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Midsummer Madness

Well That's Ironic

Well That’s Ironic
Not enough rage?
53 Warrior getting shot in the back by an 82 Boomkin with tree friendz

I believe I once mentioned the story of how I /ragequit WoW during Vanilla’s early days because I made the mistake of rolling on a PVP server, and I couldn’t cope with max leveled players camping my wimpy little corpse.

For most of the Midsummer Fire Festival, I’ve been dousing Alliance fires without issue.  Wyrmrest Accord is, after all, RP, and most folks seem to have something better to be doing than killing fire dousers (unless they attack NPCs too, of course).  Aside from one ill-considered camel run into Exodar, I have not attempted to steal the capital flames, because I Just. Don’t.  PVP.  It gives me a bad case of teh angries.

Alas, poor Thingie. (Thingie is level 53, by the way.)

Since she happened to be in the area to work on skinning, she doused the fire in Stranglethorn and then she went on her way (read: nowhere near the fire).  A few minutes into killing gorillas (and only a minute or two away from being unflagged), something caught her eye.  A tree.

A tree that was moving.  Or was that several?  The hell?

I had just enough time to adjust the camera angle before Thingie got tree’d one shotted in the back by a level 82 Boomkin Worgen, who then flew off.  (At least he didn’t camp her corpse?)

Thingie wanted revenge, but unfortunately, by the time Caliverne arrived to help her get it, the Worgen had gone to Deepholm (What kind of magic is this!?).  Caliverne obligingly went to Deepholm for her, but then the Worgen turned up in Stormwind, and even Caliverne (dear soul that he is) is not insane enough to storm Stormwind in search of a single Worgen (who ended up chilling peacefully in the Auction House).  No revenge for Thingie.



Oh Sheeyit Screenshots: Did I mention I take a lot of these?

Map Quest /punny!

Map Quest /punny!
If you ignore the large statue,
I like the fountain.

While Niremere has absolutely no problem with a stone-faced Varian Wrynn staring at everything forever, I am personally not so fond of that part.  But if you subtract that, the fountain is a very nice place to be.  I also like the vaulted ceilings in the  Keep:


Vaulted Ceiling
Yes, I look at this sort of stuff.

Architecture!  Excuse me while I sit here and ponder whether those ornamental columns are marble or whatever the Azerothian equivalent is.  Back Horde-side, Thermalix has toyed with the idea of stealing the flames from Alliance capital cities:

They will NEVER see me coming.

They will NEVER see me coming.
Ok, once they killed the mage, they did.

So far, all she’s done is follow one mage into Exodar, then high-tail it out of there on a camel when said mage made too many friends and bit the dust.  I expect she did not die because the sight of a goblin on a camel was probably a bit much for the Exodar NPCs.  You have to stop laughing before you can aim!

Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness

See, goblins can be serious!

Fraternizing with the Enemy

Fraternizing with the Enemy
All’s Fair in Booty Bay

While looking for iron ore on Niremere, I ran into Caliverne.  We /emoted each other into the Salty tavern and had a drink.  What?  What happens in Booty Bay stays in Booty Bay!  (Or so the advertising campaign says, anyway.)

Be British, Boys

Be British, Boys
I mean, be blood elfish?

Goblin Population Control

Goblin Population Control
Whatever works!

Best conversations of the week.

DS Mind Wipe

Mind Wipe
Alexstrasza is full of it.


Never underestimate the power of seafood.

We were having a lot of trouble hitting the button that day.  And yes, when it became clear we were going to wipe, I jumped.  Sadly, the temple gets wider about halfway down, so I didn’t make it all the way to the ground.