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The Former Form of Hugbees

So, Hugbees was unable to make it to the transmog contest as she had hoped, which meant I transferred her platekini ambitions on to my more regular cast.

Nir refused platekini.  The closest she would go was the “Soul Caller” set, and in response to that, she went and made the “Need More Overlords” set (to be posted).  Mechalis took one look and just laughed her little green butt off.  Mechbeth, ever desperate for a purpose, said “ME!  ME!  PICK ME!”  Since warlocks can’t wear plate, she underwent yet another career change to become a blood elf paladin for the purpose, and got all the way to level 7 before losing steam.

Though many think female blood elves are meant to wear nothing but platekini, I find them far too skinny for the task.  So I created an extremely short-lived Tauren who was going to be the failure of all Grimtotem failures, but I realized that I couldn’t handle the total lack of hairdos, since horns don’t do it for me.  Since you can only make one Death Knight per server, Hugbees couldn’t be transferred.

Then came Thingie.  She’s long had a secret thing for platekini (she hid the Warrior’s Embrace top under a tabard for months), and she recently cooked up an outfit based based heavily on the skimpier Revenant set.  I also renamed Thingie, but the new name wasn’t taking.

So, I turned Thingie into an orc and gave her yet another new name.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to call an RP realm character Hugbees, though, so I dubbed her “Ugbeis” instead, which seems orcish enough.

Ugbeis the Gorgeous

Ugbeis the Gorgeous

A huntard in a Dungeon Finder party named his new pet after her, since I told him how to tame one of the wolves without getting the rest of us killed (Ice Trap FTW!).  He called it “Creepy.”


She’s 50 Shades of Gray

Too Sexy for the Scourge

Too Sexy for the Scourge
The Lich King couldn’t handle this kind of hotness.

This one’s for you, Tab.  You can thank me later.


You know, when this one player from Wrymrest Accord chose to pipe up in a baby Deadmines run I happened to be in a couple months back, I don’t think she knew what the hell she was getting herself into.  I’m not sure I knew either.  But somehow, this random encounter turned into a beautiful friendship!  Proof: Tab created a beeeeeyuutiful blood elf warlock by the name of Amiprettynow, and I made Hugbees the Orc Death Knight, Amiprettynow’s possessive and quite dominant girlfriend.  She’s only mostly dead.  You know what they say about true love, anyway – death can only delay it for a little while.

Hugbees may not be quite right in the head now (if she ever was in the first place), as evidenced by the horse PONEH she chose to steal for the Scourge.  (Also, oops, I misspelled her name, but how many will get the reference in the first place?)



Yeah, I chose the angryface.  But Amiprettynow loves her anyway, because she’s got amazing abs.

Now, Hugbees and her boy toy want to go to a transmog contest this Saturday on Deathwing, but they find it extremely embarrassing to show up untransmogged themselves.  Though they haven’t quite decided if they are seriously trying to compete or not, making an appearance without being properly “attired” seems like a super faux pas.  Gasp!  Never!

Hugbees isn’t attempting anything complex.  She’s already had to amend her plan, because there’s pretty much no way in hell she’s going to be able to get the belt she wants by Saturday.  Despite this, the gloves are still proving troublesome.  She spent a lot of time /sobbing in dungeon groups the other day because the tanks kept on skipping the boss that drops the darn gloves she wants.  Unfortunately, she’s leveled out of Blackrock Depths as far as Dungeon Finder is concerned.  Since Tab and I know no one on Deathwing, this means Hugbee’s only hopes are: 1.) Soloing everybody in the Grim Guzzler, 2.) getting money via questing and then getting way lucky on the AH, or 3.) giving up.  I’m thinking 2 may be the most realistic.  This is bad, because luck is not something I command on a regular basis.

Despite our best efforts, Amiprettynow may not be transmogged by the time the contest rolls around.  Hugbees may just tell him to strip down to his underwear.  He’s a blood elf, after all, he should have no problem with exhibitionism.  If he’s not going to be transmogged, he may as well go naked!