So, Uh

Oh Hey Hi Hai dere

Oh Hey
Hai dere


So I ended up reading my own blog and I’m kind of missing the batshittery.  Kind of.  I’m not entirely convinced yet.

Anybody else still out there?  Any new hi-larious blogs?  Is Sassy Hardwrench Warchief yet?  Are there less orcs around?  Have we started being nicer to lazy-ass casuals who just want more mog and less RNG in their lives?  Does LFR have any amusement to it?  Can I skip Draenor or will somebody hang out with me if I go there because I just don’t think I can deal with Tanaaaaah by myself?  Maybe?

25 thoughts on “So, Uh

    1. Prinnie Powah Post author

      Sometimes I think we must distinguish between GOOD and BAD batshittery. Or batsheeyitery, as the case may be. But then again, sometimes the existence of any kind is good for entertainment. I ended up maxing out all classes in FFXIV then falling off the face of the earth because I could get so few fellow nutjobs to talk to me or do nutjob things …

  1. repgrind

    I was just thinking about you a few days ago! I definitely miss the craziness. And by all means, Draenor is pretty skippable although worth doing just once, maybe later as a side projekt or something.

  2. wowstorylines

    Hiya, hiya!! Welcome back!! Nice to see you out and about again. Draenor isn’t all that bad and I’m going bonkers in Legion – not progressing a lot because of the RNG stuff. Come on in and try it out.

  3. Shanthi

    Welcome back! 😀
    Tanaan is SO last year. Even if you use (and abuse) Draenor to level a character from 90 to 100, you don’t need to touch Tanaan.
    There’s now a pretty awesome transmog system, it’s really good! You should come back and play a lot. And post a lot.


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