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Natural BalanceIf it weren't for me, you'd have no idea how cool you are.

Natural Balance Wat
If it weren’t for me, you’d have no idea how cool you are.

You know, I think somebody mentioned OMFG TREE FORM to me at some point in the past, but I just didn’t understand.  I thought, oh, trees.  That’s nice, I guess.  I was having trouble dealing with elf form and bear form and irradiated seal form and cat form and boomchicken form and travel form and and and ALL TEH FORMZ, so there just wasn’t any room left for being a treant.  It was like, help!  I’m drowning in my toolbars!  I have no time to turn into YET ANOTHER THING.

Then I abandoned my boomkin alt spec, more or less decided that I preferred paladerp tanking over beartanking, and realized that I am as equally incompetent a kitty as I am hopeless a rogue.  In fact, I spent most of my time looking like a regular night elf.  So when Fel purchased the Glyph of the Treant for Daschela, I said sure – why not?  I’ll use it.

There was a brief moment where I realized that I was now the quality of derp itself, given form and motion.  And then Fel set me on fire.

I'M ON FIRE LOL!Mr. Turtle finds it hard to cope with my enthusiasm.

Mr. Turtle finds it hard to cope with my enthusiasm.

I remain somewhat disappointed that I don’t set fire to other things, like the wooden chair, the wooden floor, most of Stormwind, or even my fellow druids.  But despite that, I had to share my joy in conflagration with others.  I set up a campfire and I got three druidtrees running around screaming in the Trade District.  We discovered that there is, in fact, a 2 minute cooldown on making a basic campfire.  Seriously.

PREACH ITWe might've gotten a little excited.

We might’ve gotten a little excited.

I’m not sure if the holiday event hearts work with or against our fiery foretelling of DOOM and DESTRUCTION and stuff.  On the one limb, derp.  On the other, I’M A TREE ON FIRE!  ❤


Shake It Like a Polaroid PictureI can actually dance. But dancing like this is SO much more fun.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture
I can actually dance. But dancing like this is SO much more fun.

Mixup Mashup Screenshot Post

You know that glyph where your party members can use your Stag form as a mount?  Daschela somewhat regrets letting Fel buy her that.  SHE STILL HAS HER DIGNITY, DAMMIT!

Negotiations Breakdown

Negotiations Breakdown
The Independent Druid Still Takes Bribes

I also had an unexpected conundrum in a LFD group.  I queued Daschela up as a healer, only to find that our tank was named something terrible!


Wait, let me pretend to RP as a night elf here. Ok, we’re good.

Speaking of Dungeon Finder, Alexalis was chatting with her party members on the challenges faced by Forsaken monks – specifically, how your toes might fall off when performing Spinning Crane Kick.  Then this conversation came about:

The Tailor of Punville

The Tailor of Punville

And lastly, Carmen wins again:

A Winner Is You!

A Winner Is You!
That’s right, Carmen doesn’t blink.

Daschela’s Just Confused

Help Me Help You
So Daschela did some lowbie LFD runs as a healer, which proved to be a thoroughly confusing experience.  The first few parties were neither here nor there, and had a mostly run of the mill, “Hey hunter, here’s how to turn off your pet’s taunt” type feeling to them.  Unfortunately, Daschela then leveled up enough to enter Scarlet Monastery.  The new Scarlet Monastery is a dog-eat-dog-and-Scarlet-and-player world for a nooblet heals, especially if you zone in to a party that’s already started where the previous healer, for reasons unknown (though soon to become clear), jumped ship.

I’m sure you are familiar with that part where you grab an enormous archery target and proceed to run towards a huge pack of archers, led by what is arguably a miniboss/midboss/guy who failed to get promoted.  One must avoid the ever present threat of dying in a fire until you get within a certain range, whereupon you are swarmed and must down ’em all.  Well, that didn’t go so well for Daschela.

Folks couldn’t avoid the fire.  That happens, and Daschela had to toss off a few heals to keep said folks up.  That also happens, but the archers got pissed off at Daschela for doing that, and they swarmed her instead of the tank.  This happens too sometimes, and Daschela’s kind of squishy, so she had to spamheal herself while running after the tank.  Simultaneously, the rogue’s health started dropping FAST.  Wait, why the hell is Daschela running after the tank?

I’m cool with meeting in the middle, but the paladerp seemed to be content to stay on the far side of the field where we had started, ignoring poor Daschela’s seesawing HP.  Unfortunately, the moment spent trying to keep the rogue alive was a moment spent not keeping herself alive, and Daschela went down.  The inevitable wipe then occurred, and recriminations passed around.  The paladerp’s logic in running away and not pulling mobs off the healer was something like this: since he wasn’t getting any heals, he decided to pull some of the packs away.  To what?  For what?  Why not pull away some of the mobs tearing Daschela a new one?  The world will never know.

Help Me Help YouWhen people say pull the mobs away from the healer, they generally don't mean it like that.

Help Me Help You
When people say pull the mobs away from the healer, they generally don’t mean it like that.

Dear paladerp: ignoring the fact that you can heal yourself and others in times of necessity but apparently chose not to, let’s strike a bargain here – pull the crap off me and I’ll heal you.  Deal?   As you can see, another night elf DPS apparently had had it long before with the tank, but rather than initiating a vote kick, he decided to yell in all caps at him for awhile.  This is, of course, because tanks are hard to come by in comparison to everybody else.

Daschela felt really bad for the poor night elf rogue in the party, who kept dropping like a fly despite Daschela’s best attempts to keep her up.  She felt less bad about the tank, who died again when he pulled everything in the last room before the final boss (and then accused her of attacking and therefore shirking her healing duties, even though she only casts Moonfire or Faerie Fire which are kind of obvious and instant, and only when things are going well enough for her to select something other than the tank, which they weren’t).

“Maybe this is it for me,” Daschela thought.  “Perhaps I have reached the pinnacle of my healination skills.”  So she joined the next party as DPS.  Eff that healing business!  Apparently she can’t keep up anyway.

Or Can She?

Then, as luck would have it, the tank, the healer and one additional DPS wanted to continue and complete the rest of the Maraudon joint after killing Lord Vyletongue.  It seemed, however, that the healer and one of the deeps had underestimated just how dang long the place actually is, and so they disappeared after a few minutes.  Daschela, resisting the instinct to /facepalm, offered to heal while simultanteously apologizing ahead of time for the fail she felt would almost certainly happen.

A mage, a druid and a warrior walk into a bar ...

A mage, a druid and a warrior walk into a bar …

One underleveled warrior, one mage, and one seriously baffled druid then proceeded to three-man All Teh Things, including the bosses – with NO deaths.  None.  We lived through it all.  While Daschela’s got int leather heirlooms up the wazoo, the tank and sole DPS most certainly did not have heirlooms of any type.  Yet despite that, there were only a couple of hairy moments where things got a little scary.

If I suck at healing as much as the Scarlet Monastery fiasco led me to believe – how the hell did we live?


Dual Spec Personality
Having achieved level 30 and a dual spec, my summary of Boomkin is: OH MY GOD WHAT THE HENRY CLAY FRICK AM I DOING JEEBUS CRIPES!

First off, as a druid, I already feel like I have too many toolbars.  So then you add eclipses.  One general “Eclipse” category would’ve been good enough for me, but oh no – we’re BALANCE, right?  So we gotta have lunar AND solar sheeyit!  First the scale goes one way!  Then the scale goes the other!  What the hale am I doing?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  Apparently I gotta work it up one way or the other to get to shiny ignition and we have liftoff, but all I wanted to do was go pew pew pew!

NEED MOAR PEW PEW PEW, less shiny interface moon/sun thingies popping up on my screen kthx.

Pew Pew Pew

Gonna Go Pew Pew Pew

So I started another druid.  Yeah.

This time around, however, I scraped together some heirlooms and I seem to be getting farther as a result.  I’m not really sure where or when levels 15 through 17 happened, but they certainly did ’cause now I’m level 18!  (Or was that 19?)  While I can’t claim to have made it past my previous level as a druid, which would be somewhere in the Shadowfang Keep range, I think I’ve figured out part of my issue with druids in general.  I feel like I can’t choose between personalities.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde All Over Again

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde All Over Again

I mean, if I can’t stick with one class (Exhibit A: my ninety billion alts), how the heck am I supposed to make up my mind with a druid that could do it all (Exhibit B: four mother trucking specs to choose from)?  The best I could figure was to have Daschela here go restoration/balance so I can use the same gear AND have faster queue times when my impatience calls for it.  Plus, pew pew pew.  I almost want to make a macro that says pew pew pew, but I think that would definitely annoy others, and it might annoy the snot out of me too.

In any case, let’s talk about stag form some.  I missed the epic stacking of the stags issue (alas), which was apparently unintended and quickly corrected.  One thing that I think needs to be corrected is the inability to use stag form in some indoors environments, like caves and whatnot.  If shamans can use that ghost wolf form in Wailing Caverns, for example, why can’t I run around as a giant deer of doom?  Do the developers think my antlers might get caught on something?  “Sorry guys, can’t heal you.  Stuck on a stalactite, gotta hearth.”

What Do You Mean, You're Not Joking?

What Do You Mean, You’re Not Joking?

Yeah, Daschela’s a night elf, because I couldn’t get over troll toes or Tauren fingers, and I can’t touch Worgen with a ten foot pole.  I wonder how long she’ll last?  While she’s taken up skinning and herbing, her real money making plan is to dance on mailboxes – in bearform.

The Bear’s Dance Party

I can’t sleep until I post this!

So, as you may recall, I had visions of dancing bears.  Because I often suspect that the only person you can trust to show up is yourself, I went ahead and made a wee little Alliance druid named Thirabel.  Her sole goal in life was to achieve bear form and /dance on that statue in front of the Keep, because if that isn’t a worthy goal, I don’t know what is.  This, of course, was slightly more effort than anticipated.  1.) I’ve never successfully leveled a druid past … oh, maybe level 23 or so, and 2.) OMFG!  OW DYING SHEEYIT CRAP OH GAWD leather isn’t as protective as plate, or having someone wearing plate tanking for you.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

Deaths happened, possibly due to a lack of shoes since none dropped and she was too broke to buy them, or alternately due to how Thirabel left Teldrassil a little too early for comfort.  (It could also be related to the fact that I don’t know WTF I’m doing when it comes to druids.  CASTING?  CAT!?  WHAT??)  Finally, despite the troubles, bearform was achieved.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Can’t Touch This

Do you see the demented glee in her glowing eyes?  Of course you do. It was a gleam that was somewhat diminished by the realization that, at level 15, she had absolutely no way of getting up to the top of that damn statue.  But all was not lost.  Her friend Tab was inspired by Thirabel’s dogged devotion to the beardance cause, and she pulled out her old Alliance characters to save the day.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
You’re a warlock, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

A quick stop by Niremere enabled Thirabel to use a warlockian mode of travel to transport herself to the top of the statue.   Let the beardancing commence!  At first, Thirabel and Tab thought that people visiting the King might take notice of 1 and a half bears dancing on top of the statue and choose to dance themselves.  That didn’t seem to be working, however, so they had to change their tactics.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Adjusting Tactics

Yeah, we totally put out repeated calls in General and Trade for bears, people who wanted to /dance, and/or assist in adding to the AWESOME now taking place.  As it happens, if you shout it, they will come.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
And so it began!

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Dignity be damned!

But the good times could not last forever.  No, people began to depart, and so Thirabel thanked them and tried to write down their names.  (Thanks to Overide, Nemox, Lilliee, Vaeleria, Christafer, Klimma, Kheane, Tiiranes and others of Wyrmrest Accord.  And thanks, Tab, for making it possible for Thirabel to get up there in the first place.)

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Now what?

Now what do I do with her?