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“Warp Assassin” Set

"Warp Assassin" Set

“Warp Assassin” Set

“Warp Assassin” Set

Class: Rogue, Monk, Druid

H: Warp-Raider’s Eyepatch | S: Shoulderpads of Assassination | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Tunic of the Nightwatcher | Wa: Belt of the Deep | L: Leggings of Assassination
G: Wormthorn Gloves | Wr: Not shown | B: Grazle’s Sandals

1h Sword: Spellfire Longsword

Status: Finished


So I had originally planned Alexa’s transmog set for the 70s to involve an item that turned out to be Bind on Pickup, which meant that since Bombelina made said item, Bombelina got to keep it.  I was going to let Alexa remain unmogged until she got into the 80s, which is when I had her next transmog set planned, but then I said to myself, “Really?  You?  Ten whole levels of not-transmogged-ness?  Yeah right.”

So I looked in the bank for something to work with.  Turns out I had saved the chest piece* and the belt, which I thought went surprisingly well together with that orange accent they share.  A brief flurry of questing led me to the eyepatch and gloves, and Alexalis just happened to be of the right level to queue up for the dungeons where the shoulders and pants drop (set bonus: my Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot grant me 160 haste!  /cough).  I grabbed those sandals out of the bank as well, mostly because the boots that go with the shoulders and pants are enormous, and I hate huge, thick boots on Forsaken – it just looks really weird to me.

I happened to have saved the Spellfire Longsword as well, and while it’s only main hand (WHY GAWD!?  WHY CAN’T I DUAL WIELD THIS!?), that works for right now because Alexa’s got one sword and one fist weapon, and the fist weapon doesn’t show unless I hit “z” on purpose, which I don’t.  Perfect!

If Alexa weren’t Forsaken and thus cold as hell, given the lack of flowing blood to ensure a steady body temperature, I’d say she’s super hot in this set!  I told my guild that and they laughed.  BUT I KNOW I’M RIGHT.

* This chest piece actually has a bird-like face on it, unless you’re female.  If you’re female, your bewbs make the face go away for reasons unknown.  I am, however, not disappointed by this because I think the geometric kinda look is better.