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ROY G. BIV Transmog: Blue

Previously on “ROY G. BIV Transmog,” our intrepid transmog team had a difference of fashion sense, a dramatic reveal of truth, and a scene in which Prinnie rolled over and admitted Warlock Logic is the Best Logic.  Later, Prinnie learned that greedn is good.

Ignitine: I want you to picture this brick wall.  It’s a very nice brick wall, very tall and thick.  Nice, solid bricks, you know, not falling apart or anything.  Now, imagine your noggin, and the brain sloshing about in it.  You may have more sloshing happening than I do.  Next, I want you to picture your skull bashing into the wall repeatedly at high speeds, all this splashing and smashing, until you either break through the wall or have a total bloody meltdown.  THAT, my friend, is how I approach things.

Prinnie: This explains so much about you.  Let’s get this month’s outfit over with, yes?

Ignitine: I’m glad you’re starting to see things my way.

"Sha" Set

“Hateful Sha” Set

Prinnie: Oh Gawd help us all, she’s gone back to normal.

Ignitine: OM NOM NOM, baby!

The “Hateful Sha” Set, or the “Om Nom Nom” Set

Class: Warlock

H: Sha-Skin Hood | S: Sha-Skin Shoulders | Cl: Platinum Mesh Cloak
Ch: Hateful Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment | Wa: Sash of the Wizened Wyrm | L: Not shown
G: Mystic’s Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Boots of Ethereal Manipulation

Dagger: Midnight Sun
Offhand: Talisman of Kalecgos

Thoughts: Om nom nom!

The moment I first saw this hat, I knew it was a hat responsible for the death of many things – hopes, dreams, and possibly critters.  Yes, this hat was clearly a killer, and I had to have it.  It worked out (for mostly everyone), though – Wrathie-poo wants the Chimaera of Fear from the Sha of Fear?  Yeah sure, I guess I can go grab it for him, ’cause I’m gonna be running Terrace for the hat.

Speaking of the legendary questline, Ignitine finally got her cloak at the end of last month:

Ignitine Cloak Get The wings work for warlocks.

Ignitine Cloak Get
The wings work for warlocks.

Since this contest requires you mog all visible slots, it meant she had to save a cloak for mogging purposes.

I Regret Nothing, More or Less

WTF Is He On Literally and figuratively

WTF Is He On?
Literally and figuratively

Soon after completing normal Siege, the guild moved onto the heroic version.  You might recall I spent some time fretting about this, but I ultimately concluded that I just wasn’t very interested in heroic raiding.  Yeah, I’d like the powerful gear and of course want to collect ALL THE COLORS of everything for transmog’s sake, but there’s “challenge,” as far as I’m concerned, and then there’s “suffering so much you learn to enjoy the pain.”  I did recently volunteer to jump off a cliff if it would get me a Garrosh kill, which actually worked!  (Can we talk the Dark Shaman transmog set now?  Because I will totally throw myself off a cliff into the sea onto a bunch of sharp pointy rocks for that … but preferably in Flex mode.  I got my limits.)

Bombelina, Liberator of Moar Gold Curse you, RNG.  CURSE YOUUUUUUU.

Bombelina, Liberator of Moar Gold

Yeah, I rolled, got gold, and then I died because of a dot or something, or possibly sheer frustration at FINALLY GETTING HIM DAED TIME TO USE PRECIOUS TOKENS and of course, gold.  (Or it could’ve just been overwhelming shock.)  So what’s a girl to do now that Garrosh has had his face punched in, Arf the Kor’kron War Wolf the Destroyer of Worlds has been adopted and I’ve conclusively proven that RNG doesn’t care how long you’ve waited for this moment?  GET MORE LEGENDARY CLOAKS, OBVIOUSLY.

The two closest contenders are Thermalix and Ignitine.  Thermalix is farther ahead in the quest series, partially because the end goal feels less distant.  She is currently stuck collecting Titan Runestones.  Ignitine’s got capped rep as well, but because she hit 90 so late, she’s still scrabbling for twenty Secrets of the Empire.  Thermalix and Ignitine are now both collecting Titan Runestones.  Niremere is trailing far, far behind at halfway through Honored with Wrathiewathie, and I don’t even remember where everybody else is (which means they’re probably all still collecting sigils).

I C WAT U DID THAR I feel it too.  IN MY SOUL.

I feel it too. IN MY SOUL.

Most people conclude that I am in dire need of an intervention when they hear that I’m working towards more legendary cloaks.  But I think I am still sane, since it’s not like I’m actually working real hard towards this goal or anything.  It’s more like, “oh gee, I guess I could transmute some trillium,” or, “well, it’s not like I’m doing anything else, so I could run ToT and see if any Secrets drop.”

Are You Saying Carnage is a Problem? Because I'm not seein' it.

Are You Saying Carnage is a Problem?
Because I’m not seein’ it.

But then again, I did just stay up until like two a.m. in the morning, grinding Ignitine’s Black Prince rep from the beginning of Revered to capped.  It was just so easy as a Destro lock, I couldn’t help myself!  I simply parked Ignitine and her Voidlord next to a spot where a bunch of statues spawned on a relatively quick basis (and some dumb ass Mogu walked by regularly), and they Killed Everything That Moved.  Sometimes all at once, even.  Was I not paying attention to what I was doing, and therefore got hit by four or five mobs that the Voidlord hadn’t aggroed yet?  Oh, I got a healthstone for that.  Healthstone on cooldown?  Oh, I got embers, I’m good.  Am I getting knocked back, interrupting my Chaos Bolt casts?  An eye for an eye and all that jazz, so I’ll just stun them … ALL AT ONCE. TREMBLE, STATUES, AS YOUR PATHETIC MAGIC BETRAAAAAAYS Y …

(Note to self: sure, you’ve broken ICC a couple times, but it seems clear that ICC has broken you.)

Even though Thermalix is the second character I ever created, I suspect that Ignitine’s got better long term chances of actually getting the cloak.  This is partially because Ignitine now outgears Thermalix (when the hell did that happen) by ten points.  It’s partially because the demons, while sometimes dumb, somehow seem to be less dumb than hunter pets.  (FOR THE LOVE OF DEEPS, STOP DESUMMONING YOURSELVES ON THE IMMERSEUS FIGHT.)

More importantly, Ignitine can heal herself with a renewable resource – embers.  (Healthstones don’t hurt, either, nor does making your demon shield you with its very health …)  Poor Therm has one pot per fight and any bandages she can get on herself, plus her spirit beast’s incredibly dinky heal.  Ignitine breezed through the part where you have to reactivate the Thunder Forge and make the spear to throw at Nalak, as did Bombelina before her.  Therm?  Nope.  I actually had to redo it (gasp), and I specifically planned ahead for the second attempt by running heroic dungeons until I got into a party with a warlock.  I stole a Healthstone and kept it for my own nefarious purposes.  Potion + bandage + spirit beast’s dinky heal + lockcookie = SUCCESS.

The other major factor for Ignitine’s eventual supremacy is the fact that I can manage 300k mana much better than I do 100 focus.  If I have focus, I must use Arcane Shot.  It’s some sort of compulsion where I must select the Thrill of the Hunt talent, and I must.  Press.  The.  Flashing.  Button.  I will Arcane Shot dump every bit of focus as fast as I possibly can until the button stops flashing.  But then Kill Command will come off cooldown and I end up not having enough focus!  That forces me to take a long time using Cobra Shot to restore focus.  Being me and liking flashy buttons, this situation occurs quite often and I always wind up using Cobra Shot more than once whether I need to or not because of my mashing technique.  Long story short: as a hunter, efficiency is not my #1 virtue.

For the Love of Gawd RUN FOR IT

For the Love of Gawd

Throwing the spear at Nalak was fun, even though I’ve done it before.  I think it’s because there’s an element of totally ridiculous risk, but it’s not something utterly insurmountable – it can easily be defeated if I guilt people ask for help.

Greater Purpose It counts as moral support.

Greater Purpose
It counts as moral support.

Speaking of ogodwtf:

All The Awesome Best glyph, or best glyph?  You decide

All The Awesome
Best glyph, or best glyph? You decide


Virtually every level 90 alt I have is working on the legendary questline from Wrathion!  Sorta.  About 90% of them are still collecting sigils, because alts.  (Did you know that the internet has made “because x” a legit form of speech?)  Originally, I wasn’t too thrilled about the whole cloak concept and dawdled a good deal.  But ever since I learned that the legendary cloak gave you weird shiny wings, Bombelina’s been mostly serious about courting “Wrathie,” as she likes to call him (when she’s pretty sure he’s not listening).

Think Happy Thoughts Which are not "why didn't he let ME use the forge, Gawd!"

Think Happy Thoughts
Which are not “why didn’t he let ME use the forge, Gawd!”

She finally derped around enough on the Isle of Thunder to get to Exalted status, and Wrathie-poo said that it was time to use the fancy Thunderforge!  Hooray for progress!  Bombelina almost complained because she was just there saving some scouts who were hanging around in their underwear, but she thought better of it and went with the flow.  Her only major issue with this part was the fact that Wrathies insisted on working the forge himself.  She wanted to do that, dang it, but I guess you can’t have it all when a dragon of dubious motives is involved.  Afterwards, she sat herself down by Nalak in hopes of finding a group of fellow late quest-doers.

But it’s a cold, cold world on the Isle of Thunder in patch 5.4, since it’s old content and all.  So after waiting for two minutes forever, she was (of course) still the only person standing around. It seemed her goal of weird shiny wings would be stymied by her patch procrastination, but lo!  All was not lost, for a guildmate volunteered to help her out.  This guildmate had a plan for Nalak.  It was a very good plan, mostly, except for the high probability of death.

See, the plan was something like this:

  1. Bombelina will hurl the spear at Nalak
  2. Noble Tankytype Guildmate will taunt him
  3. Bombelina should run for her life, because there will be an add
  4. This add is lonely, but it should never be hugged or comforted in any way – make the add die of unbearable loneliness
  5. Oh also, try not to die or we do it all over again
  6. Guildmate will try not to die too, even though Nalak is biting him
  7. Ta-da, spear get

It worked, but …

WELP MY WORK HERE IS DONE My guildmate's too, by the look of it.

My guildmate’s too, by the look of it.

Oops.  This in turn led to a new header image, with Reggies portraying my long lost/ignored conscience.  You know, that thing with the morals that you sometimes listen to?  Yeah, that.


Then came the Titan Runestones.  I still run ToT LFR out of habit and on multiple alts, so I’m accustomed to hearing people moan constantly about the drop rate.  Me?  Well, yeah, they don’t drop as often as I’d like, but you gotta keep in mind, I’d like a 100% drop rate.  And anyway, I was so freaking far behind that getting the drops sooner vs. later really didn’t matter to me.

Wrathieboo is supposed to tell you about Important Plot Points after each one you pick up, but I only saw him pipe up a couple of times.  This is probably because when he DOES say something, it’s during that IMMEDIATE post boss phase when everybody is either complaining about getting all gold or ditching the LFR.  This causes chat spam of course, which in turn makes it seem like these Runestones are just another quest requirement thing and not much more.  SIGH.  We’re going to have to work on his timing.

Post-Fight Reality Wrathie-baby, you can't talk through things like this.

Post-Fight Reality
Wrathie-baby, you can’t talk through things like this.

Speaking of poor timing (mine): Iron Qon probably thought I had it in for him last week, as I ended up killing him a total of FOUR TIMES in three days.  The first time, I’d totally forgotten about the server restart, and, well, the thing restarted after we offed him.  The second time, the queue to get in took too long, so after I killed him I wound up leaving for the guild flex run immediately after.  The THIRD time I went through and murdered him was the trip where I got my last Runestones.  And then Wrathion wanted me to go back for Lei Sheeyit’s crusty old heart (that’s three sizes too small), so I was forced to knock him off a fourth time!

Next step: Celestials, Celestials, and more Celestials.  Bombelina initially planned on doing Yu’lon’s ranged DPS challenge, since her DPS set has the higher gearscore, and really – how hard can shooting a blindfolded guy in the back really be?  Well, hard enough.  She ended up stomping off in a tizzy for two reasons:

  1. She would get Wrathion down to 1% and then die either a second before him or at the same time because adds, but “close enough” apparently doesn’t count as a victory, and as a result she had to wait for all her cooldowns to reset (oh p.s., here, have some durability damage) AGAIN
Cooldowns ... or Weapons of Mass Destruction? Possibly both.

Cooldowns … or Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Possibly both.

Shut up, Yu’lon.  Seriously.  Shut.  It.  Up.  All the various platitudes and pearls of wisdom ya got are fine and dandy to listen to during/after the first wipe, but when you keep repeating them while I’m in the midst of the third or fourth attempt?  Yes, DO tell me about paying attention to my surroundings in that high-minded, vaguely distracted tone you got.  SCREW YOU.  I OUGHTA FINISH THE JADE FOREST QUEST LINE AND BLOW UP YOUR STATUE.  HOW’S THAT, HUH?!  You wanna talk about the wisdom of knowing when to do freaking nothing, but you don’t seem to understand how this translates into, you know, NOT TALKING AND BEING ANNOYING.

So Bombelina ragequit packed up and went to her other least favorite Celestial, Chi-ji.  (Anything that hopefully mentions the hopeiness of hope tends to get her inner cynic up in arms.)  She wound up one-shotting the healing challenge there because lolz fate likes irony, and it wanted to point out that she really should’ve started here first.  (My protip on which challenge to do: if you can heal LFR on a Sunday, you can do the healing challenge EASY.)  She did have to help Wrathiepoo DPS his opponent, either because he is ungemmed and unenchanted or because he is just plain slow.  Based on how hard he hit her when she didn’t get out of the way at the Jade Temple, it was somewhat surprising to see him be so dang wimpy in Krasarangarang.

Freaking Slimes Slimes, do not want. Stop.  No touchy.

Freaking Slimes
Slimes, do not want. Stop. No touchy.

After THAT, it was time to take on the Celestials at the Timeless Isle.  As it turns out, it’s really freaking hard to get a Celestials group if you’re there on Thursday.  Or Friday.  Or Saturday.  Or Sunday.  Or Monday.  SIGH.  Unfortunately, because each Celestial DOES have to die to fulfill the quest requirements, there could be no sacrifice of guildmates a la Nalak.

But you don’t tell a goblin no.  BEHOLD!

I'M LEGENDERPY Check it!  YOUR GODLY GOBLIN OVERLORD HAS ARRIVED. ... and then other people got cloaks.

… and then other people got cloaks.

Yes, I picked the one with the prettiest wings.  It’s important.

Priorities They may be warped, but I have them.

They may be warped, but I have them.

p.s., happy holidays for those of you who do Thanksgiving!