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“Mountain Tracker” Set

"Mountain Tracker" Set

“Mountain Tracker” Set

“Mountain Tracker” Set

Class: Hunter (Alliance required for teeny tiny cape)

H: Ironspine Helm | S: Mantle of the Tireless Tracker | Cl: Incorruptable Shawl
Undergrowth Stalker Chestpiece | Wa: Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Links of Accuracy | L: Leggings of Twisted Vines
Mountain Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Atoll Treaders

Bow: Dagryn’s Discarded Longbow (LFR)

Thoughts: Yeah, I know, that should be “Incorruptible,” but it isn’t.  Look it up on Wowhead, you’ll see!

1.) In an ideal transmog world, I would have preferred the blue version of the bow, but that’s from heroic Galakras.  Let’s be real here – there is no bleeping freaking way that’s happening.  I’ll settle for a green bow over “being beaten to a pulp, falling off towers and getting set on fire all at once.”

2.) Speaking of preferences: I always like shorter capes on draenei, mostly because cape + tail = weird.  Long capes should not stick out the way they do!  I wonder if they’re going to be fixing that?

3.) By the time I decided I wanted to use this particular color/model of boots, I had foolishly tossed them in the form of an early quest reward.  I was thus forced to go through a majority of Vashj’ir to get this pair.  D’oh!

4.) Daschela’s progress on the legendary cape is looking up.  I’d originally intended to get Niremere her cloak first, but she’s totally, utterly stuck at Chi-ji’s healing challenge.  Now, Dasch has a great chance of getting her cloak before Nir does simply because I find it a lot easier to shoot blobs and Wrathiepoo from a distance.  I’d thought the healing challenge would be no problem for Nir whatsoever (Bombelina breezed through it like whoa), but apparently, while I’m decent with shaman-style healing, I’m plain horrific at paladin-style (especially when it comes to periods of high damage).  The other major issue Nir faces is Wrathion doing crap DPS to the image of his father (unlike the DPS he does to me in the ranged trial), since that means I must assist him in order to not die of sheer boredom go OOM.  Bombelina, that was easy, all like, “HEALING RAIN!  HEALING STREAM TOTEM!  NOW FLAME SHOCK!  LAVA!  LIGHTNING!  ELEMENTALS GO!”  But poor Niremere?  She’s stuck with “DENOUNCE!  DENOUNCE!  DENOU…SHEEYIT!  WTF!?  WHERE DID HIS HEALTH GO!? CRAP THIS CASTING IS TAKING TOO LONG CRAP CRAP CRAP IT RESET WTF GAWD I HATE YOU WRATHION!”

“Surestrike Secret” Set

"Surestrike Secret" Set

“Surestrike Secret” Set

Class: Hunter (Engineer required for goggles)

H: Surestrike Goggles v2.0 | S: Shoulderpads of the Secret Arts | Cl: Not shown
Ruthless Gladiator’s Chain Armor | Wa: Ruthless Gladiator’s Links of Cruelty | L: Leggings of the Insatiable
Gossamer-Stained Grips | Wr: Not shown | B: Njord Boots

Bow: Brutal Gladiator’s Longbow

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Thermalix definitely needed a new getup.  Something in black, maybe, something kinda ninja-y but with a bit of “pow” to it – not the plain ol’ Dark Ranger look.  It needed to be a bit goblinish, and most importantly, it needed to be pretty dang easy to get.  She could make the goggles and already had the shoulders, pants and boots.  Thermalix traded her Justice in for Honor, which is a splendid arrangement because 1.) I suck at PvP, and 2.) ogod all the Justice why do I have so much of it?

But let us pause here to consider an often overlooked promised update for Warlords of Derpnor:

“Hunters were using transmog to avoid hearing gun sounds. […] Hunters will be getting updated weapon sounds in WoD.”

Whoa, dude, how did they KNOW that I did that?  Wait just a second, other people do it too!?  I’M NOT ALONE!?

Guess it’s a good thing I saved those cool guns, then!  I just can’t use ’em yet because sounds.

“Skyfire Hot” Set, or, “Outfits for Middling Hunters Who Can’t Get Cool Crap from Ulduar or Naxx Yet” Part 1

Also known as, “Crap From Her Bank That Prinnie Puts Together, except For the Bow.  She Will FARM for That Sucker.”

"Skyfire Hot" Set

“Skyfire Hot” Set

Class: Hunter

H: Not shown | S: Talhide Shoulderguards | Cl: Raider’s Cloak
Giantstalker’s Breastplate | Wa: Ebonhold Girdle | L: Blood Knight Greaves
Battleforge Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Glimmering Mail Greaves

Bow: Skyfire Hawk-bow

Soulburner Indeed

Soulburner Indeed

(Or, for those of you at 90, the Raid Finder version of Taoren the Soulburner goes well!  I mean, WTF, this thing actually dropped!?  IT DANG WELL BETTER MATCH WHAT I’M WEARING FOR ALL THE TROUBLE IT’S GIVEN ME.)

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Everybody loves the Battleforge mail set, right?  Me too!  Daschela happened to find the legs on the AH for a very, very good price.  As she was too underleveled to solo for mog gear at the time, I dug through my bank for things that matched.  I like to look good while leveling, and I don’t CARE if I have to remog it ninety million times!  IT’S IMPORTANT.

There was one problem with my plan for immediate transmog gratification, and that was Warbringer Om’rogg.  He tried to not drop the big shiny bow.

Unfortunately for him, Lei-shi and that blasted gun Taoren (NEVER EVER DROPPED FOR THERM, EVER) have given me an endless tolerance for futility!  I convinced people to drag Daschela through Shattered Halls when she was in the 70s.  I begged people to help me through the place quickly when Daschela was in the 80s.  I had Daschela soloing in there (man, do I LOVE one shotting all the things or what) after she hit 90.  She did this over.  And over.  And over.

I am pretty sure Om’rogg finally gave the hell up and dropped the bow just to get me out of the Shattered Halls.  LOOK AT HOW SHINY IT IS OMG (so what if I’m dressed like a blood elf)!

Hunter Appreciation Week: TAME ALL THE THINGS

Ah, hunters.

I Fear for the Ponies

I Fear for the Ponies

Once upon a time, after Deathwing got bored with destroying the world in general and took to hanging out in raids instead, a troll by the name of Versebelg came to be.  She had no heirlooms, no clue and no distinction of any sort.  Still, she understood mining and shooting things in the face, so all was well.

Versebelg actually did stuff like completing quest zones, since it took some time before she realized you didn’t actually have to finish one zone’s quest line in order to progress to the next.  She never used that thing called LFD until she was in the 80s and desperate to get out of Deepholm.  She was my first to ding 85, o proud day!

But once she discovered the magic of transmog, Versebelg felt deeply dissatisfied with the way her troll toes always hid her shoes.  Unhappily, she also realized the creepy similarity between her face and that of every other female troll she had ever met.  In this dark moment, A WILD THERMALIX APPEARED.  Named for the “therm” in things like thermometers, thermodynamics, thermonuclear radiation and so on, she stomped into the world intent on taming all the things in all the best outfits.


And crap happened.  Pets were tamed!  Derps were had!  There was much mogging!  Basically, the blog!

Cal is Long Suffering

Cal is Long Suffering

On the eve of patch 5.4, Thermalix Spendtrue is at ilevel 506 and stands as my second main, or primary alt if you will.  If I ever decide to go further with the Loremaster or Seeker titles, she’ll be my go-to-gal!  Not only does Therm have a huge head start on quests, but hunters are seriously THE BEST for soloing stuff.  They have a pocket tank that they can heal in addition to some crowd-controlling action for safety, and (of course) they can Feign Death if sheeyit gets outta hand. Ok, so she’s level 90 and the likelihood of things spiraling out of control in Mulgore is kinda low.  But she’s prepared JUST IN CASE!

Of course, hunters love their pets, so Therm was thrilled when Blizzard finally got over their “OMFG WOW IS NOT POKEMONZ” fears and increased stable space!  Therm’s tastes vary between the strange, the flamboyant and the downright adorable.

Think they’ll ever add tamable bunnies to the game?  Yes/no?

“Alliance Archer” Set

"Alliance Archer" Set

“Alliance Archer” Set

Class: Hunter (with crossbow), Shaman

H: Not shown | S: Pauldrons of the Promise | Cl: Not shown
Double Link Tunic | Wa: Pillager’s Girdle | L: Agamaggan-Blessed Greaves
Renegade Gauntlets | Wr: Not shown | B: Renegade Boots

Crossbow: Arugoo’s Crossbow of Destruction

Status: Finished

Thoughts: By the time Daschela hit level 20 as a derpadin, I began having doubts.  Is it weird to have two Alliance characters who are both paladins?  What will I do with my offspec, since I don’t want to be a Responsible Party Member all the time, but can’t really do Ret?  But what if I DO go Ret?  I could shout “Nobody expects the Draenish Inquisition!” and be punny!  But wait, melee.  Or I could pretend to be a shockadin …

It was thus quite easy for Ty to convince me that I really ought to level something else – say, a hunter – with him.  I also thought to myself that a huntard would have a better chance of “going somewhere,” which usually means past Outland or to 90.  After all, hunters are great for soloing (which I wind up doing a lot of when Alliance)!  There’s also that whole “preference for ranged” thing I seem to have discovered lately.

So suddenly, hunter.  Level 40.  Bang!

I put this together because I can’t stand the look of the agility mail heirlooms.  Between the big, bulky shoulder with the chunky triangle-claws and the biker shorts covered in scales, it just doesn’t do a thing for me.  Worse, all the drops you get for the other slots (hands, feet, waist) never seem to match.  So the sooner I can mog up, the better.

On the sad side, there are SO FEW attractive (let alone INTERESTING) bows at this level.  LE SIGH – it’ll be awhile before Daschela can aim for the pages of Pretty Fly for a Draenei.

On the happy side, the nice thing about being a tall drink of water is that pants with thigh details/focus (of which there are a lot) don’t look like total crap/make the character look fat/just look weird.  Hooray!

Lei Sheeeeeeeeeyit

Let's Talk About This! I need a minute to think up another excuse.

Let’s Talk About This!
I need a minute to think up another excuse.

When Thermalix logged in late last week, Cal informed her that it was high time she shot Lei Shen in the face.  She was forced to admit that he had a point, since the one reason she had given for not doing so was “I CAN’T GO UNTIL HE GETS NERFED INTO REALITY,” aaand the dude got nerfed.  Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have a second argument to fall back on.  Therm couldn’t point to how she didn’t know WTF she was doing, because that’s normal and also the standard mode of operation for most non-tanks in LFR.  She couldn’t point to gear being a barrier, because she had the gearscore to get in.  She couldn’t claim that she had to wash her rocket camel, because it exploded the week before.

Here’s what Therm DID know about Lei Shen before going in:

  • Has face tentacles or cancerous growths
  • Would probably be the kid who sticks his finger in an electrical outlet for fun
  • Most LFRs run screaming before they even take on the adds in front of his room
  • He doesn’t drop a ranged weapon
Bring It On C'mon Lei Shen, let's just get it over with.

Bring It On
C’mon Lei Shen, let’s just get it over with.

It’s hard to say whether more or less knowledge would have helped.

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“I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of My Outfit” Set

"I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of My Outfit" Set

“I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of My Outfit” Set

Class: Hunter (Engineering required for goggles)

H: Truesight Ice Blinders | S: Spiritbinder Spaulders | Cl: Azureborne Cloak
Dragonstalker’s Breastplate | Wa: Links of the Disintegrator | L: Dragonstalker’s Legguards
Radiant Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Lifestep Treads

Crossbow: Brutal Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow


Therm’s last few outfits have been (more or less) muted, sensible and possibly even washable!  Therefore, it makes sense that my subconscious would reject this whole “subtle” trend and point out that the fancy troll belt Therm had on actually matched the Dragonstalker crap she’s been hoarding in Void Storage.  Just by coincidence, of course, I like both purple and obnoxious stuff.  I swear to Gawd if hunter armor came covered in glitter and sequins, I’d wear it.

This look reminds me of when I was three years old or so, and insisted on dressing myself for the day in a t-shirt, yellow ballerina tutu, red tights and totally awesome (loller)skates instead of shoes.  I suppose this is a slightly more adult rendition of my persistent, utter inability to pick an outfit that doesn’t look like it was assembled in the dark.

As a side note, I don’t really see how you could sit at a table wearing that belt without jabbing it with the tusks/breaking them off/in general being uncomfortable.

I had most of this stuff to start with (being a packrat and all).  The shoulders were the worst to obtain.  Though the boss that drops ’em is easy to get to, he refused to relinquish them for many runs.  That is, he witheld the shoulders until he managed to kill me with poison because I wasn’t paying attention.

Well, whatever it takes, I guess.

Well, whatever it takes, I guess.

“Chromis Watch” Set

"Chromis Watch" Set

“Chromis Watch” Set

“Chromis Watch” Set

Class: Hunter (with bow), Shaman

H: Not shown | S: Amice of the Stoic Watch | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Chromis Chestpiece | Wa: Njord Belt | L: Chaotic Wrappings
Gloves of Augury | Wr: Not shown | B: Njord Boots

Bow: Ironfeather Longbow

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Ok, so Ragnaros’ platform in the Firelands may not be the most attractive background for a set that’s primarily blue and gray, but that’s where I was when I remembered to take pictures, so there you have it.

With the exception of the background, this set belongs to the “muted and subtle” color scheme that I’ve been running with for three or four mogs in a row now.  I’ve been working on a hyper obnoxious set just ’cause I HAVE to balance all this niceness out somehow, but the shoulders haven’t dropped for it.  This is probably why the shoulders for this respectably calm set actually dropped the first time I ran Ulduar for ’em.

WTB Ironfeather Longbow in different colors.

JurassACK Park? JurACKic Park?

Isle of OMG It's called "atmosphere," "the scene," or "the mood," and it sets the tone for the evening.  Here, it involves dinos with cannons.

Isle of OMG
It’s called “atmosphere,” “the scene,” or “the mood,” and it sets the tone for the evening. Here, it involves dinos with cannons.

Never, ever leave Therm alone on the Isle of Giants, not even for a minute.

Isle of OMG So bad for you, yet so tasty.

Isle of OMG
So bad for you, yet so tasty.

If she’s not paying attention and facepulling Primal Devilsaurs as a result, she’s doing other sorts of dum’ bass things.  For example: if she’s disguised thanks to an Intact Direhorn Hide and she’s using a Devilsaur as a pet, can other (non-tamed) Devilsaurs tell whether or not hers is One of Them?  I mean, he totally blends in and all!  This is where he’s FROM!  They’re totally family!


Isle of OMG

Yes.  They can smell it, Therm.  They can smell you.

Oh Jeebus Tapdancing Cripes

I read about a study once.  I forget whether it was rats or chickens (or maybe both), but basically the researchers had three groups: one got treats regularly for doing something, one was given treats irregularly for doing the same thing, and one just didn’t get any darn thing no matter what the hell they did.  The ones who got the goodness were happy while the ones who didn’t get any became depressed and sad.  Most importantly for my point here, the ones who received treats irregularly just turned warped and neurotic, continually doing Whatever It Was just because maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’ll get a treat this time!  This accurately describes my relationship to LFR.

Persistence in the Face of Adversity Or perhaps just flailing in the face of futility.

Persistence in the Face of Adversity
Or perhaps just flailing in the face of futility.

Last night, I decided I was going to run ALL THE LFR EVER, except for maybe Lei Shen, who still scares the hell out of me.  I had a lot of optimism for no apparent reason.  But I actually had to wait a day to write this up because I was overwhelmed by a sort of violent befuddlement, the kind you get when your brain just Can.  Not.  Process.  Any.  More.  Of this sheeyit.  You know, it’s like when your computer freezes, but you don’t want to wait for it and you don’t try to shut it down normally – you just say eff it and pull the plug.

1st Queue: Vault of Mysteries

Two out of three bosses were already down when the queue popped for me, but I was fine with that.  Elegon lags the everliving bejeebus outta me, and Will of the Emperor is the only boss there that drops what I want anyway.  The fight was nondescript, really.  We won, everybody who got something insisted on linking it in raid chat because yay for me, life went on.

Result: Gold
Roll result: More gold
Sense of Optimism: Not defeated yet

2nd Queue: Terrace of Endless WTF

Raiding relies on a delicate cooperation between allies (where everyone is generally as close to the top of their game as possible), a good dose of what we’ll call “luck” and a lack of lag.  LFR, being LFR, relies on a slightly different balance where everybody must accomplish the bare minimum in order to enable the group to coast through safely.  This dance of doing as little as possible can be pushed to the benefit or detriment of all.  All heals don’t have to be top notch, for example, if you’ve got one guy who’s way above the average and can cover for the others.  DPS can coast more if a couple of their number are overgeared out the wazoo.  More skill in some players equals greater ease for others.

When the tank faces Tsulong into the party and blasts everybody with Shadow Breath, though, you should be concerned that this give-and-take relationship has gone awry in a way that is not so good for anybody.  This is especially bad if the healers as a whole can’t keep up with the increased damage that DPS are taking because said tank doesn’t have Righteous Fury on and can’t keep aggro.  (Reason?  “idgaf,” since he changed specs and “forgot.”  What, are tanks trolling LFR now?)  A negative void caused by a rampant lack of smarts skill actual caring can suck everyone into a horrible spiral of bad, and you’re well on the way.

You know, I actually like Tsulong.  His ninety million adds manage to show that your DPS classes are actually important.  Yes, I’m talking about those of us who are a dime a dozen, who obviously have the worst damage EVER and YOU could play [insert class here] better than that, and who can’t do diddly squat without a tank or healer. As it turns out, when a majority of your DPS is down and out for the count (“What’s a battle res,” you ask?), those adds become an event horizon.  They are a point of no return.  They are going to kick your collective ass.

I’ve summarized the pattern of our subsequent conversation for you here.  It’s essentially the same thing you hear all the time when nobody wants to blame his or her own actions for contributing to the fail.  Insults are optional but add to your overall sense of self superiority.

Did you just wipe?  If no, proceed to the next pack of trash.

If yes, are you a tank?  Blame the DPS for failing miserably hard and the heals for being totally unable to keep up with your magnificence.

If yes, are you a healer?  Blame the DPS, since if those mother truckers would kill the adds, we wouldn’t be in this position.  Don’t blame the tanks even when they suck horribly, though, because they’re more useful to you than the DPS and they’re way harder to come by.

If yes, are you the DPS?  Blame the tank for gawdawful positioning and being unable to keep aggro while simultaneously blaming the healers for being unable to cover for the tank.


Result: Nothing
Roll result: N/A, dropped that party so fast it broke
Sense of Optimism: Busted up but not defeated

Third Queue: Last Stand of the Zandalari Hopeful

So the queue popped and everyone gathered for the pre-fighting ritual of Pandaren feasts and warlock cookies.  But then, unexpectedly, the main tank asked why he was the tank.


A quick inspection revealed the guy had no tanking armor and was dual wielding, but folks decided to charge ahead anyway, because tanks are hard to come by and they’d been in the queue long enough.  On the first pull, Faketank died, which just goes to show you that sometimes, “platewearer” means absolutely nothing.  On subsequent pulls, Daintytank often died, but at least Daintytank consciously made the decision to queue as a tank.

It wasn’t long before Faketank got kicked.  Daintytank was definitely squishy though and had to be resurrected often, so people breathed a sigh of relief when RealRaidertank arrived in the instance.  Unfortunately, RealRaidertank wanted to be all hardcore and sheeyit when it came to the windy bridges in the instance.

If you are not familiar with the LFR way of running these bridges, the DPS stay on the stairs while the tank and maybe a healer or two run ahead and pull the adds back to the stairs.  Given the number of people involved whose competence is suspect, this method is much preferred over having everybody try to avoid the weird floaty spirit trolls while getting to a spot where they won’t get blown off into the abyss.

But RealRaidertank didn’t want to do that.  No, he wanted to do it the Real Way, so he placed a red marker about a quarter to halfway down the bridge, in a very tiny nonwindy spot.  RealRaidertank went running off down the bridge without saying a word, apparently expecting everybody to understand this Obvious message.

The rest of the group experienced a brief, yet TRULY INSPIRING moment of unity and did not move one freaking inch off the stairs.  I’ve never seen LFR act as such a cohesive unit before, and I probably never will again.  As you probably guessed, RealRaidertank kicked the bucket before making it back to the stairs, because no one went with him – not even a healer.  He died FOREVER ALONE.

He then proceeded to insult everyone, because putting others down is a tried and true method of motivating the masses, and also of saving one’s own ego.  The group told him something to the effect of “LOL, this is LFR, adjust your stupid expectations,” but he must have missed all that while calling us scrubs.  Otherwise, he would have learned his lesson and he would not have repeated the entire thing all over again on the second windy bridge.  It was, dare I say, one of the most beautiful spectacles I’ve ever witnessed in LFR.

There was some exchange of words here, in which I participated though knowing better, because I Had Enough of the stupid.  RealRaidertank dropped.  We hadn’t even gotten to the first boss!

They say that bad things happen in threes, and indeed the third tank showed up and said he wanted to heal.  Otherwise, please tell him how to tank.  (p.s., he can one tank Horridon until after the third door “if you want.”)

Oh Loooooooooooord Did he really just ask how to tank?

Oh Loooooooooooord
Did he really just ask how to tank?

This was the moment when my brain finally broke completely.  I remember only three things:

  1. He kept on asking how is heals were
  2. Our margin of victory on Jin’Rokh was amazingly, terrifyingly small (only a handful of DPS were still up)
  3. Gold

Result: Gold
Roll result: N/A, out of charms
Sense of Optimism: Scarred for freaking life and done for now kthx

As a final note, the waaaaaambulances are needed in great numbers on the forums because Lei Shen got nerfed.  LFR needs a challenge, they say.  THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES ARE THE CHALLENGE, I say.