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“Chromis Watch” Set

"Chromis Watch" Set

“Chromis Watch” Set

“Chromis Watch” Set

Class: Hunter (with bow), Shaman

H: Not shown | S: Amice of the Stoic Watch | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Chromis Chestpiece | Wa: Njord Belt | L: Chaotic Wrappings
Gloves of Augury | Wr: Not shown | B: Njord Boots

Bow: Ironfeather Longbow

Status: Finished

Thoughts: Ok, so Ragnaros’ platform in the Firelands may not be the most attractive background for a set that’s primarily blue and gray, but that’s where I was when I remembered to take pictures, so there you have it.

With the exception of the background, this set belongs to the “muted and subtle” color scheme that I’ve been running with for three or four mogs in a row now.  I’ve been working on a hyper obnoxious set just ’cause I HAVE to balance all this niceness out somehow, but the shoulders haven’t dropped for it.  This is probably why the shoulders for this respectably calm set actually dropped the first time I ran Ulduar for ’em.

WTB Ironfeather Longbow in different colors.

JurassACK Park? JurACKic Park?

Isle of OMG It's called "atmosphere," "the scene," or "the mood," and it sets the tone for the evening.  Here, it involves dinos with cannons.

Isle of OMG
It’s called “atmosphere,” “the scene,” or “the mood,” and it sets the tone for the evening. Here, it involves dinos with cannons.

Never, ever leave Therm alone on the Isle of Giants, not even for a minute.

Isle of OMG So bad for you, yet so tasty.

Isle of OMG
So bad for you, yet so tasty.

If she’s not paying attention and facepulling Primal Devilsaurs as a result, she’s doing other sorts of dum’ bass things.  For example: if she’s disguised thanks to an Intact Direhorn Hide and she’s using a Devilsaur as a pet, can other (non-tamed) Devilsaurs tell whether or not hers is One of Them?  I mean, he totally blends in and all!  This is where he’s FROM!  They’re totally family!


Isle of OMG

Yes.  They can smell it, Therm.  They can smell you.

Oh Jeebus Tapdancing Cripes

I read about a study once.  I forget whether it was rats or chickens (or maybe both), but basically the researchers had three groups: one got treats regularly for doing something, one was given treats irregularly for doing the same thing, and one just didn’t get any darn thing no matter what the hell they did.  The ones who got the goodness were happy while the ones who didn’t get any became depressed and sad.  Most importantly for my point here, the ones who received treats irregularly just turned warped and neurotic, continually doing Whatever It Was just because maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’ll get a treat this time!  This accurately describes my relationship to LFR.

Persistence in the Face of Adversity Or perhaps just flailing in the face of futility.

Persistence in the Face of Adversity
Or perhaps just flailing in the face of futility.

Last night, I decided I was going to run ALL THE LFR EVER, except for maybe Lei Shen, who still scares the hell out of me.  I had a lot of optimism for no apparent reason.  But I actually had to wait a day to write this up because I was overwhelmed by a sort of violent befuddlement, the kind you get when your brain just Can.  Not.  Process.  Any.  More.  Of this sheeyit.  You know, it’s like when your computer freezes, but you don’t want to wait for it and you don’t try to shut it down normally – you just say eff it and pull the plug.

1st Queue: Vault of Mysteries

Two out of three bosses were already down when the queue popped for me, but I was fine with that.  Elegon lags the everliving bejeebus outta me, and Will of the Emperor is the only boss there that drops what I want anyway.  The fight was nondescript, really.  We won, everybody who got something insisted on linking it in raid chat because yay for me, life went on.

Result: Gold
Roll result: More gold
Sense of Optimism: Not defeated yet

2nd Queue: Terrace of Endless WTF

Raiding relies on a delicate cooperation between allies (where everyone is generally as close to the top of their game as possible), a good dose of what we’ll call “luck” and a lack of lag.  LFR, being LFR, relies on a slightly different balance where everybody must accomplish the bare minimum in order to enable the group to coast through safely.  This dance of doing as little as possible can be pushed to the benefit or detriment of all.  All heals don’t have to be top notch, for example, if you’ve got one guy who’s way above the average and can cover for the others.  DPS can coast more if a couple of their number are overgeared out the wazoo.  More skill in some players equals greater ease for others.

When the tank faces Tsulong into the party and blasts everybody with Shadow Breath, though, you should be concerned that this give-and-take relationship has gone awry in a way that is not so good for anybody.  This is especially bad if the healers as a whole can’t keep up with the increased damage that DPS are taking because said tank doesn’t have Righteous Fury on and can’t keep aggro.  (Reason?  “idgaf,” since he changed specs and “forgot.”  What, are tanks trolling LFR now?)  A negative void caused by a rampant lack of smarts skill actual caring can suck everyone into a horrible spiral of bad, and you’re well on the way.

You know, I actually like Tsulong.  His ninety million adds manage to show that your DPS classes are actually important.  Yes, I’m talking about those of us who are a dime a dozen, who obviously have the worst damage EVER and YOU could play [insert class here] better than that, and who can’t do diddly squat without a tank or healer. As it turns out, when a majority of your DPS is down and out for the count (“What’s a battle res,” you ask?), those adds become an event horizon.  They are a point of no return.  They are going to kick your collective ass.

I’ve summarized the pattern of our subsequent conversation for you here.  It’s essentially the same thing you hear all the time when nobody wants to blame his or her own actions for contributing to the fail.  Insults are optional but add to your overall sense of self superiority.

Did you just wipe?  If no, proceed to the next pack of trash.

If yes, are you a tank?  Blame the DPS for failing miserably hard and the heals for being totally unable to keep up with your magnificence.

If yes, are you a healer?  Blame the DPS, since if those mother truckers would kill the adds, we wouldn’t be in this position.  Don’t blame the tanks even when they suck horribly, though, because they’re more useful to you than the DPS and they’re way harder to come by.

If yes, are you the DPS?  Blame the tank for gawdawful positioning and being unable to keep aggro while simultaneously blaming the healers for being unable to cover for the tank.


Result: Nothing
Roll result: N/A, dropped that party so fast it broke
Sense of Optimism: Busted up but not defeated

Third Queue: Last Stand of the Zandalari Hopeful

So the queue popped and everyone gathered for the pre-fighting ritual of Pandaren feasts and warlock cookies.  But then, unexpectedly, the main tank asked why he was the tank.


A quick inspection revealed the guy had no tanking armor and was dual wielding, but folks decided to charge ahead anyway, because tanks are hard to come by and they’d been in the queue long enough.  On the first pull, Faketank died, which just goes to show you that sometimes, “platewearer” means absolutely nothing.  On subsequent pulls, Daintytank often died, but at least Daintytank consciously made the decision to queue as a tank.

It wasn’t long before Faketank got kicked.  Daintytank was definitely squishy though and had to be resurrected often, so people breathed a sigh of relief when RealRaidertank arrived in the instance.  Unfortunately, RealRaidertank wanted to be all hardcore and sheeyit when it came to the windy bridges in the instance.

If you are not familiar with the LFR way of running these bridges, the DPS stay on the stairs while the tank and maybe a healer or two run ahead and pull the adds back to the stairs.  Given the number of people involved whose competence is suspect, this method is much preferred over having everybody try to avoid the weird floaty spirit trolls while getting to a spot where they won’t get blown off into the abyss.

But RealRaidertank didn’t want to do that.  No, he wanted to do it the Real Way, so he placed a red marker about a quarter to halfway down the bridge, in a very tiny nonwindy spot.  RealRaidertank went running off down the bridge without saying a word, apparently expecting everybody to understand this Obvious message.

The rest of the group experienced a brief, yet TRULY INSPIRING moment of unity and did not move one freaking inch off the stairs.  I’ve never seen LFR act as such a cohesive unit before, and I probably never will again.  As you probably guessed, RealRaidertank kicked the bucket before making it back to the stairs, because no one went with him – not even a healer.  He died FOREVER ALONE.

He then proceeded to insult everyone, because putting others down is a tried and true method of motivating the masses, and also of saving one’s own ego.  The group told him something to the effect of “LOL, this is LFR, adjust your stupid expectations,” but he must have missed all that while calling us scrubs.  Otherwise, he would have learned his lesson and he would not have repeated the entire thing all over again on the second windy bridge.  It was, dare I say, one of the most beautiful spectacles I’ve ever witnessed in LFR.

There was some exchange of words here, in which I participated though knowing better, because I Had Enough of the stupid.  RealRaidertank dropped.  We hadn’t even gotten to the first boss!

They say that bad things happen in threes, and indeed the third tank showed up and said he wanted to heal.  Otherwise, please tell him how to tank.  (p.s., he can one tank Horridon until after the third door “if you want.”)

Oh Loooooooooooord Did he really just ask how to tank?

Oh Loooooooooooord
Did he really just ask how to tank?

This was the moment when my brain finally broke completely.  I remember only three things:

  1. He kept on asking how is heals were
  2. Our margin of victory on Jin’Rokh was amazingly, terrifyingly small (only a handful of DPS were still up)
  3. Gold

Result: Gold
Roll result: N/A, out of charms
Sense of Optimism: Scarred for freaking life and done for now kthx

As a final note, the waaaaaambulances are needed in great numbers on the forums because Lei Shen got nerfed.  LFR needs a challenge, they say.  THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES ARE THE CHALLENGE, I say.

Tonight will be cloudy with a slight chance of a short queue

When I think of Pinnacle of Storms, the first thing I want to know is if Blizzard REALLY thought that name through.  On the one hand, P.O.S. is perfect because you will die and your gold will disappear and so will your faith in humanity.  On the other, that sort of acronym showing up at the last, supposedly most awesomesauce place is kind of awkward.

Let’s start with Iron Qon, the guy who reminds me of mount collectors.  He has TOO MANY mounts and he can’t choose just one of the bunch, so he shows up with three in his hotkeys.  (He hasn’t learned those fancy macros where you can bind more than one mount to a button.)  Anyhoo, the LFR group helps Qon make a decision by killing the crap out of each one of the elemental Quilen he has.  Eventually, when you run through his entire stable, he’s forced to fight you on foot.  I’m sure he cursed every second of it, like how I do when I really want to fly to avoid aggro because I need to get someplace, but I can’t, because Blizzard wants me to see the world.

Actually As it turns out, you DO need two tanks!  Go figure!

As it turns out, you DO need two tanks! Go figure!

Here’s the thing, though.  Right before the fight, one of our two tanks dropped.  We queued again to bring in another tank because duh, but one did not appear.  People became impatient and charged Qon JUST BECAUSE.  Unfortunately, the LFR queue thinger stops completely while you are in combat, which meant that finding another tank took even longer, which in turn meant people became even more impatient, even after we wiped.  If you get enough stacks of Determination, it doesn’t matter whether you have two tanks or not LOLRITE?  It was like a circular reference in Excel, just with higher repair costs.

While I’m speaking of going in circles, OH MY GAWD WHY ARE THERE MORE TORNADOS HAAALLPPP!  Oh wait, these just stun you?  I guess that’s fine, then.

Is there a button for this? I'm stuck in a tornado and I can't get out!

Is there a button for this?
I’m stuck in a tornado and I can’t get out!

Mercifully, there was a healer who actually had a decent tank off spec.  He (she?) saved the day by willingly tanking the fight for the first time right then and there, which prevented us from running at Qon endlessly because we were bored.  (Hey guys, has anyone heard of teleporting out and doing other things that allow you to LIVE while we wait?  No?)

Qon drops a ranged weapon.  Of course, it didn’t drop for Therm.  I swear to Gawd I’m going to find a spear or something and be a melee huntard.  See, I even practiced my huntanking:

Sometimes Nothing Makes It Any Better Life just hurts.

Sometimes Nothing Makes It Any Better
Life just hurts.

Next up were the Twin Consorts, who somehow manage to have long, lucious wavy locks despite the fact that they’re made of freaking stone.  I already had lots of issues with these bosses, but I was doing pretty good at keeping all my raging feminist thoughts to myself.  Buuut then we had some  jokes …

No Just no.  No.  Stahp.  Shut up.  Fin.  End.  Over.  STOP.

Just no. No. Stahp. Shut up. Fin. End. Over. STOP.

Fortunately for all concerned, a tank pulled at the exact moment a friend called, and DPSing with one hand while holding the phone in the other left very few fingers available for typing in all caps.  Fortunately for ME (since I don’t particularly feel like arguing with almost all of a LFR group), all the capslock I committed was to my party itself, not the instance chat.

It was the easiest fight in the whole joint, which OF COURSE was an opening for this:

For Future Reference Learning from your mistakes is smart.

For Future Reference
Learning from your mistakes is smart.

Har har har.  C’mon, people, I know it’s LFR, but you can do better than that.

Seriously? Flounder is unimpressed.

Flounder is unimpressed.

I was feeling generally irritated by this point, and in addition had been informed by multiple screaming people that Lei Shen or Mr. Thunduar or whatever his name is actually requires coordination and sheeyit that is all but impossible with the random nature of a LFR group.  Has Durumu taught us nothing?  THERE’S NO WAY, THERE’S JUST NO WAY.  So I left.  I’m gonna wait for him to get nerfed, and I’m clearly not the only one with that plan.

Speaking of, I somehow feel as though Pandaland’s point itself got nerfed with this dude and the Zandalari.  Yes, it’s a nice, neat little turn of story for a people who got effed over by the Cataclysm to fight the hell back against the world by resurrecting a dead guy.  It’s just that I read so much crap about how the plot and the bosses of Pandaria were different, because they weren’t some Obvious Other.  No, they were the Sha, and the Sha are actually ourselves, our own negativity and our own overpowering strength.  Face yourself!  And now you get a burly half naked dude with control over thunder?  Bah.

Needs More Nerf

I have heard a crapton (yes, a crapton) of bad things about Durumu, whom I deemed “the Soul Crusher” for his ability to wipe LFR groups over and over and over again.  If it wasn’t someone complaining or flat out losing their mind, it was their DBM addon telling me that they wiped for the nth time.  I was told it got nerfed.  I was told it was still fatally terrifying.  I finally decided that I really ought to try it, though not for the ranged weapon (which of course didn’t drop) – no, I was gonna do this for JOURNALISM blogging.  Anything supposedly so catastrophic was going to be GREAT in the worst possible way.

Are There Snails In Here? They gave me nightmares last time.

Are There Snails In Here?
They gave me nightmares last time.

Although friends kept trying to explain the mechanics (beams of light, maze, death) to me, I had to first make sure we weren’t going to get ambushed by any murderous gastropods.  SOMEBODY has to think of these things.

Since the Halls of Flesh-Shaping part of LFR has been out since the 2nd, I was a little startled to find that there were still other people who had no freaking clue what they were doing.  I don’t know why.  You’d think I’d know by now that I have no monopoly on ignorance.

Oh Good Note to self: if I ever tank this, keep this information to myself no matter how true it is.

Oh Good
Note to self: if I ever tank this, keep this information to myself no matter how true it is.

I guess it’s good that he was honest? As a side note, I’ve always been taught never to admit this sort of stuff – you don’t want to draw attention to yourself, especially if that attention is going to be the “OMFG YOU FAIL AND YOU KILLED US ALL” kind.

After removing all the trash, the legend himself appeared.  I rather like his little hat.   Even eyeballs with tentacles and dental problems need good hats.

Durumu Needs Caffeine Badly Twenty pots of coffee ought to do it.

Durumu Needs Caffeine Badly
Twenty pots of coffee ought to do it.

Initially, I tried to remember all the floating eye type bosses in the Legend of Zelda series who resembled Durumu.  After giving up on that exercise, I mentally prepped myself to run through some sort of maze – I was thinking walls, rats, running back and forth as I bounced off dead ends, etc.  I also wondered if, somehow, the encounter would show that Blizzard designers were taking the whole trapped-like-rats-in-a-maze thing a bit far.

Potions and flasks?  Check.  Food?  Check.  Healthstone?  Check.  I clicked “Ready.”

At first there were just some beams of light rotating around in different primary colors.  These supposedly reveal adds, but I never actually saw the adds myself, possibly because I was too busy trying to keep an eye out for the maze thing.  I DID think about making a color wheel joke right about here, but decided to pass on the opportunity.  Then came the bad.



GTFO told me I was standing in bad.  DBM also informed me that I needed to move.  I was already going because OMFG OW OW OW OW OW OH CRAP, but it didn’t make a damn bit of difference – there wasn’t anywhere to go to that wasn’t bad.  ANYWHERE NEAR ME WAS BAD.  The bad hurt like hell, too, so I didn’t succeed in finding a safe place.

You know what the bad reminded me of?  This one time we failed in Dragonsoul:



There were a few differences, of course.  There weren’t any Aspects to complain while we were the ones being burned alive, but they were more than adequately replaced by fellow members of the LFR group who couldn’t seem to believe that people would actually DIE after having used a health stone and a potion.  The Dragonsoul fire-fire was easier to avoid while there was space to do so.  And we may have been getting torched by magical dragon breath, but it didn’t hurt quite as much as the nasty dark purple stuff in the Halls.

Wait, What? THAT was the maze?

Wait, What?
THAT was the maze?

Lastly, the fire had no pretensions of being a maze.  Let’s take a moment to discuss what a maze is.  They are puzzles!  Challenges!  Mazes have many paths to choose from that may take you to the end or take you nowhere at all.  Note that word: CHOOSE.  You can’t choose when you’re dead.

For the sake of comparison, here are some examples of mazes:

This Is A Maze On Wikipedia

This Is A Maze
On Wikipedia


This Is A Maze Rather fancy actually.

This Is A Maze
Rather fancy actually.

And here’s Durumu’s “maze” …

Not A Maze But possibly some sick, twisted vision of one.

Not A Maze
But possibly some sick, twisted vision of one.

When is a maze not a maze?  When:

  • there aren’t any choices you can make
  • there is no “end” or destination to get to other than “alive”
  • it’s just an enormous puddle of bad
  • you’re dead
Lest You Think You're Safe Found the clear spot?  Good for you.  Now die.

Lest You Think You’re Safe
Found the clear spot? Good for you. Now die.

I’m TOLD that the opening starts to the left or the right of the boss, but the thing is, if you AREN’T ALREADY THERE or aren’t EXTREMELY close, you’re effed.  And sometimes if you are there – I did find the clear space once by accident – you’re effed anyway.  Let’s say you live, though.  You aren’t really in a maze so much as you’re following something you can’t see and praying to Gawd the opening it leaves doesn’t vanish on you because you got a little too far behind.  If it does, YOU DIE.

GET IN LINE Order, people, order!

Order, people, order!

Thanks to the nerfing and the fancy buff you get for failing, we only wiped two or three times.  I’d argue that we call a spade a spade though.  This is a hot mess and needs more nerf.  Either make the bad do less damage, make it the bad appear more slowly so you have time to escape it, and/or make the safe spot more obvious.  Think General Erudax in Grim Batol, where a glowy swirly shows you where it’s safe to stand.  You’ve got a handful of seconds to get there while he casts, but if you don’t QUITE make it, you still have more than a few seconds of life to try.  You aren’t effed unless you’re on the far side of the room, half dead already or just really lost and confused.

Above all, we should not call this sheeyit a maze, because it ain’t.

Primordius was fun, although he made me sad because he was in pain.  Obviously, he’s kind of S.O.L. in any number of ways, including being second in line after Durumu.  I’d say about one tenth of my brain was focused on Primordius, while eight tenths were still screaming OMGWFTNOTAMAZE and the final one tenth was wondering if I got any good screenshots of Durumu.


I Have A Bad Feeling About This p.s.,  running through the raid with this red sheeyit on your tail is an easy way to irritate others, even if it is fatal.

I Have A Bad Feeling About This
p.s., running through the raid with this red sheeyit on your tail is an easy way to irritate others, even if it is fatal.

In my lame defense, I thought the red sheeyit was only going to hurt me, not everybody else.  (Therefore, if I got out of the raid’s general vicinity, it didn’t matter how I got there.)  Oops?

All The Alts: Thermalix

The way problems interact can be most interesting.  For example, it’s clear I’m an altoholic.  Yet my addiction to heirlooms (I CAN’T LEVEL WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE) confines me largely to WRA, so my altoholism is limited by the number of available character slots.  At the moment, the roster seems to have stabilized at five goblins, two Forsaken and a blood elf (WTB goblin paladin), one human and one night elf.

That leaves one slot open – so far, it’s been a revolving door through which potential contenders come and go.  A shaman!  LIGHTNING BzzzzzzZZZZT.  Wait, what the hell am I doing?  Delete.  ANOTHER HUNTARD!  Wait, we’re getting more stable slots?  Delete.  TANKING MONK!  Wait, I hear it’s kinda complex and you can’t just go around Spinning Crane Kicking all the things.  Delete.  I know, a shaman!  Wait, I’m never going to get to 90 and certainly never going to run heroic raids for that outfit.  Delete.  DRUIDS!  I don’t have one Hordeside.  Wait, troll toes.  Delete.  More panda huntards, for taming things!  Wait, didn’t I just … eh, maybe it’s better not to think too hard about this.

All The Pretty ColorsWho knew LFR could be so ... Lisa Frank?

All The Pretty Colors
Who knew LFR could be so … Lisa Frank?

Despite being the best geared and “the main,” Therm is STILL broke, as she is forced to fund all the flying skills ever for all my Hordeside cast in addition to purchasing additional guild bank tabs (because no one else can afford to).  She wants to build a Depleted Kyparium Rocket too, but because of Expensive Mat Requirements, she hasn’t gotten much farther than her (admittedly impressive) kyparite collection.  That transmog addiction she’s got doesn’t help her wallet, either.  GET AWAY FROM THE AH.  IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

The Good Things

  • Met a bunch of new folks and made some good buddies (Not Therm specific, but since she’s the main, she gets the credit)
  • Started this blog (also not Therm specific, but again, a goblin has no issues with getting more than she bargained for)
  • Hit level 90 and pretended to be awesome for a little bit
  • Made friends with the Golden Lotus Threw the Golden Lotus under the bus once I got what I wanted out of them
  • Tamed a monkey in a fez
  • World of Harvest Mooncraft (because the only kind of game I love more than a time waster is a farming sim that is just that)

The Bad Things

  • Guild drama
  • Dailies (I say we ditch dailies and instead have weeklies, or maybe monthlies …)
  • Isle of Thunder (because getting thrown off the Wall by a pot of boiling oil wasn’t good enough, Blizzard had to crush my soul under the feet of thousands of mogu)

Therm plans to …

  • Tame All Teh Things (Please Gawd, make the 50 stable slot thing true.  Please.  I’ll stop trying to take the Temple Rats out of Zul’Gurub if you make it true.)
  • Build that accursed Depleted Kyparium Rocket
  • Find a way to make oogly mail armor attractive again
  • Try to find The Happies

Speaking of the future, Therm’s (probably forever unrealizable) dream is to some day run into the fabulous Fabulor*.  It’ll be like a movie, see!  He’ll accidentally trip over her because she’s so short, but she’ll forgive him because she’s dazzled by his shining locks and dashing grin.  After LFR hijinks, they’ll go on a picnic at some ridiculous and scenic location, and she’ll give him some random loot she picked up as a token of her affection, and and and and … well, a girl can dream.  It’s hard to find a date who isn’t cheap as hell when you’re short, green and not a frog.

March of the Mammoths?Ok, so there were a couple of elekks in there.

March of the Mammoths?
Ok, so there were a couple of elekks in there.

* Finally, someone playing a blood elf male the way I would!  Why did no one tell me about this blog sooner?  At one point, a former guildmate and I discussed making a blood elf male named Fabuloth, but it didn’t happen – and now it doesn’t need to.  I totally debated making a female fan/Fabulor wannabe (Fabulisse?  Fabulala?), but in the end, I decided that’d be pointless.  As we all know, there can be only one.

Excuse me while I start wimping out here

Futility, LFR style.

Futility, LFR style.

I’ve been avoiding playing Thermalix lately.

This is in no small part due to how the Isle of Thunder both annoys the bejeesus out of me while depressing the snot out of me.  It’s nothing but dailies on a gray, angry little island where pretty much everything ever hates your guts.  Players hate you.  Mobs hate you so much, they can magically aggro from wherever they please.  I’m pretty sure the island itself hates you.

Pet ProblemsOne moment he's here, the next ...

Pet Problems
One moment he’s here, the next …

I can be on a different platform.  I can be around a building.  I can be a mere bystander yards away when someone runs by, but somehow, the mobs they’re training will choose to attack me or my pet rather than jog back to where they came from.

Pet ProblemsI find him a bazillion yards from me, around a corner, on a different platform behind a pillar.  LOGIC.

Pet Problems
I find him a bazillion yards from me, around a corner, on a different platform behind a pillar. LOGIC.

So I’m declining the dailies there on daily basis.

Rep grinds in general make me think of how it feels when you get your fingers caught in that crack between the door jamb and the door itself at that exact moment when someone starts to close the damn thing on your tender digits.  This is a problem because rep grinds are the only way I can predictably improve gear, since anything that involves a roll is probably not going to end well.

For Gawd’s sake, I just want a freaking weapon from LFR.  I’m fixated on it now.  I finished that stupid legendary gem quest a long time ago, but I can’t repgrind for a weapon.  I can’t make one that’s better than what I got.  I think that one bow that drops in heroics is practically a myth because I have NEVER seen anyone wearing it.  LFR is the only place I can go where I’ve got a chance in hell of an upgrade.  So I wanna know: how many times do you have to run LFR for a weapon before you can honestly complain that your luck sucks?

There are, at present, four bosses (including Raigonn) that drop ranged weapons.

  • I’ve smashed the Will of the Emperor 11 times
  • I’ve regretted every single second of Hide while fighting Lei Shi, 8 times
  • I’ve kicked the turtles and Tortos himself 2 times

And that doesn’t count the extra rolls, of course.  So am I legit in complaining yet, or am I just wimping out?

The thing I like about leveling alts is the feeling that I’m “getting somewhere.”  But best of all, if I put in effort, I can actually GET that next level.  I can put in all the effort I darn well please and still not see a ranged weapon in LFR.  Rep grinds somehow manage to be twice as tedious as leveling while having much less surprise factor than LFR.   It takes longer to get from point A to point B.  Possibly worse, I can’t sit down and truck my way through a huge chunk of it when I feel like it – you’re stuck with doing little bits every day.  I FEEL LIKE I’M GOING NOWHERE FOREVER.

Challenges - My bad luck is neverending.

Challenges – My bad luck is neverending.

I think I’m just wimping out.  BUT IT ISN’T STOPPING.  Nor are the people who keep on linking all the damn crap they get in LFR to me, which makes me /sadface.  Look, I get that ya’ll are happy since you got your fancy new shiny gear.  You get a couple gloats in for free.  I’ll even congratulate you, because those shoulders/cloak/sword/whatever is awesome!  But after the third time (or the third freaking item, or that new piece of gear on your third freaking alt, or getting more gear on your third freaking run of the joint), just shut up.  SHUT UP.  I’m serious!  I’m sick and tired already of your luck and your shinyass gear, and rubbing it in isn’t funny anymore.