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How To Level a PvE Rogue Without Embarrassing Yourself

I was terrible at rogue.  I know this to be true because my previous attempts at rogue had damage so gawdawful bad, people in normally silent Dungeon Finder groups were openly questioning the validity of my very existence.  This time around, however, I have made decisions based on Goa’s expertise instead of the heirlooms I had available, and have accordingly arrived at a stage where (holy sheeyit) it looks almost like I know what I’m doing.  I’m not the worst DPS, you say?  AHAHAHAHA REVENGEEEE YOU THOUGHT I SUCKED BUT YOU WERE WROOOONG

In other words, I suddenly feel about 95% more badass and am therefore qualified to write this “guide” for the equally incompetent.

Step One: Mental Preparation
1. Begin the process of getting over your love affair with Pickpocketing.
It is sad to admit, but your love of Pickpocketing will only lead you to great frustration when it comes to leveling in dungeon groups.  Sheeyit dies too dang fast for you to actually Pickpocket and then Ambush.  Pickpocketing a few coppers and some gnome effigies is but a brief joy soon superseded by sorrow, thanks to the poor DPS you will do as a result.  Your goal is to find something that is hitting the tank, and attack it sooner than anybody else.  (p.s., ogres have pockets.  I hope you’re happy with that knowledge.)

2. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.
As DPS, one must prepare for a life of independence yet still be ready to work with others.  Ye must know your skills (or know someone who does, like Goa), since things like Kidney Shot are quite handy when leveling on your own, but are sadly useless against a variety of dungeon mobs.  DPS dungeon queues are quick and relatively painless up until about Blackrock, but once you’re in the 50s, you might as well quest until you hit 58.  Then you can queue for Hellfire Ramparts, where things pick up once more.  Once you hit the late 60s and start queueing for Utgarde Keep, you’ll probably want to quest until at least level 71 or so for your sanity.  Otherwise, it’s Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Keep, and some more Utgarde Keep for you.  Ding, queue popped!  Oh, would ya look at that, it’s Utgarde Keep.

3. But I suck at melee!
Okay, yeah, you do, but this is one of just two classes you don’t have at 90.  You want one of everything, don’t you?  Don’t you?  Be the completionist that you are!

Step Two: Gear Preparation
You will need two heirloom daggers.  Other heirlooms are technically optional, but they’re great for making your nooblet damage-dealing look good in comparison to the DPS of other people.  “But Prinnie,” you say, “we’re in DIRE MAUL.  Does this sheeyit even MATTER?”  Fair question, fellow altoholic!  You see, doing decent DPS without even trying hides the fact that you don’t quite know what you’re doing yet.  Plus, looking good is good for your morale, and good morale is good for actually making it to the end of the leveling process.  By then, theoretically, you’ll actually know what you’re doing and you can ditch the looms.

Step Three: You Are a Mother-Trucking ASSASSIN
At level 10, for the love of Gawd, go with Assassination.  Seriously.  This is why you got two heirloom daggers, instead of one dagger and that agility mace you dumped in Void Storage after trying to level a confused enhancement shaman a year ago.  Speaking of assassins …

Step Four: At level 60, choose Cloak and Dagger
THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP HERE.  Seriously.  It is especially useful if you, like me, are a compulsive looter who often gets left behind by chain-pulling tanks.  Stealth (or Vanish if you must), target some poor mob trailing behind the tank, and BAM!  NOW YOU’RE IN RANGE, MOTHER TRUCKERS!  Shadowstep (which does not require that you Ambush or otherwise do something painful to your target) does not cool down quickly enough to make it worthwhile in comparison.  This is especially true considering that YOU SHOULD AMBUSH NOW.  Yes.  Right now.

Note: try to let the tank hit the mob at least once before you hit Ambush.  Otherwise you’ll Cloak-and-Dagger yourself into being a temporary tank, and that hurts, sometimes badly.

At level 66, you get Fan of Knives.  If there are a handful of mobs near you (which there probably will be, since you’ll almost certainly end up with a chain-pulling tank), you’ll be Fan of Knivesing a lot.

Note: try to let the tank get sufficient aggro before you go Fan of Knivesing all over the place.  Otherwise, your fate is dependent on the group’s healer and your cooldowns.  Good healer?  You’ll be ok.  Got Vanish at the ready?  You’ll be fine.  Panicked at the sudden onslaught of damage and forgot about Vanish as a result, or was the healer busy texting since they didn’t actually expect you to do something stupid?  Welcome to Deathtown, party of rogue.

Step Four: A Glowy Button Appears
At level, uh, 70, enjoy the glowy stabbity button provided by Blindside.  Glowy buttons are the best.

I feel like there should be a step five, but I can’t think of one.

Booster Seat Baby

Long did I ponder upon the weighty matter of which character would be the best use of the level 90 boost.  A rogue, perhaps?  No, I’ll never play it.  What about Pixelby, the warrior, who just happens to be conveniently stuck at level 64?  “NO,” said Cav, who insisted I had to learn warriorioring the hard way or I was no warrior at all.  A blood elf paladin maybe?  That way, I could have a paladerp of my preferred faction, and since it would be 90 to start with, that would be 90 whole levels where I wouldn’t have to listen to the emotes!  No, that wouldn’t work, I’d still emote by accident sometimes.  Like all those times I type “haha” in party chat and my character laughs out loud in the instance for no apparent reason.

In the end, I’ve decided to use the “free” level 90 thing on my little Alliance shaman.  Firstly, OMFG LAVA, and secondly, I could use a maxed shaman Alliance-side.  Lastly, another option for OLRG events wouldn’t hurt.  (I am an altoholic.  Bringing Nir week after week was beginning to make me feel the character version of cabin fever.)

BUT FIRST, I have to get Yynsia to level 60, because I love love love the idea of not having to suffer through the brutal professions slog from 1 to 600.  It’s not like I haven’t leveled profs from scratch before, after all.  I’ve done my duty!  (In truth, I’m still slowly attempting to do so on some of my level 90 alts.)  If Blizzard wants to talk about a number crunch, why don’t we talk about those 600 freaking profession skill points?*

No Helm No Pants No Service He literally had to switch chars, mail his looms to himself, tele out to get them, and tele back in.

No Helm No Pants No Service
He literally had to switch chars, mail his looms to himself, tele out to get them, and tele back in.

Bombelina’s Resto/Elemental, for which she carries around two sets of gear.  (I know the required stats are similar, but they’re not the same!) I initially didn’t pick a second spec for Yynsia due to bag space, but since she’s gotten Exalted with the basic factions (and therefore has purchased the 16 slot bags they offer) and has picked up a netherweave bag or two, that’s no longer an issue.  She started off with Resto for quick queue times.  But then I finally hit the levels when all you get via LFD is hell Blackrock, so I finally picked up Enhancement, just to do something different.

There was just one problem with this plan – all my mail agility heirlooms seemed to have gone missing. I checked every.  Single.  Alt.  I checked everybody’s Void Storage (if they’d unlocked it, that is).  I checked all the alts under level 10 (see: Moolastrasza, Aspect of the Cowflight**).  Hell, I even checked the random DKs sitting in Acherus (see: Mooalisa, Masterpiece**), just to make sure that I hadn’t sent the looms out there for safekeeping, or something.  You know.  Hoping for a miracle.

I hadn’t, of course.  They were all gone gone, kinda like how sometimes, things get broke broke.

Define "Broke" Just work with me here.

Define “Broke”
Just work with me here.

Fortunately, all was not lost.  While item restoration never occurred to me because I am a big derpface, Bombelina and Ignitine have both been max capped on Justice for some weeks now.  Since Bombelina’s gear hasn’t changed recently, I haven’t been dropping my precious gold on reforging and enchants, and thus was able to purchase the guild heirlooms instead!  My problem then became the dire need for a pair of gloves and some dang transmog.

You see, when I picked a second server, I did so based on factors that did not at any point include the server economy.  In so doing, I landed on a server where every damn piece of low level armor, ugly or not, sells for like, 100+ gold OR LOTS MORE unless you’re lucky.  Yynsia was able to wear mail at 40, of course, but she wore her damn leather gloves until the 50s, whereupon I saw a pair of mail gloves on the AH for 75ish gold.  SOLD.  I don’t care if they’re the wrong stats – MAIL MEANS MOG.  She’s still wearing those …

I’ve interrupted leveling to go get some quest items together. Once that is taken care of, it’ll be time to finish the run to 60 and then … the magic jump to 90.

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET This was how I felt upon logging in and seeing a magic 90.

This is what I imagine logging in on an insta90 is like.

I’m told LFR has been exceptionally special this week.  Gee, I wonder why?

* I don’t know why Blizzard insists that I can’t understand big numbers.  I UNDERSTAND MILLION+ CHAOS BOLT CRITS QUITE WELL, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

My Big Numbers Are The Best Big Numbers I UNDERSTAND THIS PERFECTLY.

My Big Numbers Are The Best Big Numbers

** I was going to make a Tauren guild called the Mooguardians on Moon Guard, but then I got lazy.

Between a Lock Rock and a Hard Place

A momentary tangent on warlock spec abbreviations before we begin: “Destro,” sure, that’s cool.  “Aff” or “Afflic,” okay, whatever.  It’s “Demo” that I got a problem with, because every time I read it, I see “Demolition.” In my mind, the demolition of something equals the destruction of its existence and destruction OBVIOUSLY equals Destro, so therefore we’re talking about FIREEEEEEE, right?  Aaand then I realize that I’m so wrong.  I guess “Dem” wouldn’t be that much better, though, since I might just assume that Demonology warlocks all have liberal political beliefs or something.

Anyhoo, Ignitine’s been Destro since day one.  Many folks assured me that Destro was/is the easiest of the specs, and Lord knows I’m not about to start making things more challenging for me than they already are.  There was a brief period of time in which I tried Affliction, but  …

I CAN DO THIS Behold the power of positive thinking!

Behold the power of positive thinking!

… yeah, they were right, Destro is easiest.  When Affliction wasn’t looking like a whole lot more management than I could handle, sheeyit kept dying before I finished casting all my damn Affliction DoTs and that annoyed me.  So back to Destro it was!  YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH MORE FIRE.

Or rather, it was back to sitting in some inn, accumulating rested EXP.  Maybe it was because all the pets but the Voidwalker annoyed me one way or another, but using the Grimoire of Sacrifice was weird, because I didn’t like the lack of a pet either.  The prospect of someday attaining green fire wasn’t really all that motivating.  Now, if it was purple fire, we’d be talkin’.  Green?  Eh.  I can’t say that it appeals to me on a “I WIN AT WARLOCK” level either, because who’s not paying attention and spamming Immolation?  THAT WOULD BE ME.  I could never keep up with green fire-set expectations.

CAN'T WE TAKE A BREAK!? No, because we already did!

No, because we already did!

So Ignitine sat quietly until Goa had another altoholism flareup.  At first, while in the 70s, I still felt the mehs.  I was pretty sure I had more or less conquered my tendency to spam excessively refresh Immolation, yet I remained at the bottom of the barrel in terms of DPS.  Then, too, it’s hard to feel badass when you have to stand still for two seconds to cast and the tank has already dragged all the mobs out of range.  But then Ignitine hit 80, and quite suddenly, I was a DPS master!  I went from being the total derps of any LFD group to hitting like a ‘zerked raid boss!  (Or so I like to think.)  My skill level had not increased, nor had I quite overcome my love of hoarding all the embers so I could be on fire as much as possible, but as it turns out, Destro warlock Mastery is SUPER EFFECTIVE.

You Have Captured Level 85!

You Have Captured Level 85!

Plus, things just kind of got silly, which generally improves my feelings about a class by 10% or more.  How the hell am I on fire while underwater in Vashj’ir?  I AM WARLOCK.  I DO NOT NEED YOUR FOOLISH HUMAN LOGICS.  I hit 85 with a pet battle.  I AM WARLOCK.  I DO WAT I WANT.

Interesting Every time I go to the Valley, there's this mushan stuck in a rock.

Every time I go to the Valley, there’s this mushan stuck in a rock.

Ignitine’s now level 90, but she does face a challenge – I didn’t anticipate leveling her, so all of the cloth tokens my other characters collected on the Isle went to gear Ailabeth and Esplodine.  Poor gal has actually had to go look for the treasure chests on her own!

Gettin' Ready Soon I will be Prepared.

Gettin’ Ready
Soon I will be Prepared.

But give her time.  Then, all the things will be on fire.  ALL OF THEM.

The Team of Winnarz Actually … Wins?

Over inertia, at least!

Once upon a time when Wow-kemonz were new, I started a level 1 team of three Prinnie-approved pets.  While you should keep in mind that my endorsement has absolutely nothing to do with special skills, pet battle theory or in fact much at all, my selection nonetheless successfully (and somewhat indiscriminately) slew opponents from the shores of Durotar to the forests of Pandaland.  I like to think it’s the power of Awesome in action.


Still, pet battling did not become a top priority in my day to day doings.  It was more of an “oh look, I just happen to be in an area with opponents of the same level range!” kind of thing, or a “well crap, the DPS queue is going to take an hour” type survival mechanism.  So it was rather surprising when this recently happened:

Acheesements Twice as shiny because I wasn't paying attention beforehand.

Twice as shiny because I wasn’t paying attention beforehand.

Whoa.  You mean they’re like … maxed? 

Wait just a second.  AN IDEA IS PERCOLATING HERE.

Yes, at that precise moment, I had an epiphany.  I realized that leveling a crapton of pets to 25 is now no longer so huge an undertaking, as long as I pick pets that are, you know, closer to 25 than they are to 1.  BUT THEN AGAIN, I could also put a super lowbie pet into a WINNARZ battle convoy of sorts!  As long they survive A SINGLE FREAKING ROUND, they get EXP – why, any one of the Winnarz could then take over the actual job of viciously smacking my opponents.  (Like Crabcakes, for example.  He may be kinda slow, but he does not take sheeyit.)

But Gawd forbid I choose anything based on expectations of performance or useful skills.  Surely not!  That would be almost LOGICAL.

Ailabeth Does Not Care Not now.  Not later.  NEVER.

Standards?  Ailabeth Does Not Care
Not now. Not later. NEVER.

So now I am leveling MOAR.  I will get 400 unique pets!  I shall Safari all the continents!  I shall never attempt to level an undead and an elemental at the same time again!  Maybe I’ll even beat the Celestial Tournament WITH CHICKENS (highly unlikely but MIRACLES DO HAPPEN).  I will … I dunno, but I will.  You know, eventually.

Can it really be “Random” if all you get is Blackrock?


And LFD Won’t Let Me Out!

In what must be some sort of karmic class reversal, I’m leveling a warrior while Cav’s leveling a shaman (or a “totemic warrior,” as he likes to call it).  I don’t know, man.  I’m the goblin and he’s an orc, though, so I guess there’s still some sense in this crazy world.  Pixelby has just hit level 60, which enables me to make various proclamations on the internets about how Warrioring for Noobs is going.

As I’ve been leveling Pixelby, I’ve been thinking that I got a general compatibility disorder with any class that doesn’t come to the party with 300k mana. It would explain my overall ineptitude with rogue, kitteh, and warlock!  See, once I get a resource built up, I have a tendency to either not to use it at all or to run out of it almost instantly by BUTTONMASHING EVERYTHING.

When it comes to warriorizing the local dungeons, I vacillate between not using Rage enough and RAEGINGINGL:SKJDLBERSERKERING all the things.  For although I like pressing buttons (well established fact),  I get paranoid about spending Rage because I might not have enough left for Execute in the very narrow time frame when something in a dungeon can be executed.  Execute glows when you can use it, which is a plus in my book.  But the glowing means nothing but torture if you have too little Rage!  Execute will just shine all happily there on your toolbar until the mob finally dies, taunting you with your lack of Rage and the fact that you’ll never be able to generate enough Rage for the skill in time.

I like having more wiggle room to spam skills gleefully screw up a rotation do what I want, just because.  Hence 300k mana being better than having to generate Rage, or combo points, or burning embers, or whatnot – taking into account cooldowns and whatnot, I’m able to happily spam crap for longer.

Chaaaaaaaaaarge! Of COURSE I bought the fire glyph.  HOW COULD I NOT?

Of COURSE I bought the fire glyph. HOW COULD I NOT?

I still like Charge.  It’s the best warrior thing ever, especially when the party has left me behind ’cause priests and mages and movement things, leaving me forever alone in the dust, trudging along as fast as my little legs can take me.  But lo, is that a critter I spy between here and there?  CHARGE!  Half the distance, gone in a second (and the critter too).  Am I ever going to get to the combat action?  CHARGE!  Awwww yeah, now I’m back in the game!  My relationship with Charge is kinda like this:

I covet all the Charges in a way that may not be entirely sane.  My ideas to improve Warrioring almost all revolve around Charge.  Lemme Charge more often, maybe.  Or increase the range of Charge to 40 yards.  Or let me Charge in the direction I’m facing (any objects that attempt to intercept me do so at their own risk).  Actually, let’s just make Charge free to use whenever wherever, with a one second cooldown and no distance limitations.  Because AWESOME.

The whole thing seems kinda like a yawn once the Charge euphoria wears off, though.  Or in those situations where I can’t Charge at all because I Charged too much and now it’s on cooldown, or when it’s too late to Charge because the mobs are already in my face.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m wimpy or underpowered or something.  I like big swords and I cannot lie and all that, and thanks to heirlooms, I’m usually towards the top in DPS.

It’s just that … OOH YES FINALLY THERE’S A GLOWY BUTTON PRESS IT now I wait for the next.

ALL OF THEM NEED MORE They glow in my dreams and nightmares.

They glow in my dreams and nightmares.

Up until about 50 or so, there were waaaaay too few glowy buttons for my tastes.  And Execute isn’t really executey enough for me.  When I execute sheeyit, weapons should FALL FROM THE SKY.  Bombs maybe, that’d be logical, but swords and axes and stuff would also be acceptable.  When I get Bloodsurge, I ought to cause some giant crazed blood beast of doom to rear up from the ground and smack my opponent along with me.  ORRRRR, maybe Bloodsurge could give me GLOWING BLOOD SWORDS.  (Sword-chucks maybe?)