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The “False Dusk” Set

"False Dusk" Set

“False Dusk” Set

Class: Priest (with helm), Mage, Warlock

H: Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm | S: Duskhallow Mantle | Cl: Not shown
Ch: Tormented Demonsoul Robes | Wa: Belt of False Dignity | L: Not shown
G: Amaranthine Handwraps | Wr: Not shown | B: Sorcerer Slippers

Status: Finished

Thoughts: The original idea behind this set was an “elaborate alchemist.”  Not necessarily the typical Forsaken alchemist in uniform or even in direct service, but rather someone with an alchemical background who has been around the world once or twice.  Someone who has had time to pick up fancypants more elegant tastes.  But then …




The set originally called for the Eye of Flame, which is very appropriate for the theme even if it doesn’t stand out very much.  But then I mogged the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm on a whim, despite the “scales” behind the head not 100% matching when not in Shadowform.  That was it.  I could not go back.  I felt they were so awesome, I had to keep them.  Maybe it’s because I can’t indulge in my love of evil-looking horns as a goblin – somehow, being short and prone to explosionating makes the same horns look more silly than sinister.

And yes, I know.  I took mog screenshots while in LFR.  Priorities, yeah?

I don’t really have any specific weapons chosen for this getup, mostly because Ailabeth seems to change weapon type every other week or so.  First it was a dagger, then it was a 1h mace, then back again … and now that she can get into LFR, I have a suspicion that it’ll be a staff next.  As soon as her weapon situation settles down, I’ll probably pick something and/or be on to the next mog.

Forsaking Goblin Exclusivity /punny

I know goblins can be evil and all, but Ebixxie was just too damn cute to be a shadow priest.  Therefore, I resurrected Ailabeth for the purpose.  (Wasn’t she already a level 80 priest, you say?  She was Disc, but couldn’t you have just respec-ed her?  Oh, you deleted her?  HAHAHAHAHA.)

Ailabeth's Perspective

Ailabeth’s Perspective

Ailabeth Restarts

Ailabeth Restarts
The Dramatic Version

I’d like to say that her (re)beginning moments were appropriately dramatic, as seen above.  I’d be lying, though.  No, it started off like this:

Ailabeth Restarts

Ailabeth Restarts
The Reality Version (Dumass has a cousin!)

Caliverne trekked out to Ailabeth’s grave to be a relatively live witness to a momentous occasion – that is, yours truly making an alt that wasn’t short, green and stuck on some volcanic island chain for her first ten or eleven levels (and 100+ quests).   That, and he’s a fan of the Forsaken – here’s one more body for the fold!

Perhaps inspired by Dumass’s newly risen relative, seen above, Ailabeth quickly left the area and went straight after the chickens in Tirisfal, hoping to obtain a Westfall chicken of her own.

Chicken Saga 01

Chicken Saga 01
I WILL have that chicken.

The thing is, this pet poses a challenge from the dignity perspective.  Passerby will regard you as touched at best and crazy as hell at worst, and anyone leveling nearby will hate your guts for as long as you /chicken.

Caliverne lives in Undercity and hangs around the Tirisfal area regularly, protecting wee NPCs from rampaging dwarves and gnomes alike.  He wasn’t on his daily patrol for long before he saw Ailabeth again, this time out by Saldean’s Farm.  She was doing /chicken repeatedly.  In fact, she was /chicken-ing a lot, to the point where she definitely looked more than a little mental.  /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken /chicken

And yet somehow, despite his doubts about her activities and his impressive stature for the Tirisfal area, she talked him into doing it too.

Chicken Saga 02

Chicken Saga 02

Pay no attention to the two Forsaken running around, talking to chickens.  Everything is perfectly fine.  It’s entirely as planned.

Mana Management is Bullsheeyit

'tis but a scratch

’tis but a scratch
I’ve had worse.

After a brief stint running around Azshara, blasting basilisks and ecoterrorists I mean, night elves, Ebixxie was ready for to queue for dungeons as a Shadow priest.

Ragefire Chasm was up first, but while the group got Tagaraman the Hungerer or whatever his name is, they didn’t finish the rest of the quests/clear the dungeon because the tank inexplicably jumped into the lava and dropped the party.  The tank definitely did not fall into the lava by accident.  No, the tank made an actual effort to jump into it.  Ebixxie wasn’t sure why.  Nobody died, she herself made a concerted effort not to be a jackass, and the huntard wasn’t too huntarded.  For a bunch of level 15s, it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse!

Oh well.  Upon requeue, she ended up in her first Deadmines Jr. run, which they did actually complete.  So far, here’s how I feel about Shadow:

  1. Purple sparkly orb things!  Yay!
  2. Mind Flay makes me think Bobby Flay, but with more evil and less dinner.
  3. Oh, my GAWD, her mana!  Where is it?  Where did it go?

Ebixxie is like a black hole, endlessly sucking mana into a void whence it never returns.  The healer was practically prancing around with a full mana pool 24/7, while Ebixxie was clawing for any Ice Cold Milk she could find on the corpses and just about sobbing for an opportunity to actually drink it.  (Since you’re not responsible for their health, nobody cares about your mana, Ebixxie.  Suck it up and punch some sheeyit.)  That healer and his damned pretty mana pool only took a break for mana once, and of course he was up and running before Ebixxie was ready!  He only had to regen half while my poor girl was trying to start from zero.

It’s not like she’s some prolifigate mana waster!  She casts Shadow Word: Pain once at the start, does some Mind Flaying until she gets the three orbs, and then she lets rip a Mind Blast, rinse, repeat.  It seems like a fairly responsible use of a limited resource.  But it doesn’t matter!  Her MP just drops and drops and drops, and it never comes back unless by some miracle the tank goes AFK and she has more than ten seconds to sit and take a drink.  Ebixxie needs a drink drink.  Maybe a Sulfuron Slammer …

I just wanna be shadowy and evil and stuff.  Right now I’m more like a faint shadow on a cloudy day, or maybe the nonshadow of noon.  I want to be the horribly stark, unflattering shadow you get when you use the camera flash.  Why is evil so hard?