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Alliance #&*%ery

While I’ve played Horde ever since I started WoW, I have a number of Alliance-inclined on my reading list here, and I decided I’d try to get a little more of the Alliance picture.  While Sun is gone, I can’t play Mahanth.  (She’s my wee little Draenai hunter with a back problem.)  So I elected to make a human, since they start closest to Stormwind, which I wanted to explore.

This was probably dumb.  I should’ve made a dwarf.

Enter Niremere, who may or may not have a problem with the Azerothian equivalent of Botox, since she can’t move her face.


I leveled her out of Northshire Abbey, through Goldshire (I find the presence of so many low level female night elves suspicious) and am now doing tasks for random souls in Stormwind.  I decided to visit the Keep while I’m at it, to see this big Varian Wrynn guy … who turned out to be literally enormous. (And also surrounded by a sheeyitload of guards.  I’m not surprised every group out of Orgrimmar wipes.)

Varian Wrynn Gets His Angryface On

Varian Wrynn Gets His Angryface On

So far, I can handle the random guys dancing with me.  Sure, I’ll /dance.  (Secret: when I was a kid, we had to learn the Macarena in gym class.  I don’t know what they were thinking.)  I’m a little weirded out by the guys like this:

Uh, Okay Then

Uh, Okay Then

… but I can cope. It’s the ones like this:

Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire

… that make me wonder why the hell am I doing this?

I should probably just state right out that I hate rape jokes and I have zero sense of humor when it concerns rape.  I find this behavior off putting at best and downright trucked up in general, and I’m horrified that in under an hour of playtime my character has been subjected to this kind of sheeyit.

I’m well aware that this is not something new.  I’ve played female characters in every MMO I’ve ever been in, but at least the Korean guys following me around and asking me in broken English to be their girlfriend had that kind of awkward cuteness going for them.  This is just messed up.

I don’t want to just ditch the whole damn Alliance because of a handful of low level male morons, but this sort of thing makes me angry enough to consider 1.) learning how to PvP, and 2.) griefing low level male morons, preferably while wearing full plate.  Interestingly, I haven’t had an single incident of this sort of stupidity while leveling Helea, my blood elf, in skimpy outfits (or in fact, for any of my Hordies, ever).  For the Horde!

Anyone Alliance on Wyrmrest who wants to keep me company and/or punch the jaw off some of these lowlifes for me?  Let me know.