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Addendum: Images That Do Not Relate To Each Other

The Horde vs. The Alliance

The Horde vs. The Alliance
I guess I’ll have to get Niremere to 80 to find out.

Despite having done Vashj’ir two times before, this just now occurred to me.  I will have to investigate further.  “By the Chin!” would also be an acceptable Alliance exclamation when being swarmed by Naga.  I also finally realized just what bugs me about Varian Wrynn’s model – they gave the poor guy jowls.

Leveling is Hard

Leveling is Hard
If you do it through the Dungeon Finder …

Thank you for tanking all the darn time, Tab.  You’ve got the instaqueue magic, and you don’t get mad at me when I get a little trigger happy and Mind Flay that mob across the room that you totally haven’t pulled yet.  You pull the monsters off me when I use Mind Sear a little too soon.  You also don’t abandon me to crappy Dungeon Finder parties!  You stand by me even when I queue for ninety million dungeons in a row.

Sometimes I Get Carried Away

Sometimes I Get Carried Away

When using Arcane Blast, I insist upon running in circles around the enemy.  It just improves the entire experience!

Thanks, but No Thanks

Thanks, but No Thanks
Isn’t level 4 a little early for this?

Surprisingly, I found myself unwilling to go through the goblin starting zone yet again, so I made Mechbeth the Warlock into a blood elf.  I zoned in and this lowbie paladink zoned in on me, saying, “Follow me.”  I certainly don’t follow strange men without reason, so I had to ask why.  I don’t know if Mechbeth will last long in this form, considering that my last blood elf attempts made it to levels 28, 15 and 11 respectively.  As long as I don’t /silly, /laugh (or type “haha” or “lol” without thinking), or /sob, it might be bearable for a little longer than that … maybe.  I mean, seriously, honey, you went to Undercity for a facial?  /stab /stab /stab

You're Heightist

You’re Heightist
Short people power!!

We’re spatially efficient.  We’re compatible with gravity.  We’re also very necessary, for without the short people and the tall people (Tauren), blood elves would be unable to recognize their own perfection for lack of comparison.

You're Lootist

You’re Lootist
Gawd, your standards are so lootist.

I know that there is no point to making a point on the Internet (or in an MMORPG).  And yet I still can’t shut up!  I’m such a lootist.

Useless Information

So I thought I would write to you all today about the header images used for “That Was an Accident!”

This was my first header, which went quite well with the midnight blue background I selected.  But after a few months of being totally color coordinated, I decided that was boring and that it was time to add more headers.  Hence, this post!

This is one of my favorite recent shots and comes from Azshara.  While many folks might think we goblins haven’t gotten our comeuppance yet for mining the crap out of Azshara and sticking Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace on top of a mountain, I’d like to point out that we (and every other Hordie) do get our faces eaten off by baby raptors in Azshara, which must be some form of justice.  (Goblin miners also get stoned!  That is, they get turned into stone.)  As far as Gallywix, trust me, we’d dump him somewhere if we could.

Mechalis getting eaten by a shark, because that was an accident.  If Budd had told her that 1.) this plan involved getting eaten, and 2.) the way Gnaws gnaws, she never would have volunteered for the quest!

This would be Bombelina prior to her Trade Princess Party.  This was before the “party-crashing pirates must die” moment, so the dress is still in good condition (and those shades are blingin’!).  She is clearly a classy lady.

I’ve always liked this image of Thingie with her backup, ready to lay the smack down on debtors across Kezan.  It shows the grittiness and the tackiness of goblinity, all in one shot!

Because it’s pretty.  But it’s balanced out in the rotation by the next header.

While it may not be the best of compositions, Mechalis really is a bad example.

I chose this one because it is THE STORY OF MY LIFE.  a.k.a., “I didn’t plan that very well,” or “stuck again,” or even “@%#! was NOT watching where I was going!”

DO IT FOR TWINKLES.  R.I.P. Twinkles, you were the best star pony ever, and I will name every horse-like mount I can after you.  Twinkles Jr., Twinkles the 3rd, Twinkles IV, etc. etc. etc.

This Kezan home/business owner really didn’t want people walking on his fine lawn.  In all fairness, he did warn the guy.

Because I am not original in any way, I call this “Sandbox Tiger, Happy DeathKnight.”  Mechalis tried to get to the top of the bronze hourglass, which I assure you did not end well, as it was impossible to get a foot hold (or a grip for that matter).  After retrieving her crushed and broken body, she decided that this spot was good enough.

This is barely moments before Sunblood grabbed a bottle of grog and smashed it over a gnome’s head, starting yet another epic Thousand Needles bar fight.  The thing I like is that you can start the bar fight again, and again, and again, and again!

Oh Sheeyit Screenshots: The Posting II

Versebelg, Flying into the Shiny

Versebelg, Flying into the Shiny
If only I could remember where the Shiny is.

The One and Only Eyeface

The One and Only Eyeface
Documented evidence of Eyeface’s unlife before his squashing by King Krush.

Why isn't Budd getting eaten alive?

Why isn’t Budd getting eaten alive?
This was his idea! It hardly seems fair.

Somebody's Shorter than Mechalis

Somebody’s Shorter than Mechalis
Under the Influence of Illicit Beverages

Vashj'ir Underwater Dance Partay

Vashj’ir Underwater Dance Partay
For some odd reason, only Sunblood wanted to attend.