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Let’s Paint the Continent With Cash (a.k.a., Therm hits 90)

Thermalix Spendtrue, Reporting from Pandaland!

Thermalix Spendtrue, Reporting from Pandaland!

THERMALIX: Thermalix Spendtrue, reporting live from Pandaria.  I’ve just finished canvassing the continent, and I think we’ve got some excellent tourism opportunities here –

PRINNIE: Therm, try to stay on topic here!  I thought we were giving a report about, you know, the important things.

THERMALIX: RIGHT.  Like money?  So, as I was saying …

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Character Futures and Stuff

I wanted full body shots in different poses for the character profile pages I have up, so made new images.  I wound up not using shoulders for most, because my ModelViewer sometimes does strange things – and at the time I was fiddling with these, shoulders were showing up Tauren-sized on everybody.  I didn’t think it looked too bad on Thermalix, given the pose I went with, but for everybody else?  It just looked dumb.

I’m also taking a moment to sit down and make a kinda sorta plan for what I intend to do with the dramatis personae come Pandaland.



Quote: “Wanna purchase a Rocket Camel?  It’s totally legal on all four continents although some faction exceptions may apply!”

Will She Survive Pandas: Yes.  She doesn’t care about pandas, unlesssss she can put a rocket or two on them and see how aerodynamically they behave when launched.  Don’t worry, she’ll make sure there’s a trampoline they can land on.  What?  It’s perfectly safe.

Future Plans: As my primary melee DPS, Mech will likely be among the first of my gals to make it to 90, for those times when things need to be smashed.  I am certain that there will be smashing times ahead.

Thermalix Spendtrue


Quote: “I soooo did not mean to shoot that.”

Will She Survive Pandas:  Hell yes, ain’t no panda nowhere gonna take her down no way no how!  Also, ENORMOUS ROCKET MOUNT MUST HAVE.

Future: Thermalix is the only one who has clear goals for the expansion.  She will probably be the first to make it to 90, as my inner hunter pet collector will kick in (again) and I will need to tame a Purple Armored Stone Quilen, and a White Porcupine, and a Goat of some color, and a Green Fen Strider (or maybe a white one!), and a Black Crane, and a Raven, and a Ghost Saber Worg, and and and!  Yay!

There are only two depressing things for Thermalix in this: you can’t tame color changers any more (thank God she got her color changing scarab already), and she really, really wishes they’d increase the stable space to allow for more pets.  Thermalix is going to have to let some of her darlings go, and that’s always a tough call.

Centina Dollarbender


Quote: “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!”

Will She Survive Pandas: Yes, providing no panda hits her.  If one does, she’s probably going to get one-shotted.

Future: She will inch towards the new level limit (providing she ever reaches the old one), forced to do so by her fondness for leveling tailoring in order to get rid of all the fabric scraps she hoards.  When her bank is full, it’s time to level tailoring.  When she can’t level tailoring, it’s time to level herself.  While dungeoning, she’ll pick up more fabric.  It is an endless cycle.

Bombelina Sparklefuse


Quote: “I’ll just spend this whole pug pickpocketing.  I’m sure you don’t mind.”

Will She Survive Pandas: Yes.  I want my own lockbox opener, dammit.  Also, she only has one transmog outfit to her name, and that’s just friggin’ sad.

Future: She will be forced to level so that she can open up the high level lockboxes the others keep sending to her.  They’re really starting to stack up!  As my only leather wearer, she’s also going to have to level so she can represent.

Thingie Goldwasher


Quote: “No tanks!  No tank you.”

Will She Survive Pandas: Maybe.

Future: I’ve been debating deleting Thingie, and I’ve been debating making her a monk once Mists comes.  So far, her saving grace against both these fates has been her current ability to dual wield Shovels of Mercy.  If the human and the orc in that video had Shovels of Mercy, that panda would’ve had a far tougher time.  There will be no tanking for Thingie, so I foresee a lifetime of long queues, which is kind of depressing.

Majig Goldwasher


Quote: “I’m having an issue with some yetis.  Can I call you back?”

Will She Survive Pandas: I don’t know.  In fact, I don’t know what happened with playing a shaman.  It was fun, once, but now I just don’t know what I’m doing.

Future: Majig’s future is as tenuous as her sister Thingie’s.  Maybe I’ll play her for a little while with this new talent system and see how I feel about the shaman class, but as of late it’s been mostly indifference.

Ailabeth Blisswell


Quote: “There are some ghosts who can never go home.”

Will She Survive Pandas: The question really ought to be, “Will pandas survive meeting Ailabeth?”

Future: Ailabeth will probably be the second to make it to 90, as I enjoy Levitate, Leap of Faith and Shadowform far too much.  Her goal is, more or less, to kill the sheeyit out of things and take their stuff and gold for transmog purposes.

Niremere Lane


Quote: “I can only go forward from here.”

Will She Survive Pandas: Yes, although she’s a very long way from ever getting to Pandaland itself.

Future: SAVING THE WORLD.  Handing a huge catfish to King Chin (or possibly slapping him with it.  Is she in a protadin or a retadin mood?).  Daydreaming about marrying him, and using the combined power of the Church and Stormwind’s military to reclaim/make useful again Elwynn and Westfall.  Would insist on being generous with former Defias who agree to take an oath of loyalty and would put pretty much every person ever to work repairing or replacing infrastructure in Westfall because Being Nice and Doing Good Works is all for the Light.  Retaking Stromgarde Keep, because seriously, guys, after Lich King + Deathwing + Serious High Level Stuff, you’re really letting some lowbie rogues and ogres sit there and hold it?  The Horde will take it if you don’t do something!  Nir wants to do something!

Addendum: Images That Do Not Relate To Each Other

The Horde vs. The Alliance

The Horde vs. The Alliance
I guess I’ll have to get Niremere to 80 to find out.

Despite having done Vashj’ir two times before, this just now occurred to me.  I will have to investigate further.  “By the Chin!” would also be an acceptable Alliance exclamation when being swarmed by Naga.  I also finally realized just what bugs me about Varian Wrynn’s model – they gave the poor guy jowls.

Leveling is Hard

Leveling is Hard
If you do it through the Dungeon Finder …

Thank you for tanking all the darn time, Tab.  You’ve got the instaqueue magic, and you don’t get mad at me when I get a little trigger happy and Mind Flay that mob across the room that you totally haven’t pulled yet.  You pull the monsters off me when I use Mind Sear a little too soon.  You also don’t abandon me to crappy Dungeon Finder parties!  You stand by me even when I queue for ninety million dungeons in a row.

Sometimes I Get Carried Away

Sometimes I Get Carried Away

When using Arcane Blast, I insist upon running in circles around the enemy.  It just improves the entire experience!

Thanks, but No Thanks

Thanks, but No Thanks
Isn’t level 4 a little early for this?

Surprisingly, I found myself unwilling to go through the goblin starting zone yet again, so I made Mechbeth the Warlock into a blood elf.  I zoned in and this lowbie paladink zoned in on me, saying, “Follow me.”  I certainly don’t follow strange men without reason, so I had to ask why.  I don’t know if Mechbeth will last long in this form, considering that my last blood elf attempts made it to levels 28, 15 and 11 respectively.  As long as I don’t /silly, /laugh (or type “haha” or “lol” without thinking), or /sob, it might be bearable for a little longer than that … maybe.  I mean, seriously, honey, you went to Undercity for a facial?  /stab /stab /stab

You're Heightist

You’re Heightist
Short people power!!

We’re spatially efficient.  We’re compatible with gravity.  We’re also very necessary, for without the short people and the tall people (Tauren), blood elves would be unable to recognize their own perfection for lack of comparison.

You're Lootist

You’re Lootist
Gawd, your standards are so lootist.

I know that there is no point to making a point on the Internet (or in an MMORPG).  And yet I still can’t shut up!  I’m such a lootist.

The Bear’s Dance Party

I can’t sleep until I post this!

So, as you may recall, I had visions of dancing bears.  Because I often suspect that the only person you can trust to show up is yourself, I went ahead and made a wee little Alliance druid named Thirabel.  Her sole goal in life was to achieve bear form and /dance on that statue in front of the Keep, because if that isn’t a worthy goal, I don’t know what is.  This, of course, was slightly more effort than anticipated.  1.) I’ve never successfully leveled a druid past … oh, maybe level 23 or so, and 2.) OMFG!  OW DYING SHEEYIT CRAP OH GAWD leather isn’t as protective as plate, or having someone wearing plate tanking for you.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

Deaths happened, possibly due to a lack of shoes since none dropped and she was too broke to buy them, or alternately due to how Thirabel left Teldrassil a little too early for comfort.  (It could also be related to the fact that I don’t know WTF I’m doing when it comes to druids.  CASTING?  CAT!?  WHAT??)  Finally, despite the troubles, bearform was achieved.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Can’t Touch This

Do you see the demented glee in her glowing eyes?  Of course you do. It was a gleam that was somewhat diminished by the realization that, at level 15, she had absolutely no way of getting up to the top of that damn statue.  But all was not lost.  Her friend Tab was inspired by Thirabel’s dogged devotion to the beardance cause, and she pulled out her old Alliance characters to save the day.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
You’re a warlock, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

A quick stop by Niremere enabled Thirabel to use a warlockian mode of travel to transport herself to the top of the statue.   Let the beardancing commence!  At first, Thirabel and Tab thought that people visiting the King might take notice of 1 and a half bears dancing on top of the statue and choose to dance themselves.  That didn’t seem to be working, however, so they had to change their tactics.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Adjusting Tactics

Yeah, we totally put out repeated calls in General and Trade for bears, people who wanted to /dance, and/or assist in adding to the AWESOME now taking place.  As it happens, if you shout it, they will come.

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
And so it began!

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Dignity be damned!

But the good times could not last forever.  No, people began to depart, and so Thirabel thanked them and tried to write down their names.  (Thanks to Overide, Nemox, Lilliee, Vaeleria, Christafer, Klimma, Kheane, Tiiranes and others of Wyrmrest Accord.  And thanks, Tab, for making it possible for Thirabel to get up there in the first place.)

The Bear's Dance Party

The Bear’s Dance Party
Now what?

Now what do I do with her?

Needs More Bears


Okay, so I only got maybe four people max up here.

Important discovery!  You can land on the noggin, ponytail and shoulders of the King Wrynn statue in Stormwind.  Sadly, you can’t land on his arms, the hilt of the sword or his chin.  I know, because I tried.  Yeah, this is what I spend my time doing in WoW.  I imagine Wrynn looking all SRS BIZNIS per usual, gazing down the long hall of the keep … and being pretty sure he’s hallucinating, because there are totally dancing bears on his head.  Anybody know a lot of druids?  I so need this to happen.

An Epiphany of Perspective

How Prinnie Sees the World

Wut haz teh intarwebs dun to me?

I keep trying to write something semi-intelligent, but it just isn’t working out that way.  So, MOR PIKTURS!

So You're Willing to Use Goblin Barbershop Technology

Willing to Use Goblin Barbershop Technology
Clearly, vanity overcomes all boundaries.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to see an Alliance barbershop displaying hairdos of male goblins?  Could it be that the items within a barbershop are goblin technology, and in exchange for using said gizmos, Alliance barbershops are contractually obliged to display goblin imagery!?  Or is it just that we’re all vain, whether we’re tall or short, green or not?

Niremere Meets Her First Rare

Niremere Meets Her First Rare
Lupos in Duskwood

Niremere met her first rare the other day.  Sadly, since she’s a paladink, there were only two options: kill it, or kill it.  I briefly thought about having Thermalix hike out there to tame it, but she’s already tamed Ghost Howl, who shares the same model and skin.

We've Run This One Too Many Times

We’ve Run This One Too Many Times

All I have to say about this is: a;sljkfas;ldkjfa;slkfjas;dflj

Flustercluckery Lessens, Urge to Burn Everything with Fire Subsides

Things Have Improved

Things Have Improved
We’re feeling better about this whole Alliance business.

When my first attempt to play Alliance ended in total flustercluckery, I decided I needed to take a far more smashy role in the human realm.  Yes yes, Shadow and even Disc priests can be quite deadly, I know.  But taking a giant mace and crushing all the things (and potentially all the asshats) just feels different, so I remade Niremere into a paladink instead of a priest.  This had the advantage of better armor, a bigger stick sword, and also a chance to pick a better angryface for the poor girl in hopes of looking a little less vacant.  While I like to think that all these things had to do with the peace I then experienced while stomping through the beginning areas, it was more likely thanks to the fact that my cats woke me up at an awfully early hour, and there just weren’t that many assholes awake and/or paying attention at that time of the night.

Hey, maybe this whole Alliance/human starting place isn’t so bad after all.


Forget diamonds. Stupidity is forever.

Oh, wait.  Nope.  Goldshire is still Goldshire.  Let’s just move on.

Gone Back to the Earth Mother

Gone Back to the Earth Mother

While wiling away the hours before the sun rose, I leveled Niremere out of Elwynn, through Westfall and into Redridge Mountains right past Redridge Mountains into Duskwood.  Phew!  One of the things I was amazed to discover: Hogger didn’t always live in the Stockades.  You know, as a Hordie, I always thought he was eternally there.  That’s just what Hogger did, right?  He always hung out in the Stockades and beat up on the random groups foolish enough to enter.  Well, no.  It seems Hogger once had a life (kind of) in the great wide outdoors, and he didn’t just wander down there for the heck of it.  Sorry, Hogger.  I think you’re a bit too dumb to take into custody, but what does a wee little paladink like Niremere know?

That's a Lotta Lore

That’s a Lotta Lore
LORE!  I learnz eet!

Westfall could be described thusly: “OMFG KING WRYNN WTF FORGET THE TRUCKING TROOPS AND SEND SOME TRUCKING MONEY (AND FOOD)!!111!”  Although Niremere has a huge crush on Varian Wrynn because of his impressive angryface (if only she could move her own features so expressively!), he totally had the Defias coming.  (Side note: Defias = DEFY US?  /punny)

Reading up on the zone brings some understanding in that massive expenditures on armies and the like left Westfall reeling, but it doesn’t answer all the questions. For example, sure, Stormwind totally dropped the ball – but what about the Church?  If one of the basic tenets of the Church of Light is compassion – to help those in need – then the whole religious establishment effed up pretty hardcore, especially considering that Westfall is practically on its doorstep.

I’ve done a few dungeons on Niremere now, and oddly, not a single darn one of them has been the Deadmines.

Alliance #&*%ery

While I’ve played Horde ever since I started WoW, I have a number of Alliance-inclined on my reading list here, and I decided I’d try to get a little more of the Alliance picture.  While Sun is gone, I can’t play Mahanth.  (She’s my wee little Draenai hunter with a back problem.)  So I elected to make a human, since they start closest to Stormwind, which I wanted to explore.

This was probably dumb.  I should’ve made a dwarf.

Enter Niremere, who may or may not have a problem with the Azerothian equivalent of Botox, since she can’t move her face.


I leveled her out of Northshire Abbey, through Goldshire (I find the presence of so many low level female night elves suspicious) and am now doing tasks for random souls in Stormwind.  I decided to visit the Keep while I’m at it, to see this big Varian Wrynn guy … who turned out to be literally enormous. (And also surrounded by a sheeyitload of guards.  I’m not surprised every group out of Orgrimmar wipes.)

Varian Wrynn Gets His Angryface On

Varian Wrynn Gets His Angryface On

So far, I can handle the random guys dancing with me.  Sure, I’ll /dance.  (Secret: when I was a kid, we had to learn the Macarena in gym class.  I don’t know what they were thinking.)  I’m a little weirded out by the guys like this:

Uh, Okay Then

Uh, Okay Then

… but I can cope. It’s the ones like this:

Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire

… that make me wonder why the hell am I doing this?

I should probably just state right out that I hate rape jokes and I have zero sense of humor when it concerns rape.  I find this behavior off putting at best and downright trucked up in general, and I’m horrified that in under an hour of playtime my character has been subjected to this kind of sheeyit.

I’m well aware that this is not something new.  I’ve played female characters in every MMO I’ve ever been in, but at least the Korean guys following me around and asking me in broken English to be their girlfriend had that kind of awkward cuteness going for them.  This is just messed up.

I don’t want to just ditch the whole damn Alliance because of a handful of low level male morons, but this sort of thing makes me angry enough to consider 1.) learning how to PvP, and 2.) griefing low level male morons, preferably while wearing full plate.  Interestingly, I haven’t had an single incident of this sort of stupidity while leveling Helea, my blood elf, in skimpy outfits (or in fact, for any of my Hordies, ever).  For the Horde!

Anyone Alliance on Wyrmrest who wants to keep me company and/or punch the jaw off some of these lowlifes for me?  Let me know.