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The Tyranny of Choice, Vuhdo Edition

About a week ago now, I finally started putzing around with Vuhdo.

Ack, Boxes They're everywhere!

Ack, Boxes
They’re everywhere!

After first freaking out about All The Windowz because there are at least three to start off and that may be too many for me to mentally cope with (private tank?  Wat?), I then spent way too long trying to figure out how to get to the options.  The other addons I use have options that I can access through the game’s interface menu, but Vuhdo doesn’t.  It was like Vuhdo was laughing at me!  LOL YOU’RE TRYING TO GET TO THE OPTIONS BY RIGHT CLICKING THE BOX WITH YOUR NAME IN IT THAT’S SO FUNNY DO IT AGAIN.

Seriously, I’m glad hardly anybody does the Golden Lotus dailies these days, ’cause I was standing there at the Golden Pagoda, chaining the Chain Healing as though right clicking THIS TIME was going to do something different than it did the LAST TIME.  Maybe if I hold down the right click, a new thing will happen!  Nope.  Chain Heal.  Maybe I need to double right click!  Nope.  Chain Heal.  All I wanted was some OPTIONS, not INDIGNITY, but alas – it seemed I was doomed to be stuck forever with the latter.

Thanks to the assistance of a friend, I finally located the magical command (which has to be typed in the chatbox) that opens up the magical land of Vuhdo Options.  So.  Many.  Options.  There are tabs, and then the tabs have tabs!  It probably didn’t help that I was attempting to LFR with my guild at the same exact time (CARRY ME, GUYS).  Actually, it turns out that messing with Vuhdo settings in combat is bad, because it causes it to bork.

THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS I CAN'T I JUST WAT Point and click seems like ancient history now.

Point and click seems like ancient history now.

It took a while, but I finally scored my first Big Achievement (and, sadly, #1 priority): making Vuhdo pretty.

See, much nicer. And so colorful!

See, much nicer.
And so colorful!

My second Big Vuhdo Achievement: discovering that Vuhdo is (one way) people get snappy res messages.  Can I get a heck yeah?

Automatic Ressing Machine Res anywhere, anytime.  Well, almost, anyway.

Automatic Ressing Machine
Res anywhere, anytime. Well, almost, anyway.

I gotta get the spells I set in Vuhdo into muscle memory.  I logically remember that I set Chain Heal to shift-right click  (so I can’t accidentally repeat the Golden Pagoda scene), for example, but I need to know spell assignments to the point where I don’t have to even think about it, I just do.  Since I currently have a limited number of mouse buttons available to me, I’ve tried to pick the “Important” spells.

Left click: Earth Shield
Right click: Riptide

Shift-left click: Greater Healing Wave
Shift-right click: Chain Heal

Ctrl-left click: Purify

Setting Earth Shield to a mouse click has not wholly prevented me from casting it on myself by accident, but it has helped.  I decided to go with Greater Healing Wave as my “solid” single-target spell because I currently have a set bonus for it.  I’m also assuming that if they’re taking so little damage that I want to cast something like Healing Surge, I’ve got time to shift one of my hands to the proper keyboard button.

Speaking of spells, another thing that broke my brain was the Vuhdo distinction between “profiles” and “key sets.”  I spotted some checkboxes for activating a profile on switching to Spec 1 or Spec 2, so I thought I’d make one for each.  It made sense to me to stick the healing spells Elemental has access to in the same general area (a.k.a. the mouse), since I do like to be prepared with some backup heals in OMFG emergency situations.  Well, I Did It Wrong.

Had I not been distracted by all ninety million options + spec 1 + spec 2 + boxes + wat is going on here, I would’ve noted the little text message that states, quite clearly, how profiles do NOT save spell bindings.  Nope.  Having not seen it though it was directly in front of my face, I proceeded to change the spell bindings for elemental, only to then discover they remained as such upon switching back to Resto.  Bah.  Turns out I needed to save different key settings.

Once I got that figured out, I felt better.

Maybe We Can Work This Out

Maybe We Can Work This Out

At this point in time, there are two things that bug me.

1.) I have to open up Vuhdo options to type in the name of the tank for Earth Shield’s buff watch thing.  When tanks drop like flies for unknown reasons, this can get annoying.  (My tendency to type “/vudho option” is also annoying.)  Similarly, I can’t figure out how to get the dang thing to switch the buffs to watch for different specs.  It’s pointless for me to track Earth Shield when I’m in Elemental spec, so I’d rather make sure I have my own shield and weapon imbue up and running.

2.) I have to get a one-hander for ele because if I can’t use a shield on either spec, I will go mad.  Ok, so that’s not exactly Vuhdo related, but it’s still true.  /tapes shield to staff

And lastly,  food for thought:

Somebody HAS to Have Done This Already

Somebody HAS to Have Done This Already