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Locks make me sad.

Locks make me sad.

You know, I just don’t get the lockout on dungeons thing.  I really don’t.  The “You’ve run too many instances recently” thing is annoying, but at least it passes within the hour.  The fact that it’s account wide is a pisser, since I have alts of various levels who might want to run, you know, DIFFERENT DUNGEONS.  Still, its cousin, the “HAHAHA YOU RAN THIS DUNGEON/RAID/WHATEVERITISNOW ONCE THIS WEEK SO EFF YOU” lock is the real big pisser.  It prevents me from doing what I want in the most efficient manner.

Maybe if I try to think about this logically, I’ll understand it.  What’s it meant to accomplish?

Possibility: It’s meant to prevent me from doing something like running Stratholme until my eyes bleed in the hopes of finally, finally seeing that stupid mount drop off Lord Aurius Rivendare.

Prinnie’s Point of View: Pssh!  Let exhaustion handle that!  Take Kara, for example.  I love me some Kara like most folks do, but I would not run it ninety million times in a row given the following factors: the distance I have to travel in the dungeon for the bosses I want, the other things I want to do in the limited playtime I have available and the number of alts I possess.  I’d want to run it maybe once or twice a day which doesn’t seem THAT excessive.


Prinnie’s Point of View: I’m no AH specialist, so most of the money I come by happens to be from quests and running heroics through LFD on my level 90 main.  (And do you know how many alts I’ve had to pay to get Master Riding for!?  And the transmog … that sheeyit gets expensive!)  Running low level dungeons specifically to kill bosses for transmog gear (for myself) isn’t exactly allowing me to roll in the gold.

Possibility: Blizzard’s got an obsession with people “getting out into the world.”

Prinnie’s Point of View: al;sfkja;lsfdja;slfj WHAT DO YOU THINK I HAVEN’T BEEN THERE OR SOMETHING!?  Jeebus!  At this point, I have a full cast of characters on WRA, of whom one is 90, two are 88, another is 85, there are a couple in the 70s and others at various lower levels.  I’ve been in the freaking world A LOT.  Sure I want to go into the world – to the place where I can get the armor I want for this transmog set.  (As a side note, Thermalix got to 85 almost exclusively through questing without heirlooms and got to 90 mostly through questing.)

Prinnie’s Solution: Obviously, we should just kill the lock on running things because it’s just annoying and doesn’t do much to get people fantastic sums of gold OR stop the people who have gold from getting gold in other ways.  But since I doubt that will ever happen, maaaaybe what we could do is take the former attunement quests and just reorient them a little bit.  If you’re attuned, you can run the instance an X number of times before it locks, or maybe it never locks at all!  I’d do that quest in a heartbeat.