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“Death Knight Remix” Set

"Death Knight Remix" Set

“Death Knight Remix” Set

Class: Death Knight

H: Not shown | S: Furious Gladiator’s Dreadplate Shoulders | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Acherus Knight’s Tunic | Wa: Deathforge Girdle | L: Doomplate Legguards
G: Coldbite Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Greaves of the Slaughter

2h axe: Stormedge

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Ok, I confess (again) – like just about everybody else ever, I like the starter DK getup.  I am, however, afflicted with creative pretensions, so I can’t just wear the whole set as is.

I went with these shoulders because they referenced the blue-eyed skull on the tunic, as well as the wrappings on the arms, which you can’t really see in these shots.  My hope is that the gloves help tie in the boots, which are (of course) from the other DK starter set.  They may have a bit too much obvious blue to them …

I debated going for Armageddon (also known as ERMAGERDDON), since you’d be hard pressed to find a larger weapon in the game, and DKs are obviously all about using ridiculously large two handers, right?  But then I thought the whole point of this set was to do something simple and easy for a piece I liked and already had, so why the hell would I actually put forth EFFORT?  Stormedge happened to be in my bank (is it bad I don’t remember when I got it?) and it kinda sorta matched, so there it is.

As a side note, I LOVE the little skull in Mech’s hair.  Goblins have the best hairdos, seriously.

“Acherus Scourgelord” Set

He Won't Drop His Pants

He Won’t Drop His Pants
C’mon Exarch Maladaar!

Here’s the “I Randomly Switched My Spec to Frost and DK is Fun Again!  I Need New Armurz!” Set.  If you want a more sober sounding name (because we are talking death knights), I suppose “Acherus Scourgelord” ought to do.  Alternately, this could also be called the “I Just Know He’ll Bring an Extra Pair of Pants to the Dungeon SOMEDAY” Set, since Lurega and I smashed Exarch Maladaar’s face in over five six eleven times before we finally got the Doomplate Legguards off his dead body.  What?  It’s plate, that blood will wash right off.

"Acherus Scourgelord" Set

“Acherus Scourgelord” Set

“Acherus Scourgelord” Set

Class: Death Knight

Helmet not shown | Scourgelord Shoulderplates | Cape not shown | Scourgelord Battleplate
Trapper Punchers | Deathforge Girdle | Doomplate Legguards | Greaves of the Slaughter

Pilfered Ethereal Blade (x2, thanks transmog!)
(Rune of Razorice for additional SHINEH)

Status: Finished
To Find: Nothing

Thoughts: as;lfkjas;lfkja;slfkja;slfdkjas;lfdj TRANSMOGGING PLATE IS HARD /punny

No, seriously.  It is, if you:

  1. Rule out all platekini
  2. Don’t want to use a set because you’re “creative”
  3. Hate helmets because your hair is really cute (and your ears just ruin the frightening effect helmets are supposed to have, anyways)

Mech happens to have some additional rules that make the problem worse:

  1. She won’t wear red because she is green
  2. She won’t wear green because she is green
  3. Since she’s short enough as is, boots cannot look like hip waders or like pieces of foam wrapped around her legs
  4. Since her arms and hands are huge already, gloves can’t be bulky

With the way they distributed skulls and teeth on DK armor, certain plate tops go with certain plate belts go with certain plate pants.  It’s as though each piece wasn’t considered as a “separate” whole, rather, it’s just the location where the overall pattern or image landed.  So trying to mix it up gives you half a skull or some triangle things, and looks silly.  I eventually gave up on my artistic pretensions and just smashed together some sets.  DONE.

I call this “Acherus Scourgelord” because I originally started with the Acherus Death Knight’s beginning tunic.  I’m super cheap, sure, but it was more because I liked the detailing and the grayish-purple cast.  I then had to endure a phase where people were going “OMG YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE LIKE EVERY OTHER DK OUT THERE WHO USES THE WHOLE STARTER SET ARE YOU? LIKE, GAWD!”  No guys, seriously, I’m not!  This and my inability to find plate pants that matched exactly made me change my mind.  I eventually acquired the Scourgelord Battleplate in its stead.  I also admit to using the starter shoes for a minute, but I couldn’t get used to seeing my toes.  I’m currently using the other starter DK shoes, the Greaves of the Slaughter, but I don’t like those much either.  They’re fine from the front, but from the back, you can see they were meant to go with a blueish outfit.  BUT WHATEVER.  I HAVE PANTS NOW.  PANTS, YOU HEAR ME!?

They Deserve It

They Deserve It
No Pants = Desecration by Sandbox Tiger

If Exarch Maladaar had just given me the pants in the first place …