the Holy Paladin is a healer to be reckoned with.  Done incorrectly, you will regret the plate repair bills.

Prinnie Says: This one is good for shiny buttons.  Even better, you make this big light healy-thing that’s kinda hard to ignore AND you don’t have to get people to stand still in it, which is nice.  This is true even though I’m total crap at screenshotting it, which is why there’s a nice group shot instead!  The biggest problem I got is remembering to use Bacon Beacon of Light, which resets every freaking time you/somebody zones/dies/coughs/whatever.  And the other problem I have is that Horde paladerps can only be blood elves (annoying) or Tauren (have like, three hairdos max).

Let's Be Honest Here Tell me, how do you REALLY feel about your healer?

Let’s Be Honest Here
Tell me, how do you REALLY feel about your healer?

Betheki Says:
Yeah mon!  Follow tha way of the wild, be a Resto druid!  So dere’s dis mushroom ya glyph, and it is da best ting evah, which means it’s gonna get nerfed soon.  So enjoy da magic while it lasts!  Othah than that, mon, just cast Rejuvenate and then sit back.  Relax, ‘cept if there’s trouble.  In dat case, ya gotta make your mushroom bloom!  Don’t ask me if fungus should be bloomin’, mon.  I don’t be knowin’ dat.

When ya be a druid, ya know the skin you in is just one of many.  Fly free, mon, don’t be needin’ those fancy mounts to see tha sky.  Be wise, like a tree of long life, knowin’ dat dese roots, dey grow deep.  Stand strong in da storm!  And when ya be a druid, ya be in tune with tha natural way.  Ya get a fancy battle res.  Sadly, mon, dis one battle res ain’t never enough.  Just like in nature, where da need for tings is greater than tha supply, ya will find people keep on dyin’ all ovah da place, and they be beggin’ you for that res – but ya used it up already!

Prinnie Says:  Are you KIDDING me??  Placing a mushroom has no mana cost!?  BUT THAT’S LIKE … THAT’S … THAT’S LIKE ACTUAL FREE HEALS!!1!  Also related: multiple treants thanks to Force of Nature means I can make lots of pretty Venn diagrams.  (p.s., typing in troll is hard.)

The Harsh Truth Ain't gonna sugarcoat it.

The Harsh Truth
Ain’t gonna sugarcoat it.

Ailabeth Says:
Don’t look at me, breather.  I haven’t seriously healed as a Disc priest in well over a year.

Prinnie Says: I’m not surprised.  I’ll ask Splattini.

Prone to GREATNESS Splattini doesn't have a lot of flattering screenshots.  She doesn't let that stop her.

Splattini doesn’t have a lot of flattering screenshots. She doesn’t let that stop her.

Splattini Says:
“The Great” Splattini, if you please.

Prinnie Says: For the love of … you’re only level 60!  You can’t have an attitude.

Splattini Says:
Then I’m not saying a word about how to disco.

Prinnie Says: …

The Great Splattini Says:
Sparkles, check.  Wings, check.  Bubbles everywhere, check.  Out DPSing the DPS, check.  I may be level 60, but I am a level 60 badass.

She Ain't Gonna Take It Oh no, she ain't gonna take it.  /rolls up sleeves

She Ain’t Gonna Take It
Oh no, she ain’t gonna take it. /rolls up sleeves

Prinnie Says: Just wait until you hit 90, kid.  I’m sure it’ll all go to hell.  Usually does.

The Great Splattini Says:
Look, your post-leveling issues mean nothing to me.  Did I mention Mass Dispel?  ’cause I got it, and you know you want it.  Oh, p.s., with Levitate, we’re gettin’ this party started.

Prinnie Says: Okay, so I haven’t hit the late 80s/level 90 “OMFG MANA” crunch yet, and really, until you start LFRing/raiding/encountering crazies, most LFD groups couldn’t care less WHAT class you are as long as they never die.  So although I’m told that Disco is better as a tank healer (which makes the notion of trying to heal 25-man LFR kinda … ominous), Disco seems pretty awesome right now.  Holy seemed like it had too many freaking things going on.  Either way, it’s important to know that as a priest, you can do this:

Step one: Rime of the A.M.  Step two: become lizard.  Step three: use Archangel.  GLOWING PINK PIRATE LIZARD ANGEL THING.

Step one: Rime of the A.M. Step two: become lizard. Step three: use Archangel. GLOWING PINK PIRATE LIZARD ANGEL THING.

Prinnie Says: Regardless of class, some things are just beyond your capability to remedy.

Wat Is he speaking in tank code or something?

I Just Wat
On second thought, don’t wanna know.

“Eighty Reflections” Set

"Eighty Reflections" Set

“Eighty Reflections” Set

Class: Druid

H: Self-Reflecting Mask (LFR) | S: Malleable Steelweave Mantle | Cl: Dervish Cape
Ch: Robes of Eighty Lights | Wa: Thatch Eave Vines | L: Not shown
Ahn’kahar Handwraps | Wr: Not shown | B: Not shown trollolol

Staff: Staff of Athen’a

Status: Finished

Thoughts: I forgot to post this when she was actually wearing it.  The LFR coloration of the mask shows up gray in game, and reddish brown in the Armory.  Wat.

“Darksong” Set

"Darksong" Set

“Darksong” Set

Class: Druid

H: Crown of Malorne | S: Conqueror’s Nightsong Spaulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Don Rodrigo’s Poncho | Wa: Sash of Musing | L: Brutal Gladiator’s Kodohide Legguards
Darkbrand Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Not shown trollolol

Staff: Bleak Scythe

Status: Finished

Thoughts: This would be my first attempt at creating a more darker, more deathly druid, one who has an outlook focused less on regrowth and more on the decay that often precedes it.

This outfit was only doable thanks to the assistance of guildmates and friends.  Because I can’t chicken (or cat), I had to ask for help getting through Kara and Hyjal in a timely fashion for the helm and chest.  Even if I could chicken, I still would have had to ask for their help when it came to the shoulders, since those are purchased with a token that only drops from Yoggies 25 man.  Clearly, when it comes to mogging, I always pick the easiest items to obtain.  /facepalm

Next up for Betheki, the druid fashionista – a dark green, trollish set.  The Zandalari may be old news, mon, but voodoo never goes out of style.

The 9th 90 and Thoughts on Druid Healing


Almost a year ago to the day, a friend of mine actually listened to me talking up WRA and made a tank alt.  He asked me to make a healer to level with him, so I did, just like a good responsible “you should switch servers”-talking friend should.  There was, however, a small problem: he rolled a DK, so I was fifty-sixish freaking levels behind from the get-go!  As a result, my poor druid never did catch up to him, and that, I thought, was that.

But then Goa got another case of alt-itis.  I’m sympathetic to this problem because I know alt-itis well.  I’ve had it on many an occasion, and some might even say that I show the symptoms of a chronic case.  Around level 70, Goa mentioned wanting a leveling buddy … and wouldn’t ya know it, I just so happened to have a stalled druid sitting at that exact point!  Thus began the odd leveling partnership between one evil soul-stealing goblin warlock and one shoeless treehugging troll hippie.  (It was weird.  No, not the whole warlock and druid combo – the whole me not being the goblin thing.)

Once we got past Utgarde Keep and I re-familiarized myself with something that wasn’t a shaman, things went pretty well.  In fact, they went freaking great except for those couple of times when I got smacked by things and fell daeeeed to the ground.  Overall, I was shocked.  I had no idea this druid thing was so EASY.  I didn’t have to do much more than Rejuvenate until I got into the 60s, and even after that point, most situations felt laid back.  Rejuvenate and chill, yo.  Whooshy sounds!  Maybe put that green circle thingie down.  Nice lookin’, isn’t it?  I like the little leaf thingies that float up, those are neat.  Oh, I guess I should cast a heal or something, earn my keep.  Nah, we’re lookin’ good, I’ll just Rejuv + that other HoT thingie that stacks.  What was that one called, anyway?  Lifebloom, that’s it!

And on it went.  Wrath dungeons?  Druid healing was totally easy.  Cata dungeons?  Druid healing was very easy.  Stormstout Brewery?  Druid healing was STILL easy.  Temple of the Jade Serpent?  Druid healing was mostly easy, unless the tank decided to pull the whole Courtyard full of Sha when I wasn’t even in LoS yet.  Siege of Niuzao?  OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE THIS IS CATASTROPHIC I REGRET EVERYTHING HOLY CRACKBASKETS

Always Shoot for the Stars Blah Blah Blah And if you miss, land face first.

Always Shoot for the Stars Blah Blah Blah
And if you miss, land face first.

My druid’s first Siege of Niuzao run turned out to be The Moment in which I realized I’m Doing It Wrong.  To be sure, it wasn’t the first time I’ve observed some randomass things in LFD and have subsequently wondered what I’m doing with my whole existence, like that one time a feral druid showed up and tanked the whole Siege of Niuzao in cat form.  I told him he was the skinniest bear I’d ever seen!  Still, underweight grizzly or no, he overgeared the whole thing and that was that.

But when I was an at-level druid faced with healing an at-level paladin tank clad from head to toe in PvP healing gear, my lack of true druid comprehension bloomed into a freaking nightmare.  No longer could I rely on a simple, trustworthy combo of Rejuvenation when needed, Wild Mushroom + Efflorescence (OMFG HOW IS THIS FREE), Wild Growth and a bit of Lifebloom to touch up on things, only tossing in one big heal here and there when necessary.  Rejuvenation had been my primary healing spell ever since I got it at level 4!  DPS got smacked by shit before the tank got aggro back?  Rejuv.  Tank taking more damage than Lifebloom can handle?  Rejuv. All the adds on me?  Rejuv.  And prior to that awful Siege of Niuzao, it WORKED.  It healed what I needed by the time I needed it (a.k.a. before the target died), and I always had more than enough mana to spare.

But during that Siege of Niuzao and after, I hit a skill wall where not only did Rejuvenation NOT compensate for the damage a target just took, enough people were taking MORE damage for LONGER, causing me to use Rejuvenation even more frequently, which of course ended in me being OOM or nearly so long before the fights were actually over.  And just think, that was five people.  Now that I’m trying to heal 25-man LFRs on a druid, I’ve had to abandon Rejuvenation as a staple almost completely.  If that trucker’s up on more than like, three people, I got a problem.

I Was Doing So Well And then End Game hit me in the face.

I Was Doing So Well
And then End Game hit me in the face.

I also realized that (at least right now) as a druid, I overheal ALL THE TIME because I feel like I can’t efficiently respond to sudden or drastic downturns (which, of course, contributes to my persistent mana issues).  I don’t know if fate has it in for me or what, but if I don’t keep people topped off, SUDDENLY SHEEYIT HAPPENS AND IF SHEEYIT HAPPENS WE ARE DOOMED HOLY CRAP.  Somewhere around 50% HP, tanks will inexplicably start taking a ton of damage that I just can’t overcome by spamming what I think is my Big Guns single target heal intended for said situation, Healing Touch – that is, if I haven’t already gone OOM.

People make druid healing seem so effortless.  It seemed so effortless, once.  Now it seems like I just can’t do it Right, or like the Right way made an abrupt turn at level 87 or so and forgot to tell me.  We’re gonna have to work on this.

Welp That's Not What I Intended It started off so well and somehow ended up like this.

Welp That’s Not What I Intended
It started off so well and somehow ended up like this.

“Midlevel Druid” Set

"Midlevel Druid" Set

“Midlevel Druid” Set

Class: Druid (with staff), Rogue, Monk

H: Tracker’s Headband | S: Spell Focus Shoulderguards | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Jinxed Hoodoo Skin | Wa: Runic Leather Belt | L: Kilt of Living Growth
G: Gloves of Restoration | Wr: Not shown | B: Not shown trollololol

Staff: Staff of the Verdant Circle

Status: Finished

Thoughts: This is the logical sequel to the “Lowbie Druid” Set and uses a couple of the same items, namely the staff (it’s just so druid-y!), gloves and the headband.  When I first planned this set, my druid was a night elf who wore shoes.  Of course, now that my druid is a troll named Betheki, I don’t really have to worry about shoes so much.

I kind of miss shoes.

Goa really wanted to level his warlock to 90, so I wound up leveling Betheki too.  Now that she’s at max level, it’s likely she’ll have some fancier “High Level Druid” outfits in the future.  Though I do have one more happy colorful druid yay outfit in the works, I’m kind of tired of the whole “green life” theme, so her other planned sets are much darker.  As Amber-Shaper Un’sok says, “From death comes life, and from life, death …”

“Lowbie Druid” Set

"Lowbie Druid" Set

“Lowbie Druid” Set

“Lowbie Druid” Set

Class: Druid (with staff), Rogue, Monk

H: Tracker’s Headband | S: Forest Leather Mantle | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Dervish Tunic | Wa: Huntsman’s Belt | L: Hawkeye’s Breeches
G: Gloves of Restoration | Wr: Not shown | B: Merciful Greaves

Staff: Staff of the Verdant Circle

Thoughts: This low-level leather set came about because I was so freaking desperate to have Daschela wearing something that matched, but she was not yet to the levels where a lot of cool looking leather armor becomes available.  I might’ve gone a little overboard with the matchy matchy, but you can’t deny that I have a unified color scheme. (And also that it’s mostly AH/dungeon drops, therefore, it’s easy to get.  Yay easy!)

What I really want to know is this: why are all the low level leather shoulders so hideous?  They’re almost always these enormous, plain, oversized shoulderpads that are invariably in some oogly color combo (like that olive and brown).  Dasch is only wearing these because she had no other options that would even remotely go.

Now that I think about it, I guess it doesn’t matter. These days, Dasch spends most of her time as a tree.


Natural BalanceIf it weren't for me, you'd have no idea how cool you are.

Natural Balance Wat
If it weren’t for me, you’d have no idea how cool you are.

You know, I think somebody mentioned OMFG TREE FORM to me at some point in the past, but I just didn’t understand.  I thought, oh, trees.  That’s nice, I guess.  I was having trouble dealing with elf form and bear form and irradiated seal form and cat form and boomchicken form and travel form and and and ALL TEH FORMZ, so there just wasn’t any room left for being a treant.  It was like, help!  I’m drowning in my toolbars!  I have no time to turn into YET ANOTHER THING.

Then I abandoned my boomkin alt spec, more or less decided that I preferred paladerp tanking over beartanking, and realized that I am as equally incompetent a kitty as I am hopeless a rogue.  In fact, I spent most of my time looking like a regular night elf.  So when Fel purchased the Glyph of the Treant for Daschela, I said sure – why not?  I’ll use it.

There was a brief moment where I realized that I was now the quality of derp itself, given form and motion.  And then Fel set me on fire.

I'M ON FIRE LOL!Mr. Turtle finds it hard to cope with my enthusiasm.

Mr. Turtle finds it hard to cope with my enthusiasm.

I remain somewhat disappointed that I don’t set fire to other things, like the wooden chair, the wooden floor, most of Stormwind, or even my fellow druids.  But despite that, I had to share my joy in conflagration with others.  I set up a campfire and I got three druidtrees running around screaming in the Trade District.  We discovered that there is, in fact, a 2 minute cooldown on making a basic campfire.  Seriously.

PREACH ITWe might've gotten a little excited.

We might’ve gotten a little excited.

I’m not sure if the holiday event hearts work with or against our fiery foretelling of DOOM and DESTRUCTION and stuff.  On the one limb, derp.  On the other, I’M A TREE ON FIRE!  ❤


Shake It Like a Polaroid PictureI can actually dance. But dancing like this is SO much more fun.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture
I can actually dance. But dancing like this is SO much more fun.

Because Life is Ironic or Something

I spent some time debating whether or not possessing just a couple pieces of agility gear was enough to start beartanking with.  On the one paw, OH MY GAWD I AM TANKING IF I DIE WE ARE PROBABLY EFFED.  (This IS a position of responsibility.)  On the other, Daschela’s only level 40 and it’s not like anybody can visually check her near-total lack of agility heirlooms since RAWRRR she’s a bear.  I’ll just pray that the healer doesn’t inspect her, amirite?

Therefore, Daschela said to hell with it and decided to test out her skills in a super low dungeon first – just in case.  She recruited a tolerant healer friend and they headed out just to see how badly things could go.

I May Be Putting Something OffI'm pretty sure I'm going to kill my heals, even though I'm level 40 and going to a level 20something dungeon.

I May Be Putting Something Off
I’m pretty sure I’m going to kill my heals, even though I’m level 40 and going to a level 20something dungeon.

I talked myself into actually going eventually.

Beartanking is Easier if You RoarSee?  Here's some proof.

Beartanking is Easier if You Roar
See? Here’s some proof.

RIGHT.  So after shifting her skills around a bit and getting over the initial OMGWTF feelings whenever she /roared as a bear but a night elf woman’s voice came out, Daschela felt ready to queue.

Her first honest-to-Gawd beartanking experience turned out to be the one and only Dire Maul.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the first thing she noticed just happened to be the fact that she was fighting alongside a completely naked worgen.

I Guess I Can't TalkIF ONLY I had thought to quote "No shirt, no shoes, no service" at him.

I Guess I Can’t Talk
IF ONLY I had thought to quote “No shirt, no shoes, no service” at him.

Apparently, he was just having fun by running around naked.  In Dire Maul.  Also, the healer was a shoeless dwarf, but next to the naked worgen, who’s looking?

The Dwarf's Got No Shoes EitherI expect the mage to start stripping next.

The Dwarf’s Got No Shoes Either
I expect the mage to start stripping next.

So basically, the message for me in all this is: you’re level 40, who the eff cares about your gear because LOLZ!  If you show up to tank in healer-type leather, there’s going to be a naked worgen FOR NO APPARENT REASON so it seriously JUST DOES NOT MATTER.

Despite our total lack of gear in some cases, it went ok.  Look at Daschela holding aggro like a pro!

Daschela Keeps AggroON ALL TEH THINGZ

Daschela Keeps Aggro

It’s ALMOST like I know what I’m doing!

Why Goblins Should Be All The Things They Aren’t


  1. Let’s be frank here – we’re already priests, so it’s only a matter of time before we successfully bribe someone in the Church.
  2. Gold is light colored.  Therefore, it is a representation of the Light.  Therefore, we totally follow the Light.
  3. There’s no specific rule saying selfish basses can’t be paladins.  Look at all the blood elf paladins running around the place!


  1. Even gnomes can be monks.  I mean, what’s up with that?  They’re so short, they barely have functional knees!
  2. We totally don’t care if it’s impossible to add monk trainers to the starting zone (and/or if Blizzard doesn’t want to).  Who uses trainers to actually train crap until dual spec at level 30 anyway?  We’ll be loooong off the islands by then.  It’s not like we can use Zen Pilgrimage to “cheat” and get outta the Isles early anyway, since you don’t learn that until level 20.
  3. We believe in self improvement.  Really!  If time is money, then I gotta do things faster and better, and that takes dedicated training.


  1. We’re already green.  It’s just like being a shaman, but with more animal forms.  Right?
  2. Our animal forms would totally have bazookas and rockets and uzis attached.  Instead of our bear form using “Swipe,” we’d use “Nuke.”  You have to admit a rocketbeartank would be awesome.  Besides, all our explosive powder would be organic and locally sourced.
  3. We love nature and being natural.  It’s no coincidence that minerals are in the earth and money is in our souls.

Quittin’ the Chikin

Baby BoomkinLet's be clear here.  I am not this cool.

Baby Boomkin
Let’s be clear here. I am not this cool.

Dear Boomkin,

I chose you as an alt spec for two big reasons and a bunch of little ones.  I’d only have to get one set of gear, which would be nice considering my limited bag space and all, AND I could have the option to make endless chikin jokes.  I discovered a glyph to make me sparkly and slightly transparent instead of feathery, which I thought was nice as I rather like the night elf casting animation.  Really, I thought you’d be awesome, like a NATUREMAGE or something.  I really did!  But I was wrong.

Maybe I’m not giving you enough credit, boomkin.  Maybe you’re just not awesome at level 40 or so, but you get awesome around level 90.

If that’s the case, though, eff that.  I’ve got my life to live!  I’ve got like fifty levels left to go and I’m sick and tired of my most damaging abilities taking nearly two and a half seconds to freaking cast.  By the time I’m ALMOST done casting, the mob that everybody’s been focusing on is dead, and then LOLZ!  MY CAST HAS FAILED.  If it weren’t for my instant cast crap like Faerie Fire, you’d think I was doing absolutely nothing in dungeon runs.  I am – but it seems like unless its a boss that’s up for more than five seconds, I never get a good spell off.

I’m just tired of waiting for you, boomkin.

I hate how my lunar-looking abilities give me solar power, and how my sun-looking abilities give me lunar power.  I’m baffled by how sometimes, I can screw myself over by casting the wrong thing and causing my Eclipse meter to go back towards zero, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to make a darn bit of difference.  Actually, I’m actually kind of baffled by Eclipse in the first place.  It makes my buttons shine and a thingie pops up on my screen, but it’s not like my abilities cast any freaking faster or do anything cooler, or do way more noticable damage.  WHAT’S THE POINT?

So I think we have to break up.  I know, I know, we’ve only been together as an alt spec for ten levels and I’ve healed through at least half of that, but you’re just no fun to be around.  We’re not right for each other, boomkin.  You like taking things slow, and I like more button mashing action.  We’re just heading in different directions.

I’ve met a new alt spec, the dancing beartank.  This alt spec promises to at least be entertaining and action filled, even if it’s probably full of teh dramaz.  I won’t forget you, boomchicken, but I’m getting a new set of gear and I won’t look back.


p.s., the awesome chicken picture is from this blog about chickens, thanks to the magic of Google.